Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh How Time Flies

What the?! I can't believe it has been a month since I have posted last and so much has happened since then. I guess that's why I haven't posted in so long because I have been so busy. So here goes the ridiculously long updated post, but don't worry I will break it up into sections of our happenings.

MaDdUx'S bLeSsInG oN tHe 4th Of JuLy

We had a lot of family come out to support us and our little man on his special day and I want to start out by thanking them so much for coming to visit and be there to here his sweet blessing. We did Maddux's blessing and my niece Ella's blessing on the same day because they are only 3 weeks apart and we were in the same ward so we thought that would be fun. Since we did it with Chris and Em we had mine and Chris' family, Ty's family and Emily's family all there so there was a lot of people there for support. Also I am so so grateful that my grandma and grandpa Bargar could come from Florida and my Sister Traci her husband Stephane and their three boys from Canada could come to visit. It was so good to see my grandparents it has almost been 3 years since we saw them last and it had been a year and a half since we saw my sister last. I LOVE visitors.

The night before his blessing we all went swimming at the hotel my parents were staying at and then went to dinner at chilies all together :)

Maddux's first swim

The water was a little cold not warm like his bath haha

Adam and our nephew Seb

Ty, Amanda and Emilee doing the tower. Pretty good don't ya think

His blessing was so beautiful and Ty did such an amazing job. I am so grateful to have a husband that is worthy to give our Maddux a baby blessing. I will never forget what was said to our little man. Ty said the best part was right after the blessing Ty looked down at Maddux and he had a huge smile on his face. :) I wish I could have seen that. Another cool thing about his blessing was that Dux wore Ty's baby blessing outfit and he looked so stinkin cute. We kept calling him our vintage baby. We both thought it was very special and it meant a lot to Ty that I wanted Dux to wear it.

Our family after his blessing. Isn't he so cute in Ty's outfit :)

Ty, Me and Maddux, Emily and Ella, Parker and Chris
It was so much fun that they got to be blessed on the same day!

After church we took some picture then picked up all the food from the house and headed to Park Discovery to have a little breakfast shindig for everyone that came. It was all so delicious. We had muffins, egg casserole, fruit kabobs, fruit dip, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries and juice and milk. Yum Yum I hope everyone like it. I know the kids did because they got to play at the cool park. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the food cuz it really was so good. Thank you for everyone who helped with the food without you guys it wouldn't have happened (Thank you Mom, Grandma Bargar, Emilee, Amanda, Traci, Sara, Julie, Emily and Grandma Kjar). It was a lot of fun to just sit relax, show off Maddux and visit with the family.

Dad, mom, Me and Maddux, Ty

Me, Ty and Maddux, Julie and Dave

Daddy and Maddux

All the Boys

Everyone that came to the blessing from mine and Chris' side of the family!

Later on that evening we had a little forth of July BBQ at Chris and Emilys house with my family. We ate, had yummy dessert, played with sidewalk chalk, took a lot of pictures, talked, watched the kids play and laughed a lot. Oh and I test drove Traci's rental car (2010 Subaru Outback crossover) I was totally in love with this car....ahhhh if only.

My little monkey loved laying on the grass

Isn't he so adorable. I could just eat him up :)

Daddy and Maddux both with grass in their mouth
Silly boys

Amanda drawing with sidewalk chalk

Stephane and Ammon. Doesn't that look like fun?!

The delicious dessert my mama made for the 4th of July dinner BBQ

4th Of JuLy CeLeBrAtIoN oN tHe 5th

Since the 4th of July was on a Sunday in Cedar City they did all of the celebrations on Monday the 5th. Early that morning the boys (Ty, dad, grandpa, Chris and Stephane) all went golfing. The highlight of the round was when my brother in law Stephane got a hole in one. That is right ladies and gentleman you heard that right a hole in one! And the best part was that he is Canadian but there were American flags on all the holes because it was near the 4th. Hahaha! Good job Stephane. Now he likes golf. :) Surprise Surprise! Once the boys got home we all geared up and went to the parade. I love parades. What can I say they make me a little giddy! Ty makes fun of me for it. The parade was perfect except the part that my cute little nephew Ben got lost that part was not so fun and really scary for like 15 minutes luckily he was found and after a few tears from Ben and his mommy everyone was fine. After the parade we went over the park and met up with Ty's parents to listen to my sister in law Jess sing. She is a really good singer and it was fun to listen to her. Good Job Jess you sounded amazing! After the park we went to lunch and then headed home to finish packing and start on the cleaning.

Watchin the parade!

