Monday, July 22, 2013

My Top FIVE packing tips {for moving}

We moved two and a half weeks ago and through this move along with some other moves I have been through in my life I have learned some great tips when it comes to packing and keeping it as smooth and organized as ever without wanting to pull your hair out in the end. So I came up with my top 5 packing for a move tips that I want to pass on. These make it easier to stay organized while packing, loading up the truck, unloading the truck and most importantly for unpacking once you get to your new place.  Lets be real here moving is so exhausting and the easier and more organized we can keep it the better and the more likely we are to stay sane for ourselves and our families. Moving and change is hard lets keep the packing and actual labor of the move as smooth as possible shall we.

This big sudden, rushed move is the reason the blog as been neglected that last 3 weeks. So I am so sorry but I had a good reason and now that we are almost all settled I can start this back up again and I have some great posts and new series in store for you, so make sure to follow along. Don't forget to also follow me on facebook and instagram to keep up with my projects and real life craziness.

Lets get a little personal here first with a little of our move background. Ty and I met in Cedar city, got married and lived down there while we finished our undergrad schooling down at SUU. Then Ty got accepted to Law School at the U. We were so excited to be by our parents again especially with a brand new baby. It came up that we could live in Ty's grandmas basement while we were in school. Ever since Ty's grandpa died years before there has been one of her grandkids, who were in school and financially needed the help, live with her down in the basement apartment to help with her needs. We weren't so sure about it at first just because we just had our first baby and just didn't know if it was for us. We looked around and we just kept coming back to the offer of his grandmas apartment we finally decided that it would be the best for our family. We would be able to save some money {since law school is ridiculously expensive}, I would be able to stay at home with my little man, and it was close to the U. So we moved in and we felt so blessed while we were there. All of our fears of living there were gone while we were there. Grandma was amazing to live with, we got to know her and got to hear some amazing stories, Maddux loved her and had a special relationship with her and it was such a huge blessing to us.

 Long story short without getting into details, when we moved in back in 2010 it was an agreement with us and grandma that we would be living with her through his law school and bar exam. Well some of the family members wanted us out before the agreed upon time so they could live there and it was a really tough situation. We were always planning on moving once Ty was done which was Septemberish, but being rushed out was just so hard even if it was only a couple month before. Ty was still in school, then he graduated but he was still in classes for his bar exam{and the hardest part is he didn't have time to work while studying so that was a challenge on its own} and they wanted us out right then. It was a mess. So we found a place in a rush, had to move while Ty was studying for the biggest test of his life, and moved to a place that I am hoping I grow to love. The house I already love, but the area not so much. I am just trying to look out for my little family. Be the best mom I can be and give my boys what they deserve. We miss grandma, our friends, and our neighborhood. Change is hard but if you have to go through a huge change like this these tips will at least help you pack and unpack as stress free as possible.

These are my sweet boys sleeping in their bed at our old place for the last time. Yes I got all emotional about it because this is the only home either of my little boys have ever known. We moved there when Maddux was 2 months old and we brought Holden home from the hospital to this house. I am getting teary just typing this now.

Ok ok lets get to those 5 awesome tips....

{Tip No. 1}

1. Color code: This one is by far my favorite tip. Go out and get some colored duct tape one for each room or area of your home that you will be moving into. One you have assigned a color to each room as you pack you will label that box with that color tape and write with a sharpie the room and hat is in the box.

Here you can see all of my rainbow of colors once we started getting packed.

I put a big piece of tape on the top of the box and labeled it and then I put small pieces of the same color on each side of the box so no matter how the box was stacked you could see what room it went in to. This was great to keep them all organized in the moving truck and most importantly when you move all the boxes into the house you can quickly know where each box should be stored and unpacked latter.

Another sub-tip o go along with this is that when you unload the truck get the boxes in the house in the specific rooms they should be in {not in the garage or basement}. This is a good tip so that you can get all the heavy boxes in while you still have the help of family and friends from the move and then all you have to do is unpack each room. This saved me and it made unpacking so much quicker because I just wanted the boxes out of my house. 

{Tip No. 2}

2. Pack your hang up clothes in a bag. Do not waste your boxes on your hang up clothes and hanger. Keep them all on the hanger and use a big garage bag to keep them all together and easy to transport. I just grouped a whole bunch together put the bag around the bottom of them all and then tied a knot with the draw strings from the bag around the hanger leaving the hook out of the bag. This keeps them organized, less wrinkled and much easier to unpack into your new closet.

I then labeled them with the tape color of their assigned room.

I did this to all the hang up clothes including our boys. All of our clothes in dressers we just kept in the dresser. Yes this is heavy but you just take out all the drawers move them into the truck and put the drawers back in this saves a lot of time and boxes.

{Tip No. 3}

3. Wrap wrap wrap. Make sure to wrap up your valuables. The worst thing is when you unpack a box and you have broken frames, memorabilia, decor items. or kitchenware. I learned this the hard way so wrap them. It doesn't matter how just do it you wont be sorry.

