Monday, April 20, 2009

eAsTeR tImE 2009

First off. We got a new Camera for an Easter Present! We LoVe it!and yes it is GrEeN. Here is the story. We went shooting last week and our camera dyed while we were there. (I'll post on the shooting date soon) We knew we needed a nEw camera soon since we are going on a CrUiSe this summer, but we figured we would think about that another day. Well to make a long story short when we were at Staples getting some copies made we looked at cameras just cuz we always do and fell in love with this little thing. We bought it on the SpOt. I really really wanted a nice photography big professional digital camera (my dream camera) but that is something we will have to save up for so for now we have this BeAuTy! We love it! Our old camera was only 2.2 megapixles and our new one is 8.1 with a way better zoom.

Our happy cUtE faces after we bought our new camera. We are silly. Gotta love the self-portaits.

Easter Weekend
Easter weekend started off with school off on friday it was awesome to have a break. BRiGhT and early in the morning our cute little nephew was dropped off at our house. We watched him while his mom and dad went to St. George. It was so much fun. I love this little boy. We played a lot, he loved to watch puppies (101 Dalmations), played pUpPy, kept saying he wanted to help (this is when we were cleaning), and he was so cute during his nap.
Parker being a PuPpY

NaP tImE
Later on Friday afternoon my FaMiLy came down to spend the holiday with us. Oh I was so excited to have them here in our home. It is always fun when my fam comes down. Friday was just really cHiLl we just hung out at home and watched a movie. Saturday morning we were off to the eGg HuNtS in Cedar and in New Harmony. The problem was we woke up to SnOw. Once egg hunt time hit it was down to a rain so we rushed to the Cedar hunt getting there just in time for it to start. They got lOaDs of eggs. Then dad decided we might as well head down 20 minutes to New Harmonys egg hunt. We couldn't find it for a while so just like the other one we were there just in the NiCk of time. The kids seemed like they had fun thought. Double the eggs whats not to like about that.

NeW hArMoNy

There rest of Saturday was full of shopping with the girls (mom, me and Emily), the BoYs went golfing, cooking dinner, boiling eggs, coloringEgGs , eating dinner at Chris and Em's house, talking for hours, mom getting the late night crazies, all of us getting the late night crazies because mom was cRaCkInG us up, watched YeS mAn and laughed our heads off! It was such a fun filled day with the fAm and it was nice that Ty and I both had work off.
Ammon, Zach and Em coloring eggs, drawing on eggs and painting eggs with food coloring pens

My little BuDdY Ammon

Look at all those PrEtTy eggs

mom cute mom and my cute little brother.

Aren't my little brothers so cute ;)

The next day was of course EaStEr! What a beautiful day it was. We got to sleep in just a bit since we have late church but not too late the kiddos wanted to see what the easter bunny brought them. It is always fun to spend holidays like this with kIdS to see how excited they get about it all. I can't wait for that for us. But of course Ty and I got some things from the big bunny himself as well.
Ty got: Some sweet shorts, flip flops, a water bottle, and some of his favorite easter candies (mIlKy WaY bunnies of course)

I got: The new Kelly Clarkson CD, A super cute shirt, a ways cute bAsKeT and some of my favorite candies

Then of course it was time for the inside easter egg hunt with the hard boiled eggs that they had decorated and let out from the easter bunny to hide.

Look at all those FuN toys

Zach broke open the ChOcOlAtE BuNnY right away of course. Who didn't do that as a kid?

After Church we came back and made an easter fEaSt, had an outside egg hunt and then at about six o'clock it was time for my family to leave.
This is part of my family. These are the kids left living in my mom and dads house minus my brother Adam he had to work.
Amanda, Dad, Mom, Emilee, Ammon and Zach
We MiSsEd you Adam sorry you couldn't come I can't wait to see you soon
We also miss Traci and Stephane and their adorable little boys Ben and JuJu Bean

Yay Here is Ty and I. EaStEr PiCtUre 2009
Look how cute we are in our matching Blue. That is my cute new easter shirt

While Dinner was cooking and being prepared Emilee wanted to play her new Hannah Montana DVD gAmE she got as an early B-day present from Em and Chris. My mom, Emilee, and I played the game. It was cute. I WoN and I don't even know anything about Hannah Montana. haha Sweet I love winning games.

Ty and I gave this cute pOlKa DoT dry erase board and some markers to Emilee for an early B-day present...And My cute sis Amanda drew these AdOrAbLe cartoons of Me and Ty I LoVe it so I had to take a picture of it :) I looks just like my hair and I love that she drew Ty's chin hair and the peak in the front of his hair
Thanks Amanda

Outside egg hunt with the plastic eggs with candy in them after church

EvErYoNe just hanging out outside for a bit in the warm sun before my fam had to sit in a car for four hours.

This is a pic of Ty and Amanda landing their toe touches. The story behind this is my little sister is trying out for cHeErLeAdInG and Last year Ty was helping her get ready and it was so funny. He was doing round offs and toe touches and so he decided to help her again It was fun. I didn't get a good picture of them in the middle of it and I had them do it again but the camera battery died, so I'll have to get in from my mom and put it on here. But my MoM thought it was so funny and was teasing Amanda because Ty's toe touch was actually really good and higher than hers. Haha hers was good too though. Good Luck MaNdA LoO at Tryouts we love you

We had so much fun with my family this weekend and had just a fun relaxing weekend with a few days off work. I was so super sad when my fam left. I don't know why but when they leave it is harder for me then when we leave their house. But it is a fun change to have them down here sometimes. thank you mom and dad for bring the fam down.


  1. I have that camera in orange! I love it!

  2. Hey Whitney! It's Emily from gymnastics ...I found your blog off of Mandi's! You look sooo happy! It was fun to look at everything you have been up too. I especially loved seeing pictures of your family. I swear your mom does not age. Anyway, it was great to "see" you!



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