Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Summer Home

So we have made it to Phoenix. It has been a rollercoaster adventure since we have been here. It has been over a week. We got here on Friday May 9th and unpacked everything right when we got here. And the boys were out that night getting referals. Talk about a quick start. Our first week here has been kind of a rough one. Ty did sell a few sets this week though which was exciting but we are hoping for a better week this week. Ty is positive and a hard worker but hes just not getting the sells. He is determined this week to do better.

This is our car! Its not a great picture, but it is totally packed completely full. There was no space for anything else. I have some mad packing skills and I was excited we were able to get it all in that little two door car. Ty is excited to get on the road. We drove down to cedar city on thursday May 8th, packed up the car and drove to Page, Arizona and that is where we spent the night.

This Friday driving the rest of the way to Phoenix. We drove to Flagstaff and stopped to eat and two hours later we were in Phoenix.

Yay I had a fun rode trip. Ty and I always have fun road trips because we jam out to his Ipod the whole time. It reminds me of our very first road trip from vegas before we were even dating. :)

This is a view while driving through pretty Arizona. This is just about 20 minutes out of Page.

This is our bedroom in the apartment we are in. We don't bring furnature because we would just have to move in all in the summer and it would be a pain. So we live like we are poor for a little bit but that will just make me more excited to go back to our cute house in Cedar City. We are sleeping on an air matress all summer, but they make them so much more comfy then they used to so its not so bad.

Through out the week Jess and I found things to do almost everyday. On Saturday we made our way to rent a washer and dryer and then to Ikea. Oh wonderful Ikea. I just love that place, but being there makes me want to buy things for our house but I can't because we wouldn't have room in our car to bring them with us. So we just had fun looking and getting a bed for Max. Jess and I also did some grocery shopping saturday night and came back with some tasty food from a mexican place we found. I think it might be one of my new Phoenix favorites.Sunday was a good day we just relaxed and had a good time. Ty and I even did a little swimming because he isn't home any other day. It was really fun.

Monday the job search began. We went to a few places and I filled out some applications online and at some places the old fashioned way on paper. Not much luck the first day out looking but it was the first day so I guess it was ok. Tuesday the job search continued and I got an interview with target but couldn't finish it all because the lady from HR wasn't there. So I am still working on that one. One of the days (I can't remember which one because they all seem like a blur to me) we went to Costco and I have got to say I got a card from my father in-law and I was so excited to go and get my picture on it to activate it! I know it sounds weird but a Costco card is very exciting for me! I have a feeling I will be traveling there a lot.

On Thursday Mike went out with Ty for sells and they were able to sell 2 1/2 sets! Yay that made me happy. Then Friday and Saturday came around with no sells again and to say the least we were frustrated.

Here is Maximo and I hanging out on Thursday. He was just being too cute I had to take a picture with him. Max is just waiting for his daddy to come home and I am waiting for Ty.

On Friday morning Mike took the team mini golfing at this cool place called castles and coasters. It seems as though the team had a lot of fun, I know Ty did. It was cool of Mike to take them out and give them a little break. He is pretty much the coolest manager. Below are some pictures of the mini golf experience.

Ty is so excited on the car ride over to castles and coasters! Who wouldn't be?

This is Ty's first hole! Gooooooo Ty! I didn't play I just wanted to enjoy the weather, watch and take some picture.

Ty doing a weirdo pose. I told him to haha

Brad is a guy that is on the team here in Phoenix. It is a great team. Ty and Brad seem to have a fun 1/2 set bond.

Jess and Max doin a little mini golf. Max was so cute with his little golf club.

Yay Ty's hole in One!!!!

I love palm trees and this mini golf course and Phoenix is covered with them so I had to take a picture! Whitty <3 href="">

Go Phoenix team go!

