Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Things Utah

I love this show so much I try to watch it every monday, Wednesday and Friday because I have a break from class when it is on. I get so into it and I make Ty watch it with me. They have such fun table talk and segments everyday. I have gotten a lot of ideas from their show and I want to get some of their delicious recepies off their website. www.abc4.com My favorite segments are the roberts crafts ones because they always have such good craft, scrapbooking and decorating ideasNicea is my favorite, but I really like them all they all bring something else to the show and they all have fun personalities. I would totally love to meet them. So normally on Tuesdays I am not able to watch it but we recorded it because my mom was in the studio audience. Her and her card club friends all went together. Isn't that fun! I called her afterwords tonight and she told me it was so much fun. She got to go up and talk to all of them and ask they questions and stuff. She even gave Marti one of her business cards for her organizing business and Marti said that she would put the information on her blog so people would see it which will be great for her. My mom has her own website called
www.organizeyourstuffnow.com It is a really cool website. She gives out free types everyday on organizing everything you can think of for not only your house but organizing your life in general.
So I just thought it was fun to be watching it and seeing my mom in the audience a few times. One day I want to go with her.
On the show today they had some breaking news about Syracuse Jr. High which is the school that my little sister goes to. There was a suspicious package sent to the seminary building. And because there has been aditional threats and suspicious packages targeting the LDS church they didn't take any chances. It was in the seminary mail box this morning and it only contained a letter, but it caused quite a scare. Police officers, postal services and the bomb squad surounded Syracuse jr. high this morning. It was label as if the address was typed up printed out and then taped onto the envelope the return PO Box was also invalid. The police said there was nothing else on the outside of the envelope that indicated any danger but, because of everything else going on with the threats they didn't want to take any chances. The students had been evacuated from the seminary building and were all inside the main building of the school and were in lock down. They then sent the bomb squad into the building and took an x-ray of the package to make sure it didn't contain any wires or anything hazardous inside of it. When they felt it wasn't anything dangerous they took it out and it was sent to the crime lab. As of for the letter the police said it was just a bunch of rambling that didn't make any sense. It didn't end up being dangerous but it did cause quite a scare to the students and also to the parents. The police say there is no evidence linking this insident to the threats in Temple square and the LA temple, but they wanted to be safe. I talked to my little sister after and she said it was kind of scary just because they didn't know what was going on. They just said it wasn't a drill and didn't really tell them anything about it until after the fact. I am glad that proposition 8 passed, but I am upset and sad that these threats and out reaches are happening as a result.
****Also I made some watches for my friend Kelli and so I posted them up on the side of my blog. for some more styles and colors to check out. They are perfect Christmas gifts. Have fun browsing and don't hesitant to contact me about them.

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  1. Thanks! I do Christmas Cards! check out my website www.ciaobelladesigns.org and click on the prices page under "Other" for prices on various sizes. :) Let me know if you're interested!



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