Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

There are three new posts that I did today. this one, Maddux six months post, and our October happenings. They are just in a row one right under the make sure to check all three of them out.

Party- Friday October 29th
On the Friday before Halloween my family had a party so we got all dressed up brought some food and visited, played games, watched a movie and ate. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone in their costumes.
We were so excited for Maddux's first Halloween and we decided to have a theme and all dress up the same. We were all doctors and Maddux was our little surgeon. We love the show scrubs and have been watching the seasons on DVD lately so we thought this would be a perfect theme for us. I couldn't believe I found a little doctor outfit for Maddux.  It was meant to be and Dux looked so adorable. 

We played pumpkin bowling for one of the games at the party. The kids really liked this game. The pumpkin was the bowling ball and rolls of toilet paper that had faces on them (ghosts) were the pins. this is Zach getting a strike. I even tried it out myself. I got a spare. 

Another game we played was a contest to see who could wrap their partner the fastest like a mummy with one roll of toilet paper. Mom and Emilee took first, Me and Ammon took second, and Ty and Zach took third. It was harder than it looks to do it fast because if you weren't careful the paper would rip easily. 

Ty and Zach

Finished mummies. Ammon, Zach and Emilee. 

After we played the game there was still some extra toilet paper so Ammon and Zach decided they would do each other. Zach did a really good job on Ammon. 

Here is Zach as a mummy the second time. He was cracking us up when he would stick is tongue out of the paper. 

My little sisters....Pebbles (Amanda) and the Devil (Emilee)

My cute mom and dad...70s girl and Jamaican
Hubby decided to put Emilee's tutu on his head. He kinda looked like a chief haha

Me and my little mister! I can't get over how cute he looked. I will probably just put this costume on him on random days just so I can see him in it again while it still fits. I know I am a little crazy. Don't you just love the little surgeon hat?!

After everyone left but my family from the party and the little boys went to bed, my mom and dad, the hubby, my little sisters and me decided we wanted to watch a scary movie. We watched Step Father on Netflix. I like it and thought it was pretty scary but I am a wuss and get scared really easily.  Ty didn't think it was very scary but he liked it. At about midnight we headed back home.

Halloween- Saturday October 30th
Well it was at least when we celebrated Halloween. It fell on a Sunday this year so we went trick or treating on Saturday. We headed back up to my parents house earlier in the day. when we got there the boys hung out at the house and me and my sisters went shopping (I got some cute clothes with my birthday money). When we got back it was time to get the little man in his costume again and me and the hubby dressed up again too. We took Maddux trick or treating with my little brothers. My dad and Ty came along and just walked around the neighborhood with us talking about boy stuff while me and the kids went up to the doors. Maddux got some yummy treats for mommy and daddy since he can't have them yet. But I had to take him trick or treating on his first Halloween plus all my parents neighbors loved seeing him and he got so many complements. His trick or treat bag was the little doctor bag that came with his costume.

Surgeon (Dux), Ninja (Zach), Ninja (Ammon)

Trick or treating started out pretty wet so we brought along the umbrellas but shortly after we started it stopped. I think Maddux was so confused of what we were doing but after a few houses he started smiling at everyone that opened the doors.

Maddux's (Well mommy and daddy's) loot in his little doctor bag)

The boys after trick or treating. My brothers of course dumped out all of their candy and sorted them and Maddux just wanted it all haha. 

What a little sweetie! He was such a sport during trick or treating. Thank you for the candy bubbas.

After the trick or treating was done we all watched Young Frankenstein and drank hot chocolate and had a little candy of course. Thank you mom and dad for all of the fun.

Two more new posts to on :)



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