Monday, December 20, 2010

What happened to my baby?... he is seven and a 1/2 months old. Why is time going by so fast? Mommy is very sad please can we just freeze time. Well this little cutie turned seven months on November 28th. We cherish every moment we have with Maddux and love all the snuggles he gives us. I am lucky enough to be with him all day long and Ty loves coming home to his sweet little smile.

 Isn't that the most precious face you have ever seen. So many people tell me he should be a Gerber baby...even strangers at the store. See its not just me he is adorable. 

Here are a few things about little M at seven months:

**He still loves his binkie
**One of his favorite things to do right before bed is watch Baby Einstein on You Tube on the Itouch. It calms him down when he is restless.
**He new favorite show is the Cat in the Hat on Pbs and it is so cute to watch him watch in sitting in front of the TV. The part he pays the most attention to is the theme song and he loves when mommy or daddy sings it to him when they change his diaper.
**He loves when we sing to him...we sing 5 little ducks, the cat in the hat, twinkle twinkle, I am a child of God, Little fish, and 5 little monkeys just to name a few
**When I sing 5 little ducks to him he gets all excited and smiles when I get to the daddy duck quack in a low voice he thinks my low quack is funny I guess :)

**This picture is of him getting caught playing in the CDs...they are his new favorite things and his new favorite game is huck the CD haha

**We were in his room one night after we painted it and I was showing Ty so we put maddux in the crib for a sec and then there he was up on his knees and with our encouragement he pulled up to his feet. Lets just say the next day the crib was moved down to the lowest setting. It was cute but it scared the heck out of mommy. I didn't want him falling out.

**He is now not only eating rice cereal but also veggies and fruits and he LOVES them. He eats both all the veggies and the fruits and likes them much better than rice cereal probably because they actually have flavor. He loves peas and apples the best I think

** Dux had his first Thanksgiving and while mommy and daddy where eating their feast he had some baby squash. He was so cute on his first thanksgiving but being the ditsy mom I am I didn't take many pictures the only one I have of him on his first thanksgiving is the one above in his car seat with his beanie covering most of his face fast asleep. P.S. don't you just LOVE that mohawk beanie?!

**This is Dux with his cute cousin Londyn. When they were up here visiting for Thanksgiving she was loving on Maddux and kept asking if she could hold him. She is such a sweetie!

**Little M had his first bath in the sink and it was a success. He was so cute and I think he liked it better than the big tub.
**I loved how he also has his own little shower in our sink. We need to do this sink bathing more often it is just too cute.

**He is a little mover now and is able to get where ever he wants to go
**Maddux still loves car rides and almost always falls asleep in his car seat
**He loves loves loves music...he loves anything about it, musical toys, music at church, music in the car and when daddy plays piano
**He has been baby babbling and it is so cute to listen to him talk to us
** He is such a happy baby and is so smilie all the time. His laugh is also the cutest thing I have ever heard. I could listen to his little laugh all day long.

**He loves his uncle Ammon's superhero cape....we might have to find one for him or make him one
**Maddux has a dinging frog that is attached to his car seat with rings and it is his favorite toy and can calm him down when he is sad.
**He still get swaddled at nap time and bedtime
**If he isn't sleeping we will take him out of his car seat and put him right in the cart in the front seat at the store and he loves to look around and see everything and everyone around him. The first time he road in the cart sitting up was at IKEA and he smiled the whole time while holding onto the little bar. It was a fun ride for him.
**He loves to go to both of his grandmas and grandpas and I am so excited that he is able to see both of them all the time growing up.

**This little man is  in size 3 diapers...he can still fit in 2s but for blow outs and stuff the 3 are better
**He is in mostly 6-9 month clothes with a few 9-12 months depending on the brand. I just went through his dresser and put away a bunch of the clothes that don't fit was sad for mama. :( He is growing so fast
**We thought poopie diapers were bad before well now that he is eating solids and has real poop it is even worse. Gotta love those poopie diapers. bleh
**Little M loves paper...anything made out of paper he gets so excited about he will crinkle it in his hands and we really have to watch him because he also likes to eat it. We have even found paper in his poop.

