Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sick Day

What a day :( I end up getting sick on my most busy day of the week. I suffered through classes today and even played soccer for my PE class. That was so hard and it obviously made it worse, but I hate missing participation points and soccer is fun! When I got home from my last class my body just crashed I felt so yuck. And ever muscle in my body is achey. I believe this might be a finals is coming up and I am stressed sickness. I've got the cold part, the stomach part, sore muscles,dissiness, headaches and fever. The weirdest part is that my heart is beating like really hard. I hadn't had that happen to me like that before. It scares me because my mom has a thyroid auto-immune disease and it effects her heart. Well her disease could be passed down to the girls in the fam. This makes me nervous and the whole heart pounding out of the chest thing is exactly what happens to her. Lets pray I'm not already needing to be tested for thyrod diseases and heart problems.

I feel bad because my visiting teachers had scheduled to come over and visit me today so I set my alarm to get up and I slept right through it. They gave me a nice card though so that helped me a little.

Also I have the sweetest husband in the world. He has taken care of me today. He bought me "line soup" and even a get well card. I was so sad when he had to leave for work, I didn't want him to leave me when I was sick. He seems to make me feel better when he is holding my hand. Thank you Dan for taking him to work today it helped a lot. I was so sad when he left I just burst into tears. I guess the emotional side of me is taking a tole as well. I love you Ty. Thank you for everything. I better go get some more rest.

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