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Anthropologie Inspired Knot Bedding Duvet {Tutorial}

I am so excited to share this tutorial with you today. This is one of my very favorite projects I have ever done and probably the one I am most proud of. I have gotten a lot of feed back and emails about my bedding from posting pictures of it on facebook and instagram so I thought I would do a tutorial post on how I made it, where I got my inspiration and what I changed from that inspiration that worked best for me. 

 Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

I saw this gorgeous bedding from anthropologie at a home in the Parade of Homes down in St. George a couple of years ago and completely fell in love. I asked where it was from and look it up right when I got home. I just sat there and stared at it and wished I could order it right then the problem was that it was way out of my price range {Living on a law school budget here peeps}. Instead I would go to anthropologies site every once and while and just dream about it, hoping one day maybe it could be mine. 
 Photo Courtesy of Kojo Designs

Then I came across this picture and post from the amazing Kojo Designs blog. If you haven't heard of them you have to go and check them out right now. They are super talented and are always whiping up and sewing something amazing. I saw this picture and the first thought that popped into my head was how much it looked like my dream bedding. Then I saw that is exactly what it was inspired from. They wrote up a tutorial of how they made it and it was amazing. I just knew I had to create my own now that I saw it was in fact possible. So that is what I did.

Anthropologie Bedding- $288
My King size knock off-  about $45 {not including the duvet insert to go inside}

 I changed a few things here and there that worked better for me so I am going to give you a play by play of what I did for my anthropologie/kojo designs inspired knot bedding. One of the main things I did differently is instead of sewing the knots right to a comforter or duvet I actually made it into a duvet slip cover so you can take it on and off of the duvet inside. Perfect for washing it especially for us mothers.  The second thing I did differently from both anthropolgie and kojo is I did mine in brown. I love the way the knots look in the brown. Yes I am absolutely in love with the white and cream but I have two little boys and lets be honest here, that gorgeous white duvet cover that I spent forever making that I put blood sweat and tears into would be ruined in .25 seconds so the chocolate brown is what I decided on and I LOVE the way it turned out and it is unique I haven't ever seen one the same color and style. 

This is a very time consuming project just to warn you. It isn't hard. I am a very beginner sewer {the only sewing training I have is from 7th grade sewing class and the rest I have just kinda learned as I went} so anyone can do this you just have to go into it knowing it is going to take a while and it will take some a lot patience.

Ok Here we go....
{Supplies Needed}

-Jersey Sheets {for king size- two king size sets} any color you choose. I got mine on sale at Target for $19.99{Save one flat sheet for the back of the duvet cover}
-Cardboard out to 18x18 square
-Rotary cutter and a cutting mat or Sewing scissors
-Needle and Thread {thread the same color as the jersey sheets you are using}
-pins {and lots of them}
-Sewing machine
-ribbon {Same color as sheets}
-Duvet to go inside {I got mine at Ikea}
{How I made it}

-First you are going to need to cut out your squares. Each square needs to be 18X18 inches and since I didn't want to have to measure out each square before I cut them out {that would take absolutely forever}, I took a box I had out in the garage and cut a 18X 18 square from it and used it as my template. That way I only had to measure once and the rest of the time I could just follow the pattern of the cardboard square.

-Now you are ready to cut some squares for the material I used Jersey sheets {They had just the right stretch to them to make the knots look perfect and I liked the way it felt}. For a king sized duvet cover I needed two king size sheet sets luckily Target had them on clearance for only $19.99 {Regularly $40 I love a good deal}.
-Then I got to work cutting out all of my squares. I did a king sized duvet and I needed 64 squares{8 across by 8 down} if you are going to be making a queen sized duvet cover you will only need 49 squares. {7 across by 7 down}
-To get all the squares I needed it took a flat sheet and two fitted sheets {then I saved the other flat sheet that came in the second sheet set for the back of the duvet}

Be careful with your rotary cutter thing if you didn't know they are REALLY sharp. Ouch.

-This is what your 18X18 square will look like cut out from your jersey fabric. I recommend cutting all of your squares first before moving onto the next step that way you are just done with all the cutting.

{How I made the Knot in each square}

-Here is where you are going to use your chalk and bowl. I know super high tech right haha

-You are going to put your bowl right in the middle of your square of fabric
-Then trace around the bowl with your chalk {I used chalk because it showed up nicely on the brown and because it went on and came of really easily.} If you are doing a lighter color duvet just use colored chalk.

-Next you are going to take your needle and thread {color to match your fabric} and you are just going to do big long spaced out stitches following the pattern of the chalk circle. Make sure you are using either embroidery or upholstery thread. These threads are thicker and stronger. I really recommend using these so that your knots will hold up and with stand some wear and tear while staying in tact.

-Once you have stitches all around the circle you are going to start pulling it tight

-Which is going to make it bunch up like the picture above and below. Hold onto the tip as you pull the thread

-This gets a little hard to explain so I will do my best. You are going to put your finger into the middle of the tip so that the tip is going into the sewn up circle

-Now holding the knot with the tip poked through to the other side you are going to take your needle and thread that are still attached and you are going to run the needle back and forth through the knot until you feel like your knot is secure. Then I poked the needle through to the other side and did some stitches on the back side to secure it even more. Then you will tie off your thread on the back side.

