Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween was so much fun. When I go home from getting my nails done Ty had suprised me by cleaning the car, which was so awesome because it was getting pretty gross and he got me a halloween card and some gum. He is so cute he said that he wanted to make my favorite holiday special and that he wanted me to be happy. Then Ty was getting excited so we got all dressed up in our costumes. Ty was a wrestler. He found his singlet in one of his boxes and wore that with spandex and his Luchador mask he got in mexico with of course his black and orange tights. He looked awesome and he seemed like he had a lot of fun dressing up. I was a GoGo girl I found the shirt (that was suposed to be a dress, but barely covered my bum, so I made it a shirt) at a costume shop up North and I just wore my white pants, wedges, disco ear rings and wore my hair all flipped out. I had a lot of fun dressing up too! My mom was the same thing so I can't wait to see pictures of her in her costume.

We then started getting some trick or treaters. We only had a few before the trunk or treat was starting at the ward house so then we went to that. Parker was one of our trick or treaters and he looked so cute in his monkey costume. He loved putting the candy in his bag.

....Still putting candy in his bag :)

We then went over the the church for the trunk or treat and we were cleaned out of three bags of candy in only a half hour. There were three wards involved and a ton of kids. I know we don't have kids and all, but I really wanted to see all the costumes and I figured we wouldn't get many trick or treaters if they were all over at the church. There were so many cute and creative costumes and I loved seeing all the darling kiddos.

Little Parker man loving being a monkey.

I thought my costume was pretty cute especially with this cute little curious george attached to me.

After the trunk or treat we were off to St. George again. We decided to go chill out down there will the family and see the kids and pumpkins. There were so many people crouded around Dan and Brookes yard it was really cool.

Ty and Little Londer Bunders as a SUU cheerleaders. Isn't she adorable.
Me and Oaklyn

And the tough guys loving every minute of it

This has got to be my favorite pumpkin of the night. The Salt Lake Temple. Dad U. carved this one. It looks awesomeAfter all the extravaganzas we went back to Dave and Julies hotel room and stayed the night. We played a few games of Lucky under with them and Zach and then went to bed. What a fun day.

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  1. wowza!! You guys had a busy night. BUt you looked dang cute and I'm glad that so many people were graced by your presence. Ty looks pretty much like the real thing. I'm glad you had a good day!! We love and miss you guys!



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