Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Double Duce

It is official I am 22! Wow I can't believe it. My birthday was on monday the 20th and it was awesome along with the rest of the weekend. It all started out on friday. Friday after ty's class and after I was done planning my lesson for Tuesday we pack and drove down south to Vegas. Ty's parents Mom and Dad Ulrich were vacationing there at their time share and were kind enough to invite us to come down the last couple days they were down there. When we got down there on Friday we headed straight for the buffet. It was delicious and very filling. After the buffet we went to the venitan and then then treasure island just to walk through and see them inside since. It is fun to see the difference and all the personality in all the hotels on the strip. We watched part of the treasure island show. Also when we were walking through some of the shops we stopped in a jewlery store and Julie and I tried on a very expensive ring and it was beautiful. I put it on my finger and took it off almost right away it made me nervous that something would happen to it. Julie loved it though she had a huge rush from it and fell in love with the ring. That night we drove back to the hotel and relaxed the rest of the night.

Saturday we first when to the Mandalay Bay, the Excalibur and the Luxor. Ty has always wanted to see inside the Luxor and he told me when we have the money we will stay there. We took the tram to each of them and went to see the different trade marks of each of them. Ty loved how the Luxor is in a pyramid and wants to stay in one of the rooms that are on a slant. We got some pictures in each of these. And Ty and Dave liked looking at the cars in the Mandalay Bay. We then went to the outdoor outlet mall north of the strip. This outlet is HUGE! We didn't even see all of the stores because we were running out of time and we wanted to do other things. Ty and I bought some sunglasses and Ty picked mine out they are pink and so stinkin cute. I also got a realy cute converse beanie they my sweet husband let me get. And of course I HAD to get some fuge and the fugery.

We then went Mine and Ty's favorite restaurant there Magiannos. We wanted to introduce the place to Dave and Julie. We hope that they liked it as much as we do and that we didn't talk it up too much. I loved it just as much the second time as I did the first. We then walked throughout the Fashion mall because I'm a girl and I need to walk through a mall if it is there. Then lastly we went to the Ballagio and saw there cool halloween decorations and the beautiful chocolate fountain. We have some pictures but we will have to get them from Julie, she said we just had to see this chocolate fountain and she was right it was so pretty I've never seen anything like it. Then we went through Planet Hollywood, because Julie wanted to see it then of course I went throughout the shops again and found a cute Roxy shirt on sale that my nice husband let me get. He spoiled me this weekend. We then went back to the hotel and hung out. We played a few games of Lucky Under and it was so fun! I love playing card games with the fam. Then right before bed they gave me a birthday present. Thank you Mom and Dad U. You guys are so nice! Thank you for the fun time and memories.

On Sunday we left Vegas at about 8:00 am and then stopped in Cedar City to get a few things and then straight up north we went. Again Ty is so sweet to want to go to both Vegas and up North for my birthday. We met my parents at about 8:30 when they were just getting home from Colorado (visiting family over UEA). It was soooo good to see them all. It was really fun to hear about their little trip but I could tell it just went by way too fast for them all. So sunday night we spent the whole time catching up and talking. I stayed up talking to my mom until about one. We do that a lot when I come visit.

Monday was my BIRTHDAY! Right when I came downstairs my mom and Ammon said happy birthday to me! I was so happy to be up there. Although there was one damper on the day In the morning I quit my gymnastics coaching job. I stil have my job at Lin's but I was only working at the gym 3 hours a week. They just weren't treating me as well as I thought they should treat employees especially becasue I have been there longer than most of the coaches there. Long story maybe I will post about it another time. I was glad that I finally stood up for myself and quit, but I am sad because I am going to miss my girls that I taught and I am going to miss being involved in the sport I love. So if anyone hears someone needing a gymnstics or tumbling coach let me know. After I was sad for a minute I felt better because my mom and Ty told me it is what I should have done.

I then got to open my presents :) From Ty I got cute white sweat pants, a orange jacket, some Ugg boots, and Scrubs season two. Isn't he so sweet! Then from my parents and siblings I got these awesome storage bins that I have wanted since I saw them at my mom's house. They are really cute storage bins for scarpbooking supplies. When I first saw them I couldn't stop talking about them. So mom got me two of them. One of them has two drawers for paper and the other one has four drawers for other supplies. I put it together the next day and put all my stuff in them and I just love them I feel like everything is so much easier to find and much more organized. My mom is the organizing queen after all. Also Ammon had emilee help him right me a little note for my birthday which was sooo cute! Then Amanda, Emilee, Ty and I ran to the mall and also to get my ring cleaned which looked awesome after it was so sparkly.

The funnest part of the whole day was all of my family went to dinner together. My brother had work and he even made sure that he would come during his break. We went to Golden coral Yum Yum. Everyone seemed to like it and seemed to have fun. When we first got then my mom gave me a huge hug and said happy birthday. That meant so much to me. I am so happy that we didn't have school on monday so I could see my family. Last thing we did was go to a party store and mom, Amanda, and I bought costums for halloween. I am going to be a 70's girl and so is my mom we are going to be twinners.

Thank Ty for an amazing birthday. Thank you for understanding when I want to go up North for my birthday and that you for understanding that I needed to move on from the gym job. You are so sweet! Thank you Mom and Dad Ulrich for inviting us to Vegas and for all the fun. Thank you Mom and Dad and kiddos for all of the fun on Monday, for letting Amanda stay home, and for a fun dinner!

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