Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This year for the first part of spring break we headed up North to spend some time with our families. We like to take any opportunity we can to go up there. We both had to work Friday night and Ty had to work until about 1 am so we decided to leave the next day. First we ran over to the Redd's garage sale and got some cute sayings on some signs to put in the house and a few other things then we finished packing and we off starting our four hour drive to Syracuse. We got to my families house at about 2:30ish in the afternoon.

When first got there some family friends, Robert and Jenine, were over to drop off a card for my dad's birthday and they drove over Chase's new car to show it off. It was so sweet. Earlier on our drive up Ty and I were talking about cars and Ty was telling me about the Dodge Challenger. I didn't know what it was so he told me he would show me a picture online or something. Well he didn't have to because there was one sitting in my parents drive way when we got there that Rob and Jenine drove over. It was really sweet. Now I really want one I think it would be fun to have. I would look so good in that car. haha.

After Rob and Jenine left we went to dinner with my parents on their regular Saturday date night. We of course went to chillies of course because it is my dad's favorite place to eat and because we get 50% off there, my dad loved that haha. It was so much fun to just hang out my parents and Ty and I we just talked forever even after we were done eating we stayed a while to hang out. The rest of the night we just hung out and watched Get Smart.

Sunday was just so relaxed and fun. I hung out in Young Womens because my mom is in the presidency and I didn't want to got o relief society by myself. My mom is over the beehives so it was fun to hear their funny comments and stories throughout the lesson. I was in beehives nine years ago. That is so crazy it had been that long I am getting OLD! I remember beehives like it was just yesterday though I always had really good leaders and had such a good experience throught young womens. One Day I really hope to serve in the young womens program. I think it would be so fun and I remember thinking the young leaders were so cool! I wan to be that cool leader :) Anyway the rest of Sunday we napped and hung out as a fam doing all sorts of stuff. Poor Ty though was not feeling good he started feeling sick after church but after our nap felt better. So after the nap we had promised Ammon we would play army with him and build a army fort out of legos. It was fun to play with him and this is what we came up with.
This is the fort for the green (good) guys. Builders Ty, Whitney, Emilee and Ammon

Ammon gives it two thumbs up :)

Zach had a fort also. Ammon said these were the brown (bad) guys. Zach is ready to fight.

After building and playing for a little bit we had dinner. After dinner Ty was feeling sick again so he rested some more on the couch while we all watched our Jacobs Sunday shows: Amazing Race, Cold Case, Extreme Makeover home addition and my parents love the Unit now so we watched that too. Poor Ty was in and out of sleep the whole time. I felt so bad for him he had a fever and it broke and then he had another one later and his poor tummy hurt him. It is so sad when this big strong guy gets sick because they change so much they aren't that strong guy anymore they are weak and so sad.

Also a chink of Sunday my dad was trying to fix lilly (my laptop) he tried at home and then ran to work for a while and tried some stuff but poor lilly is ill and needs a new hard drive. That you dad for trying and for putting so much time into it. I love you.

We stayed one my day at my parents, Monday. The day started out with me going with my mom to Lady Fitness to work out with her. I was so happy to work out at least monday with her it was really fun. She kinda had to sneak me in because she was pretty sure she could bring a guest without a membership but not completely sure and she didn't want them to say no and then me not be able to come so I just went in with her and the didn't ask any questions so we figured we were good to go. My mom kicks my butt She is a good exerciser I wish I could work out with her everyday. After working out, getting ready for the day and picking up Ty; Mom, me Ty and Ammon went to the mall to see if Precision Mountain Wear was still having their sale on snowbaording stuff. Well they weren't so that was sad but since we came to the mall we decided to go to some more stores. Can I just say I love bath and body works I wish we had one in Cedar. We of course got some treats beore we left at the food court (you have to right?!). The rest of the day we just hung out. Also Chris and Em and Parker came over and hung out with us for a little bit and watched Dancing with the Stars with us. After the kids went to bed at about 9:30pm we headed up to Murray to Ty's parents house.

When we got to Murray Mike and Jess were also over at the Ulrich's. They came up to hang out for a little bit on their way up to Logan and Idaho for Mikes work. On Tuesday Dad Ulrich had his back surgery. After waking up and getting ready for the day we were off to St. Marks hospital to keep Mom U. some company while Dave was in Surgery. St. Marks is also where Ayla (our niece) was at so we got to see her through a window and she was just so so adorable it was good to see her even though it was just through a window. After that we went across the street to the Marie Calenders for some lunch an it was delicious. I love their pie. Then we waited at the hospital for a while they then came and told us he was out of surgery and they were going to make sure everything is good and then in about an hour he would be in his room. Well during that hour that we would have to wait we took that opprotunity to go hold some cute twins that lived by Ty's grandparents. Grandma Kjar hasn't stopped talking about these twins and I just had to see them. They were so adorable. Their names were Dani and Jaci. I held Jani and Ty held Dani they were so tiny and had so much hair. Their mom was really cute and nice for letting us hold her little babies. I have a huge thing for twins I don't know what it is but I LOVE them. My biggest dream come true would be to have twins I want them so bad and talk about it all the time I even have twin names haha. But because I want them I propbably won't get them thats how it works I guess. I just always hope I will because they are in my family. My grandpa is a twin, Gale and Dale. :)