-Now when you flip it back over you will have your first knotted square. Wahoo! One down and either 48 or 63 more to go depending on the size. {Note: Once your squares are knotted they are about one foot by one foot}

-Make sure to all of the knots before you move onto the next step. I liked to work on my knots while I was watching a TV show or movie. I did a few everyday until they were done so I didn't get burned out. 

{Putting the squares together}

-Now that all of your squares are cut out and all have a knot in them you are ready to start making your rows of knotted squares.
-You are going to do 8 rows of eight {for a king} and then once you have your eight rows then you will sew the rows together
-Before you just go on sewing your squares together let me explain how you are going to pin them. You are going to take two squares and place them on top of each other with the right sides insides facing each other then you are going to do five pleats per square and pin it as you pleat them together so it look like the picture above.
-The pleats are what are going to give it the fanned out look that is coming from the knots to the outside of each square. Yes this is time consuming again but this is what makes the squares look good when they are all sewn together.

-Once you have your pleats pined you will sew them together with your machine just doing a straight stitch remembering to back stitch at the beginning and end of your stitch.

-Now you have two squares sewn together. Repeat this until you have a row of eight squares all pleated, pinned and sewn in a row {like so}.

-Repeat this until you have eight different rows of eight {I worked on this while watching gossip girl on netflix}
-Then you are going to start sewing your all your rows together. You are going to use the same technique of putting the top sides of the rows on top of each other facing in, pleat {5 pleats per square}, pin and sew
-Then you will repeat this step until all of your rows are sewn together

-And then you will have one huge {king size or queen if that what you decide to do} top of your duvet all sewn together. Now the hard parts and most time consume parts are done! yay! you are doing great and you are almost done.

{Turn it into a Duvet}

-Ok Now you are going to take your huge piece of sewn together squares and one king size flats sheet and you are going to put them on top of each other with right side up sides facing each other inward. -Then you are going to pleat and pin the entire thing except on one side you are going to leave about a four square opening to be able to put your duvet in {I will teach you how to close this up further down in the post}
-Remember you are doing five pleats per square and pinning as you go.
-Once the whole thing {Except the four square on one side are pleated and pinned you are going to take it over to your sewing machine and sew the whole thing together {Except the opening} just using a straight stitch all the way, taking the pins out as you go
-Once you have it sewn all the way you are going to turn it back right side out so you can see all the knotted squares again. 

-Here is what is looks like all sewn together.

{How to secure the opening in your duvet}

I chose to go the ribbon and tie route when it came to being able to close up and secure my duvet. It was super simple and it looks nice.

-First you are going to cut six pieces of ribbon {same color as your fabric} all the same size

-Then you are going to secure your ribbon to the fabric with some hand sewn stitching.

-Then you will sew another ribbon in alinement with the ribbon you just sewed on the other sheet

-Then you can tie the two ribbons together and it closes up the gap in the two sides of the duvet
-Do two more of these ribbon groupings and tie them in bows. One on each end and one in the middle of the four squares that you left open to be able to put your duvet in.

-It is complete. Now all you have to do is put your duvet insert right inside {I got mine from Ikea} secure it and close it up by tying your ribbons in bows and Viola. It is ready to be put on your bed, ready to be admired and ready to snuggle. This jersey fabric is so comfortable. It has got to be one of my most comfy comforters I have ever had, not to mention the Ikea duvet inserts that go inside are really comfy too.

So the reason why I made this into an actual duvet slip cover instead of just sewing it straight onto the comforter is because well again I have kids and kids are messy {ok I am not going to lie to you I am messy too. I may or may not snack in bed while watching Netflix} and I need to be able to take this slip cover off, taking out my duvet and be able to just throw it in the wash. Yes this duvet cover is machine washable.  I have washed this bad boy at least ten times since I have made it and it has been awesome and has held up great {Thanks to that think Upholstery thread I used, I am tellin ya you have got to use the good stuff if you want it to last}.

So another tip that I found helpful is that I made a king size for my queen bed, because I liked the way it looked better . I felt like it looked fuller and it covered the bed more and went down further on the bed . Overall I just think it looked nicer to do the king size for my queen bed. Also I love this duvet so much I thought I might as well do the king just in case one day we end up buying a king sized bed.

Again shout out to Kojo for such an amazing tutorial and for the inspiration and boost I needed to get my version done.

Do you spy that amazing Headboard?!!! EEEKK yes Hubby and I made that together. Tutorial coming soon!!!!! For now you can check out my How to Whitewash tutorial and technique that I used on the headboard HERE. Don't pay too much attention to the rest of the room it is in the middle of a remodel and is only about half way done. I will keep you updated and keep the tutorials comin! Master bedroom Remodel post also coming soon. Lamps will also be painted soon. Along with some other really fun and for right now secretive stuff :) Get excited!!!! I sure am.

Yellow Night stands Tutorial HERE 
and Drawer lining tutorial HERE

 Pillows made by Me following my envelope pillow tutorial HERE {Again I love the envelope pillow tutorial so that you can take the covers off and wash them...kid proof}
Flower Pedal Pillow tutorial HERE

I seriously can't get over my dream bedding and I love being able to say that I made it! It is so elegant, grown up and stylish. Sometimes I will just sit in my room and stare at it. Perfect. It took a lot of work and time but it was so worth it and I am proud of it. Thank you again Kojo for your talent and creativity.

I got to share this tutorial on my Studio 5 segment on Thursday March 7th along with my headboard. Thank you Studio 5 for having me it was such an honor and I can't wait to come back. You can Check out my segment HERE. The video will give you a better understanding on how to do the knots.

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