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Christmas 2010

Yes y'all I am very behind but since this is like a journal to me and since it was little "M"s first Christmas I decided I better document it and attempt to get all caught up....and yes being better at blogging is one of my new years resolutions.

Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year. Everything about it is magical. Don't you agree? We had a beautiful Christmas and there is nothing I could or would change about it. Perfection. First of all I think I was the first person to wake up in the whole Jacobs household. I was up at 6 am and peaking through my stocking poking at Ty and my little sisters telling them it was Christmas. I am still like a little kid and get so so excited for Christmas morning and since this was little Maddux's first Christmas I was even that much more excited. I really wanted company until it was time for everyone else to get up. Once those three were awake we were all looking through our stockings and talking until everyone else got up. at about 7 am everyone was up and ready to see what Santa and everyone else brought.

Traci's family looking at their stockings before we all headed down stairs

Zach and Ammon getting excited to see what was in store for them 

Look at that adorable face. Oh my goodness no joke this is how we found him in the port-a-crib. Doesn't that face just scream Christmas morning. Once I saw that face I didn't even need to go downstairs all I wanted to do is snuggle this little man. I want to cry just looking at that sweet face. awwww

This is how we all feel Christmas morning. Emilee is tired, Amanda is excited, I am crazy from the lack of sleep and excitedness and Ty wants to die he is so tired (but I don't feel bad for him cuz he is the one that wanted to stay up until 5 am playing card games)

Right about the time we all got downstairs before we got to any presents my grandma and grandpa Jacobs came to visit for a little bit and see what all the kids got. My grandparents always make the rounds to all their kids houses on Christmas morning. They came really early this year we all barely woke up when we heard the knock at the door. So they watched us all open some presents for a while before heading off to the next family's house.

I L.O.V.E. baby Maddux's reaction to his big bouncer from Santa. He loved it so much and we couldn't be more excited. There is music on it, all sorts of toys a tray to put snacks, it spins and he can bounce in it. 

Amanda was so excited about Santa bringing her some toms :)

Emilee got Just dance 2 from Santa and after we were all done opening presents that morning a few of us tried it out. It was so much fun, but harder than you would think.

Ammon got his Lego airplane that he wanted so so bad! He was so excited he could barely contain himself. I think he wanted to build it right that second. He loved Legos more than any little boy I have ever met he has so many and is constantly building. He builds them all by himself and even saying he is going to be an architect when he grows up. I hope he follows that dream.

Julien and Ben got light-sabers and Ben even got a Darth Vader mask to go along with it

My little nephew Seb...he looks so tired playing with his new toy

Maddux was excited for his toys but I think he liked eating the wrapping paper even more. 

His glow seahorse! I love this it is so cute and I had to get it for him. He has slept with it every night since Christmas. Isn't that adorable. He loves it. It lights up like a glow worm and sings but it is even cuter.

Adam's present from Traci and Stephane....don't ask???????? yikes. 

Ty opening one of the presents from my parents. We got the Fathers of Faith book that we have been wanting and a really cute saying in subway art design that was all framed for us for our home and I know right where I am going to put it...

Love Simply
Laugh Often
Love Much
Speak Kindly
Care Deeply
Expect Little
Give Generously
In The Lord 
With All Your
Thanks mom and dad we love it. It is on my mantel shelf and I see it everyday.
It is simply beautiful

Yup baby Maddux is eating the paper again. This is his adorable tool bench that TY made me beg for on my knees in front of everyone at Target haha no but really he did. We were already over our budget for him because babies are so much fun to buy for and we both wanted this but he was trying to be responsible and he said I wasn't trying hard enough so I got down on my knees and begged for it and wala he gave in and M loves it. 

Begging was so worth it look how happy it makes our little man. 
He seriously didn't know what to do with himself he got so spoiled and so many things. 
I think he was a bit overwhelmed and tired since we got him up so early.
Me trying to get him to open one more present before we lay him down for a nap
He wasn't having any part of it but once he saw it was little cars he got a lot more excited. 

Little "M" got: big bouncer (Santa), glow seahorse (mom and dad), clothes (mom and dad), stocking stuff including snacks, tub toys, blocks, phone and tooth brush (Santa), cars (mom and dad), tool bench (mom and dad), soft cars (grandma and grandpa Jacobs), ABC framed (grandma and grandpa Jacobs), Little car (Julien), bench (grandma and grandpa Ulrich), Pillow pet (Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich), cute kangaroo toy (Gracie) A penguin ( great Grandma and Grandpa Kjar) SPOILED little man...But it was so much fun and he was so happy. Next year is going to be even more fun cuz he will be a little older and will get more excited about Santa but this year was so fun. Christmas is even better with a kid.

Me and my baby right before nap time. (excuse the no makeup face...yikes)
After Maddux was fed and laied down Ty and I open our presents from each other, Maddux and Santa.

I got: A black coat (Ty), Jewelry-chunky necklace, ear rings, and huge ring (Maddux), Dress (Santa), Shirt (Ty and Maddux), Eclipse (Santa), Jewelry- necklace and ear rings (Ammon) and Stocking stuff including awesome decorative tights, white tights, candy, necklace, nail polish and an orange. 

Adam and Emilee trying out the Just dance game. Adam is a pro, Emilee is really good too. 
Lets just say I need to practice. 

Parker showing off his new Iron Man toy that he got from Maddux. 

My families traditional Christmas breakfast is cinnomon rolls with green frosting in the shape of a Christmas tree,. We have had this every Christmas morning since I could remember and I LOVE it. Adam was really hungry so he made it for us this year. Thanks Adam it looks and tasted great. Isn't that tree so cute?

Ty was so tuckered out after all the opening presents extravaganza he fell asleep on the bench at the kitchen table haha. 
Ty got: Shirt (me and Maddux), Hat (Maddux), Inception (Santa), Watch (me), tie set (Santa), Zach Brown Band CD (Amanda), and stocking stuff including dress socks, treats, shout wipes, whips, toothbrush and chap stick

Seb and Maddux...cute little cousins playing with their new toys after their naps. 

After Maddux's nap he had two more not as fun presents to open from mommy and daddy. He got two new outfits and a dress shirt, pants, and a vest for church. 

Look at the concentration :)

Headed for the wrapping paper...mmm his favorite present haha

After a lazy slow morning of openin presents and taking a nap we finally got all ready and headed over to my grandma and Grandpa Jacobs for a quick hello to my extended family and then we were off to Ty's parents house. When we got there Chris and Staci and Mike and Jess and the kiddos were all there. Dan and Brooke couldn't come up with Brooke being due soon and everything. But luckily we got to hang out with them not long ago at thanksgiving. After eating some delicious food prepared by everyone but mostly Julie and was was time to open more presents I know crazy more presents. 

Baby M loves his new bench that spells out his very own name from his grandma and grandpa Ulrich. 
He likes to take the letters out and tries to climb over it. Look at how happy he looks in this picture. I love it so much. It seriously melts my heart

M sweet little guy sitting on his new present. In his new comfy clothes. He looks like such a big boy.

From Ty's parents we got a panini press, and money. Thank you... and from Ty's grandma and grandpa Kjar we got money and treats. Thanks so much for everything you guys. While we were opening presents we got a visit from Ty's Grandma and Grandpa Kjar and his Grandma Ulrich it was fun to visit and just sit and chat.

The rest of the night we watched the kiddos play with their toys, ate food, talked, took pictures, watched TV and played games. Thanks for all the fun everyone. I loved being able to see both sides of the family on Christmas day it was so much fun for us and Maddux. Best Christmas yet! :) Maddux you were our favorite present this year...there is nothing better than being your mommy and daddy.

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