Friday I also had an interview for a data entry position for American Express. They do they hiring through a HR company. I am hoping that I get this job because it is 8-5 which is a perfect full time job with set times and it pays eleven dollars an hour. Also this is a project that they are only hiring for this position to be three months so since I will be leaving in three months it would be perfect. My interview went really well and they gave me a W-4 and other papers to fill out so I think my chances are pretty good. The girl I had my interview with just has to send everything to American Express and then she will let me know what is going on. Wish me luck on getting this job! Later on friday I also started working on some cards. I wanted a project and there are 4 birthdays in my family this month so I thought I better get crackin. So these are the finish products. I'm hoping the more I do and practice the better and cuter they will look.

Later on friday Ty dropped me off at Michaels on his way out of town to sell. It was fun. I just needed to get out of the house for a bit so he dropped me off and then I walked back. I hung out at Michaels and bought some cute scrapbook and card things. Then I checked out staples, and all a dollar on my way out. It took me about 35 minutes to walk home and I think I will figure out how many miles I walked because it was longer than I thought it would be but it was a fun little walk with apartments, house and trees most of the way. It was hot too which didn't surprise me but it was 6:00 so I thought it would be a little cooler. When I got home I whipped up some chicken fried rice and some corn bread and enjoyed it in front of the TV while I waited for Jess, Max, Mike and Ty to come home! Friday was kind of a rough day for me and I'm not quite sure why I was so off, but having some alone time really helped just to think and have a little fun at the store.

On Saturday after the boys left Jess, Max and I went swimming. It was so much fun because Max was being so cute. With his little game of throwing the shoes into the pool and saying "Oh no!" with a cute face it was so funny. Then he swam around with me. It was so cute when he would let me hold him and swim him around. We had fun. Max and I are becoming buddies. I for sure realized on saturday that I was so grateful that Jessica was here with me. I don't know what I would do if I was all by myself in an apartment all summer. Thanks Jess for keeping me company and for a lot of the meals you have made! Well from about 5:00 to 9:00 I went out with Ty to watch him at his work. I realized how hard he works it was incredible and I know I couldn't do it. I was getting frustrated at people not wanting the products but what made me so sad was this guy that was so mean to Ty I hated seeing him treat my husband like that I just shut down after that. It was just very emotionally draining. I am proud of this team for being able to get up and go out and work their tushes off everyday. At least for the most part the people are nice only a few are mean so thats good. It was fun because on our way home we went to Fazolis to eat! I love that place and that cheered me up a little bit. And then we got to relax and cuddle to a movie so that helped a lot because 2 days without sells was getting frustrating again.

Sunday was another rough morning because I had like ten minutes to get ready for church but once I got in that chapel I just felt like I was at home. Isn't it wonderful how you feel that way as soon as you step into that beautiful church. Our ward was very friendly and Im glad mike and jess are in our same ward. I had the most amazing nap with Ty after watching a living scriptures video and I didn't want to get up. Luckily once I got up there was some delicious food ready to eat. Jessica made dinner for the whole team last night I thought it was cool of her to do that. She also made dessert. Yum thank you Jess. While the team was over it was fun getting to know them better and just chatting. We also had a Wii tournament which was very fun and Ty and I took second place on the bowling!

Max just being his cute self

Ty playing with little Max last night. they were having so much fun. They were playing a game of count the quarters. We had a bag of quarters to do our laundry with and he kept taking them out and putting them in a perfect line counting them all. 18 was his favorite number he kept saying it over and over. It was cute and I had fun watching the play.
So last night we watched greys anatomy online because we missed it on Thursday and I love this show just as much as any fan but I am getting so agrivated with it. I mean come on! Rose and Mc. Dreamy I think NOT! They are just so awkward together and its just weird. Everyone knows Merideth and Derik are suposed to be together and they are both being so stubborn. Im a little too into this show. Last night when we were watching it I told Ty that I am going to be thinking about Rose and Derek together all depressing! Ty thought it was funny. I'm sure Dan is enjoying this!

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