Sunday, June 22, 2008

Up in the Air

We are now back in our home in Cedar City. Home and Poor. Right now we are struggling to pay all of our bills on time. I know we have all be there and we too have been there before, but this time it has been the scariest. I just pray everyday that we will be able to pay our bills and get out of DEBT. I hate that we have only been married only 9 months and already have a lot of credit card debt. :( Ty is back at chillies which has been a huge blessing and they are actually scheduling him a lot so we are hoping that will continue throughout the summer.

And I am back in the job hunting boat. I feel like I was just barely doing this in phoenix and when I finally got a job at target we decided to move. I am just hoping that I find a job very soon to cut back on a little more stress. I have applied at home depot but they are on a hire freeze at the time. I had an interview at Lin's and will hopefully find out this week whether I get it or not. I don't really want to work there but if it is the only job I can get I will work there. Roberts also has a job opening that I am applying for. Roberts is the one that I really want because it would be a perfect place for me to work. Tomorrow I am going to stop by Sports Authority, Maurices, Bealls, Christensen's and Ace hardware. I also want to check out some dentist and doctors offices for front desk or data entry. If anyone knows of a job opening in Cedar City PLEASE let me know. :)

Things to do in the next few weeks
1. Pass my summer Chemistry test on Thursday and continue to do well
2. Make some friends in the neighborhood and get to know more people. I haven't really gotten to know anyone that we live around.
3. Find a job
4. Start exercising again
5. get my hair cut
6. make cookies
7. Read
8. Relax and take some time for me.


  1. Hey, Found your blog through Caytee's, hope you don't mind my "stalking" your blog. Glad to see you guys are back in Cedar. We should all get together soon!

  2. AHH!!!! you've left and gone far far away! we've really got to meet like half way and have dinner and a movie sometime!! i hope you get a job soon, keep us updated:)

  3. We definitely do... As soon as I get out of Vegas we need to plan a game night with everyone! :)



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