Thursday, May 15, 2008

Watchin' the kidos

Ty and I watched the kids while my parents went to Vegas for a very well deserved getaway. Ty was at training most of the time and the two older kids had school so for most of the day it was me, Ammon, Zach and Emilee.

We had fun though on Sunday we all went to Mom Ulrich's house for dinner. It was nice of her to have the whole clain over. We had spaghetti because the younger kids are super picky eatters. It was delicious. We had some drama when we first got there though. Emilee for some reason is terified of dogs and she knew there were dogs in the house so it took us about fifteen minutes to get her out of the car and had to put the puppies outside. I just feel bad for the poor girl because we don't know why she is so scared but it was also very frustrating because they are little and wouldn't hurt a fly. Zach and Ammon liked Sparky, Daisy and Rocky they were playing with them all night. They also had fun with little Max. Amanda really liked playing with Max too, she has that touch with little kids they just love her. It was so good to visit and see Julie for a while before we had to leave for Phoenix and hopefully they will be coming out to visit us. I wanted to stay longer and visit more but we had to get the little ones to bed. Thank you Mom for an incredible dinner and for being so nice to my siblings. We miss you!

On Monday we played the wii and went to the park that night. Tuesday we had a picnic at the park for lunch and went to some stores and on wednesday I took the kids to the dino park in Ogden.

Zach playing the Wii. Ammon and Emilee like to play too but this time they just wanted to watch. I love when Ammon lays on the floor: he crosses his legs and sometimes puts his arms behind his head. Its such a cute lounging position.

Ammon on the little Zip line at Layton (Duck) park. Ty was helping him on it at first making sure that he wouldn't fall So when he did it all by himself he was very proud!

Emilee had fun too. She mostly hung out with me at the park and helped me watch the young ones. She was such a good little helper all week while mom and dad were gone.

Zach was showing me that he can do the monkeybars and was showing off for the camera. He looks very concentrated. Good job Zach!

Me and Ty had fun at the park too. I missed him while he was at training all day! But I guess it kinda showed me how I wouldn't see him much this summer either.

Me and Zachy.

Emilee showing me she can skip on the monkeybars. Shes really strong for a girl.

This is why we call it the Duck park. Since I was little my family would come here and play and then feed the ducks bread. We didn't have bread this time but the kids still wanted to see the ducks. The Seagulls were kind of overpowering the ducks this time. Sad soon it will be call the Seagull park if they don't leave the cute ducks alone.

The kids and Ty on the cool tree a lot of people take pictures by. The kids just love playing with Ty and he is amazing with them.

Amanda had fun at the park too even if she doesn't want to admit it. Shes crazy and 13 but I love her! We have become such good pals. There is eight years between us but I love going and doing things with her at the mall, movies and just doing girl stuff. This week I took her and her friend shopping for a little bit. 13 year olds are so funny. Love you girl and miss you like crazy.

This is me being bored at home on Tuesday. I sent this picture to Ty while he was gone all day at training because he said he missed me!

This is at the Dinosaur park in Ogden. It is a fun place. My mom got a year pass because the kids love it. Ammon has the place memorized. It was wet outside but we still had just as much fun.

Me kissing the Dino's neck. oooo! Well Ty couldn't be there so... haha.

Amanda hugging the same Dino I kissed. Typical Sisters fighting over a man.

Me and Ammon are scared of the Dinosaur behind us. Ammon really looks scared.

We all thought the sky looked really cool and kind of creapy because the clouds were so low on the Mountains. The kids said the park seemed creapy like Jurasic Park because we were the only ones there with the Dinsaurs all around us and it was rainy. Cool picture though huh. I think it looks kinda pretty.

Ammon loves the volcano and had to have a picture by it by himself.

Zach lookin' good. He's a cutie.

Ammon and Emilee in the little poster thing. Ammon informed me that these are his favorite things and mommy always takes a picture at all of them everytime he comes. :)

Amanda's favorite part is the cave, but she wouldn't go through it because it was dark inside and the lights weren't on. I have to admit I don't think I would either.

These were really cool live iguanas. There were three of them in the cage and they were HUGE but really pretty looking.

Last picture before we went home to eat and get ready for mom and dad to come home. The kids had fun but they were so ready for mom and dad to come home. And I couldn't wait to see them either. Plus I couldn't wait to see Ty.

When my parents got home on Wednesday I could just tell my mom had so much fun. She was way happy. I'm so glad Ty and I were able to do this for them. It was fun hanging out with the kids especially because we left the next day and wouldn't see them until the end of June. I miss my family a ton and already call my mom like everyday out here. It was really hard for me to leave my parents because I am a mamas girl and I hadn't really seen my parents much before we left since they were in Vegas. But When it was time to go I went to Amanda's school to say bye to her because she asked me too and I went to my dad's work to say bye. After that it was time for us to start our journey.

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