Use newspaper, paper towels, bubble wrap {we happened to just already have some}, or of course use your towels. I used all our towel to wrap fragile items I didn't pack a single one on its own. This is a free and most supportive way.

{Tip No. 4}

4. Bag your hardware, screws, nails and anchors. For each room when I would take anything down from the wall {pictures, decor, shelves, wall hangings, headboards, etc} I put them in a baggie, put the tape on them that coordinated with the room they were from {I told you the color coding tape was my fav tip} tabled what was in it and packed it in a box from that room.  

This way you don't loose any of the hardware and you don't have to get new screws and nails. Lets save money anywhere we can right?!

{Tip No. 5}

5. Pack your items that will be in storage, garage or basement in plastic bins. This is huge for me if you have things such as holiday decor, camping items, baby clothes, and whatever else you store because it is not used all the time it is best to put them in bins and label the bins. Storage units can get infested with bugs or mice, basements can flood, garages can flood along with other damages. These bins protects those items.

These were in our garage at the old place, at the new place they are in the basement and I just love that they are good no matter where they go. They aren't in the garage this time because the extra space in the garage will be changed into a crossfit gym {woot! more on that to come}.

I hope these tips will help you as much as they have helped me. This really does bring the stress and anxiety level down a notch and I promise you, you will get your home unpacked so much quicker. Like I said we move 2 1/2 weeks ago during the summer holidays and crazy busy stuff going on with family visiting and I still am already mostly unpacked and even have decor on the walls.

You can thank me later. Pin pin pin my friends!

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  1. These are some great tips Whitney! I'm sorry the move has been so stressful but I love that you moved closer to us. Hopefully we'll be in our house another 3-4 years but I'll be pinning this for future reference.


  2. Love all of these tips - so sorry you had to move so quickly - how stressful!

  3. Love you girl - you call call me anytime if you need to hear a friendly voice. Sorry...

  4. These are great tips! I moved about a year and a half ago and we used the color coding tip for each boxes - but not with the fun duct tape, will have to use that next time! It made everything so much smoother!

    Yvonne @

  5. I like sorting things! thanks for the tips!! must help me a lot!

  6. Very useful tips to move a house, i am really impressed with your work, keep it up..
    House Removal

  7. Very good tips! My husband and I have moved 9 times in the past 2 years so we got a crash course in what not to do and what can save sanity on the other end!! The one thing I would add is to start packing early. You will look around a room and think "there's not that much in here...." until you start to pack it all. You will be stunned at how long it takes to pack up every little nick-knack you have accumulated, CD's, your nail polish collection, the cans of food that have been piling up in the pantry... SO MUCH STUFF!! The last thing you want to do on move day is run out for more boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. Even if it seems too early, start packing anyway!


  8. Great post! Thanks a lot for sharing this information. Cheers!

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  9. Awesome tips! I really like the color coding idea. When you're in the middle of a sea of boxes and bags, I think the pop of color will definitely help in making it easier to find what you need. -Clay @ World Packaging Inc

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  12. I'm just about to move again and I did this colour coding on my last move (5years ago) its a lot easier to do this way as you can say movers(aka friends) put this colour box in this room.

    When I was labeling my boxes I also numbered the boxes, so by the time I unpacked I knew that blue tape box 10 would the kids toys

  13. Thank you so much for this post! These are a bunch of really handy packing tips. My favorite tip is having to color code them and have them brought right to that room straight from the moving van. That would actually help make it easier unpacking them rather than having to move things around by yourself. Also, the tip on the clothes and leaving them on the hangers is genius! That would definitely save space than having to pack the clothes AND the hangers separately.

    Dave Borrell

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  15. Moving is indeed going to be tough for you, especially now that you have a family. These tips are really useful, especially the ones with the clothes being left in hangers. I also love the color codes. It really adds to the organization of stuff, especially when everything is almost everywhere once you arrive.

    Ronnie Hogan

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  18. Great post Whitney!
    Loved it! Such detailed pictures and description. You really know how to engage readers.
    I will surely recommend this post to my friends if they plan to move someday.

  19. Love the color coding idea! I wondered if this might save even more time...
    Rather than cut duct tape, buy the dollar store stickers that come in different colored circles. Or use white labels and color in a circle using markers. "An important job" to delegate to the kids.

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  22. this is great! Thanks for the tips! I will definitely be using them when I move this summer!

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  25. Two tips that were new to me was to wrap everything and to bag the hardware. We obviously do not wrap enough our items before the move. This will certainly make the move go much smoother. I also like the idea of bagging all of the hardware. This will help speed up the unpacking and decorating process.

  26. I love these tips... especially bagging hardware for furniture. We just moved 2 weeks ago, and we've moved 4 times in three years ! Thanks for the tips! I linked to you on my article "Moving Tips to Minimize Stress," which deals with staying calm during the move. Read and share if you like:

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