After holding the babies for a while we were back to the hospital and hung out with Dave for a while in his recovery room. It felt so good to be there with him after his surgery. It meant so much to Ty to be there and I'm sure it meant a lot to Dave too. Then we were off to Dinner with Ty's cousin Adam and his wife Leslie. We went to the Gateway and had CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) It was really good I'm sure we will go back there again. Then we went to cold stone for dessert and then went back to Adam and Leslie's place to talk and catch up for a little bit. It was fun to see them again. Thanks for the fun date Adam and Leslie hope to see you guys again soon. Come visit us in Cedar k?! When we got back Julie Ty and I went over to Ty's Aunt DeAnne's house to bring her the watches I made her. She said she loved them and even bought another one I was so happy she really liked them I was hoping she would I love making them.

On Wednesday when we were all up and ready Ty, Julie and I headed back to the hospital Ty went up to Dave's room and Julie and I went to the NICU. Yeah I got permission from my sister in law to go in and see Ayla. I got to go into the NICU and hold her. She was cute through the window but she was even cuter right there seeing her face to face and holding her in my arms. I got to burp her and that was really a special thing for me. She really is a little miracle baby and I was so happy to be with her for a little while. Here are some pictures Julie took of me holding her.

I love this one because she was snuggling with me. I love being the Aunt Whitty is really is so much fun.

Thank you Stace for letting me hold this little doll. This didn't make me more baby crazy at all (haha that was sarcasm if you couldn't tell)

After holding little Ayla is was time to bring Dave home. I can't believe that after having a big surgery like back surgery he was able to come home 24 hours after. He was doing good though he was able to walk he was even able to go up and down the stair very slowly but still what a good recovery. He will be recovering 3-4 weeks and will hopefully be as good as new. After dropping the boys off Julie and I ran some errands together. It was a lot of fun just the two of us. Thanks for inviting me to come along. Then when we got home Julie taught me how to make homemade egg noodles because she was making chicken noodle soup for dinner that night and TY loves it. I am excited to make this for him now that I can make my own noodles. Thank you Mom U. for teaching me. Oh and mashed potatoes at the bottom of the bowl of chicken noodle soup is to die for. Ty and his brother would always talk about it but it sounded weird to me well I was finally able to try it for myself and it was delicious. After dinner it was watch making time for Julie. I made her two watches and they turned out really cute I'll have to get a picture of them later. The rest of the night we enjoyed some milk shakes and watched some Life together.

Thursday morning we had to drive back to Cedar for work. Thank you mom and dad Jacobs and mom and dad Ulrich for such a fun time. We love you all and can't wait to see you again. The rest of thursday was just work and unpacking. Friday was again work and then of course we went to a midnight movie to have a date just the two of us. We saw Knowing it was really good just a weird ending. It was also a lot more intense and scary then I thought it would be. oh and thank you Natalie for getting me a Twilight DVD since I went to the movies instead of standing in line. You are the best. Saturday was again work, grocery shopping, a walk and went to chillies for dinner.

Today we found out that our little Niece Ayla was able to come home! We are so happy for Chris and staci after having her in the hospital for so long. Our prayers are with you guys and we are so excited for you to have your family together at last. Tonight is the regular Amazing Race get together at Chris and Ems and then make to school tomorrow. Wish us luck these last five weeks I'll need it. :) Thank you baby for a fun spring break and I'm so happy you are feeling batter.


  1. Hi Whit...
    Thanks for making me the new watch bands. They are so cute!!!
    It was good to have the two of you with us for a short time over spring break! See you soon...
    Mom U.

  2. Ok i'm so glad I found you. Now I can keep up with you and Ty especially now that we are moving. I'm sad I didn't get to know you more while I lived here. . . .SO keep in touch ok? You guys are awesome.

  3. Don't worry about not making it last time-- I'm glad you got to see family and enjoyed spring break. Just wanted to let you know you are always invited. We're having the next one on the 6th of April at Brittany's house.
    Hopefully it'll be warm before too long so we do see each other outside. Not for much longer though-- we gave our 30 day moving notice yesterday... :(

  4. Love the pics of you and the babe:) So precious...thank you aunt whit!! Hope to see you guys soon!!



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