**Maddux saw the music man at Murray High school because two of Ty's cousins were in it and he loved the music in it. He saw it twice and was good both times until the end and then he did good as long as we were in the back. He ate part of the program when we were there the first time and I found it in his poop that night with the writing in it and everything. GROSS
**He still loves his baths and showers

**Lately when he is tired he will sometimes tilt his little head to the side to his shoulder and it is sooooo cute.
**Little M also rubs his eyes when he is tired. I don't know what it is about babies rubbing their eyes but it is so precious.
**He is for sure getting to the stage now that he can get around he is starting to get into everything. It is fun to watch him explore but we for sure have to keep a constant eye on him now.

**He has started to sit up in hi s crib. When we hear him in the morning or after naps right after he wakes up he is almost always out of his blanket and sitting up hollering waiting for us to come get him. And as soon as we walk in he gives us a huge smile. Everything is so worth it when you get flashed that adorable smile.
**Me and my mom painted his room from a pinkish white to a really pretty brown and I love it now we need to finish decorating it now that it is finally painted.

**Maddux smiles whenever I get him in his car seat and tell him it is time to pick up daddy from school or the bus stop. He gets so excited to see daddy after missing him all day. When daddy gets home he just follows him around and I love to watch it.
**He loves to wear his little beanies and he looks to cute in them.
**I have a necklace that is long and has a bunch of stuff hanging off it and it is his favorite toy at church. I have to wear it every week because sometimes it is the only thing that will keep him entertained and quiet during sacrament meeting

**He is constantly flirting and smiling with strangers at stores and at church.
**He is so so so so so so ticklish. His back, his feet, his neck, his legs are all ticklish...he gets this from mommy
**He is such a champ and is still nursing really well which is so good for him and so nice for mommy
**He is still averaging 3 naps a day and sleeping through the night 10-12 hours a night
**He still loves his binkie and helps him to soothe himself. He can even put it in himself. He also likes to chew on it and everything Grandpa Jacobs (pop pop) has nicknamed him "Mista Chew"

**This cute little mister is such a ham for the camera...If I am taking his picture he just loves it and it is not hard to get him to smile for pictures.
**He love sbuttons especially computer keyboards. We have an extra one that we let him play with and I think it is his favorite toy...that and mommy's cell phone (which he is not allowed to have anymore because he got on to the internet one time I guess and racked up my bill....haha little stinker)
**Mommy loves to put his hair in Mohawks and it looks so handsome. He is such a champ and lets me do his hair.
**He is just loving his baby cheetos. We call them his treats and everytime we say he can have a treat he kicks his legs, smiles and gets so excited for them. WE have to give them to him after he eats his baby food though or all he wants is the cheetos.
**He also loves the flavored little baby puffs as a snack.

**He got his first sippy cup but he is still getting used to it. He doesn't know how to tip it by himself yet so when we help him with it he does really good and loves to have water and apple juice from it.
**He had apple juice for the first time this month and thinks it is so tasty he just can't get enough of it.

**Maddux has the most beautiful eyes and eye lashes and people that I don't even know are always telling me that as well. He is going to be a lady killer. :)
**He loves to have his ears cleaned out after bath time but he HATES his nose cleaned as soon as we even get close to his nose he knows what we are doing and freaks out

**He is still teething but still no teeth...I think they will be coming in any minute now
**Maddux puts anything in his mouth, he will even put his binkie all the way in his mouth so all we see when he smiles is a green line haha

**He loves to be naked and so when we are changing his diaper he likes to make a run for it so he can be naked for a while it is so funny.
**He pulls himself up to his knees
**He loves the light on in the car...if he is fussy we can turn on that light and it will help him to calm down.

We love you little Maddux I can't believe how big and fun you are getting!

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