The kids playing on the splash pad

Me and my cute sassy nephew Julien

The boys enjoying the parade!

My sister in law Jessica and her friend Michelle singing at the 4th of July Celebration at the Cedar main street park

MoViNg :( :)

Yes that is a sad face and a happy face because it was such a bitter sweet moment to move. We are really going to miss Cedar and all our friends and our family there, but we are excited to be in Salt Lake to start on Ty's law school, start a new chapter of our life and live next to our families. I had been packing for this move for about a month now so all we had left to do was pack things we were still using, put everything into the garage and then into the truck and clean. It was still a lot of work even though most of the packing was already done. Monday the 5th of July after all of the festivities we started packing last minute things and putting all the big furniture into the garage. We couldn't put anything in the truck yet because it wasn't going to be ready for us until the next day. After a lot of their help my parents, the boys and grandparents drove back up north so dad could get back to work the next day. Ty's parents also had to go back home after a lot of their help so that they could get back to work the next day. Traci and her family, and Amanda and Emilee stayed behind to help out some more. The rest of the day we cleaned cleaned cleaned and stayed up until 2 in the morning to clean. We did take a little break to watch some fireworks with my sisters. Also when Traci and Stephane and the boys got back they helped us clean. Thank you so much Traci and Stephane for all of your help.

The next day we woke up and finished with the cleaning and the boys packed up the trailer. When we were saying bye to my cute little nephew Parker he started bawling and saying that he didn't want us to move. He made me start bawling and I am so sad that we won't be neighbors with them anymore :( We love you and miss you guys so much. I am also going to miss Ty's brother mike his wife Jess and their cute kids. I am going to miss hanging with Jess luckily they come up to visit a lot :) We got done around two and then we had our walk through from the manager to make sure it was all good and off we went to move everything to Salt lake. Ty drove the truck, I drove the Jeep with Amanda in the car with me, Traci drove our red car with Emilee with her and Stephane drove the rental car with their boys. After stopping to eat and go potty and the truck only being able to go 70 miles an hour we finally made it to our new place in Salt Lake 9:00 that night. And with the help of Ty, Ty's dad, Chris U, and Stephane we got the truck unloaded by about 10:00 pm. Thanks again stephane for staying behind and helping with loading and unloading the truck.

I really am happy to be here but I still miss our home and everything else in Cedar City so so much. We are living in Cottonwood in Ty's Grandma Ulrich's basement. It is actually a really good place it has two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, living room and a lot of storage space. It is pretty big actually and it is going to be perfect for us. We will be living only about 10 minute from the U which will be awesome for Ty. We have now been living in Salt Lake for almost a month and it is going really well. We have everything unpacked, decorations up, and things on the walls. All we have left to do now is organize the garage, paint Maddux's room and make his room all cute (with my mom's help)! Pictures to come soon of Dux's room when it is all done. We are so grateful to be able to live here because we are close to the U and it will save us a lot of money living with Grandma Ulrich. Thank you Grandma. I will put pictures up of the new place soon I just need to get a little more things up on the walls and then it will be cute enough to share with you all. :)

Thank you everyone who helped us in the move and with cleaning you are all sooooo awesome!

ThInGs We HaVe DoNe SiNcE wE hAvE bEeN lIvInG iN sAlT lAkE

*We have gotten to visit and hang out with my Grandma and Grandpa before they went back to Florida
*We got to hang out with Traci, Stephane, Ben, Julien, and Seb for two weeks

My sister's cute family that came to visit from Canada
(Traci, Seb, Stephane, Ben, Julien)

Cousins: Maddux and Seb only 2 1/2 months apart

Julien, Seb and Ben. This is right before they left to go back home at the airport.

*We get to see both sides of our family so much
*We have been to Lagoon twice with my family once when Traci and Stephane were here and once without them after they left for our bounce back

Me and my honey at Lagoon!

Haha me waving at Adam and Amanda in line

Mom and Ammon at Lagoon a Beach. This was Ammon's favorite slide!

Second day at Lagoon. Me and my babe!

Amanda and Ty on the rocket. I hate this ride haha. I decided to let them go on it and I would stay with the baby and take pictures :) Good plan

All of us except my dad and Maddux on the Title Wave

*We got to see and visit with my uncle Max who was here from Georgia for work
*I have been shopping...The shopping up here is so much better :)
*We have gone to 7 eleven for Slurpees almost everyday (We love slurpees and you can't get them in Cedar so we have been in heaven)
*I got to watch my sister in law Jess make a really cool cake for here brother's homecoming (she decorates cakes and she is so so good at it)
*We got family pictures done with Ty's side of the family
*We got to hang out with Dan and Brooke, Oaklyn Connelly, Londyn, Mike and Jess, Max, Gracie, and Chris and Staci and Ayla!
* I got to help watch Ayla while Chris and Staci where in Jamaica for their ten year anniversary
*Ty has been working with his dad and I think he is really liking that time with him
*My sisters have both slept over at our new place
*My brothers have also both slept over
*We have been hot tubing
*And I have been trying to get to the know the place and find my way around here and have had fun exploring with my little man in the back seat

ThE 24th Of JuLy

In Utah the 24th is a holiday it is Utah's Birthday! We had a lot of fun spending Time with both sides of the family on this day. We started out meeting my family at Georgia's (My Grandpa Jacobs cousin) house for a family BBQ we sat, ate, talked, laughed and showed off Maddux to those who hadn't seen him yet. After Georgia's we headed over to Ty's families celebration at his Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Charlie's. Again we ate, sat, talked, laughed, the boys played softball while the girls talked and watched the kids play some games, we also had some homemade ice cream and watched some fireworks. After the fireworks we headed over to Ty's parents to play some games with his parents and Dan and Brooke. i LOVE summer holidays and Family time!

Maddux loves his Uncle Zachy

Me and my sissy Amanda!

Emilee and Zach soaking up the sun.

MaDdUx 3 mOnThS oLd 7-28-10

I just can't get enough of this cute face!

I know I say this every month but I can't believe that he is 3 months old already! Time really is flying by. I am a little sad he is growing so fast but I like how interactive he is now. He smiles all the time and I am loving it! I seriously have the best baby in the whole world. He is always so happy. He hardly ever cries unless he is hungry or really tired. He is such a handsome little guy and I could just stare at him all day long. He has become my little back seat buddy and I love that he comes with me everywhere I go :)

Hi Mommy!

Some other things about Maddux at 3 months old:
*Maddux smiles all the time

Isn't this smile adorable!

*He sleeps from about 11:30 to about 9:30 or 10:00. He likes his sleep like his mom and dad
*He is now wearing size 2 diapers
*He still mostly wears 0-3 clothes but is wearing some 3-6 size they are just a little big. He even still fits in a few newborn outfits
*He likes the car
*He likes to go to grandma and grandpa Jacobs and grandma and grandpa Ulrich's houses
*Dux loves his bath
*Mommy puts his hair in a Mohawk
*He loves this little blankie with ribbons on it and it always grabbing it and sucking on the
*He is now grabbing blankets, burp rags and mommy and daddy's shirts
*He loves to suck on his hand and does it all the time. It is soooooo cute
*Maddux always wants to see what is going on around him

*He uses his bumbo a little more now
*Maddux loves his swing and will fall asleep in it a lot
*He does really well during church
*He is awake more during the day now which is really fun

I love to squish those cheeks

*He sneezes and the sun makes him sneeze which my mom thinks is so funny
*He likes when mommy sings "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed", "five little monkeys swinging in the tree" and "Little Fish" to him and smiles every time she sings.
*Maddux still like to be swaddled in his blankets
*Maddux is still a good eater and even does good eating covered up while at others houses
*He like the movement on the TV and will watch it while mommy gets ready for the day
*He likes to lay on the floor
*He likes to lay on the couch
*He likes to snuggle and take naps with daddy

haha I love how Maddux is awake in this picture but Ty is still sleeping. They love to take naps and snuggle.

*He loves his binky
*Maddux likes to go on walks and jogs with mommy
*When he is laying on his back he tries to lift his head up we call them baby crunches :)
*Whenever we have him laying on his back he arches his back and tries to roll over but he is not quite there yet.
*He likes to arch his back and move to his side and like to sleep on his side
*He wiggles his toes all the time and spreads them out
*Maddux loves to get lotioned up at night but doesn't like when we put it on his face
*He does so good on long car rides and slept the whole car ride to Salt Lake when we were moving

We love you so much sweetheart and we are so excited you are in our lives. you bless our home and we seriously can't get enough of your smiles :)


  1. All those pictures of Maddux are so sweet. He is such a handsome little boy. I'm so glad we get to see him more now and watch him grow and learn new things. Thanks for borrowing your brothers and sisters too. It's been so fun for them now that you live closer.

  2. Love the post. You guys did so many fun things. Oh, and I hate the rocket ride too. Someone told me I was on the one that takes you up slowly and then drops, but they were lying and it shot me up way before I was prepared so I HATE that ride! And little Maddux is just adorable. I love the mohawk.

  3. That was so fun and Maddux is the cutest baby in the world!!!



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