Monday, March 21, 2011

HaPpY St. PaTrIcK's DaY

St. Patrick's Day was a busy fun filled day for me and Maddux kinda a busy and stressful day for Ty. Poor guy had to finish up that huge paper I talked about in the last post. But of course he still had to wear green, I didn't want my boo getting pinched on campus. He thought I was silly for having us all wear green but I don't think anyone is too old to participate. Right? Right!

Anyway while Ty was at school baby M and I headed up to Syracuse to have lunch with my mom and sister in law (her and my brother were in town for their Spring break) at Zupas. Have you ever been? If you haven't it is delish and you must try it. It is a soup, salad and sandwich place and I could probably eat there everyday if I had the money to. I always get the turkey cranberry sandwich and the nuts about berries salad. Mmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it. It was a fun time just hanging out, eating and talking for a little while.  
 After lunch I just hung out at my parents and let Maddux play with his aunts and uncles until it was time for me to head back down to Salt Lake for some dinner plans. After he followed the boys around for a while and I talked crafts and projects with my mom we ventured down to Murray to Ty's parents house. Julie (my mother in law) had planned a fun dinner party with all the girls on her side of the family. We had delicious BBQ chicken salads, ice cream and cookies it was so fun just to be able to relax and enjoy each others company. Maddux was the entertainment of the party and he loved flashing his smiles at everyone.

When Ty got home from school I went and picked him up and brought him back to his parents where, Ty and the boys watched the BYU game while us girls cleaned up and visited some more.Then before we left for the evening we of course had to play a card game with Ty's parents. We love the game nights :) Over all it was such a fun day it was really busy and I felt like I was running around everywhere but I loved it and Maddux was such a good boy, plus it made the time go by faster that Ty was at school. I am so proud of Ty's hard work that day and I am so happy his paper is done and turned in and it is his Spring Break! Wahoo! We will be heading down south to Cedar and St. George Wed-Sat and I seriously can't wait. I need a little vaca and some warmth. 

Oh I almost forgot I had one run of bad luck on St. Patty's day but I guess in a way it turned out to be kinda lucky. When I was on my way to pick up Ty and bring him back to his parents. I got pulled over. I was turning left out of his parents neighborhood and all of a sudden there are lights on behind me. I was like what the heck? I had no idea why I would be getting pulled over. So the small cop came up to the window as I am frantically looking for all the papers I need to give him shaking might I add (now for your info this was only my second time being pulled over EVER so I was terrified) and he says in his tough small man syndrome voice "Where are you going in such a hurry?" I was so confused I knew I wasn't speeding cuz I just turned left and was barely going like 10mph when I saw the light in my rear view mirror. I replied..."I'm just going home" Then he proceeded to say that I stopped after the white line at the stop sign and Utah law is that if you don't stop before the white line then it is not considered a stop. So even though I stopped like a foot over the line and waited for all the cars to pass and then proceeded to turn left that was not a stop. Hello I was stopped for like 2 minuted and I was barely over the line. Ugh did he not have anything better to do. He was one of the cars that I was waiting for the be able to turn then I turned he flipped around and pulled me over for the stupidest reason ever and then flipped back around to go where ever he was going when we were done. Oh and after he took all my stuff and ran my license he came back and gave me a verbal warning. Really? that was worth your time? How about you find people who are speeding or being wreckless drivers. I was so annoyed but at least I got a warning. That was the lucky part of the unlucky situation. I HATE being pulled over it is soooo scary. I probably would have started crying if I got a ticket so I'm glad that didn't happen or that would have been so embarrassing, especially because the mean small man cop wouldn't have cared. I would have got my flirt on but I was way too terrified to even think to flirt haha.

So anyway my little cutie is getting so big. He was starting to get annoyed with facing backward and was getting a little too long for his small car seat so we bought this at Costco on Wednesday and I love it. It is so nice and I got it for an awesome deal. It is a 3 in 1 it seats babies and kids from 5-100 pounds it can be a rear facing, a forward facing and a booster! Wahoo we opened it up that night and stuck him in it to try it out.

 Isn't he adorable?! I love that cheesy smile he flashes lately. 

On Friday we took his rear facing one out of the car and put his big boy seat in forward facing. I know you are supposed to wait until they are 22 lbs or a year but he is like 18.5-19 lbs and 10 1/2 months and he was getting so ready to turn the other way. So call me a bad mom if you want but it was so time for this. And he is safe and doing just fine in it. On our car ride home from visiting my family on Friday night he fell asleep and it was adorable. Ty and I love being able to see him in the rear view mirror now.

 My sleepy little guy in his new big boy seat. 
He didn't love it at first but he really likes it now that he is used to it. 
I think he likes to be able to see us in the front and being able to see wear he is going. 
It is new and exciting. 
And I just can't deprive him of that now can I? :)

Ty and Maddux enjoying some Sunday after church sleepy snuggles. 
Ty was in absolute heaven because Maddux doesn't usually snuggle like this very often. 
I was loving seeing my two boys like this. 

I hope everyone is having a happy Monday and for those of you on Spring Break...Happy Spring break! I can just feel the warm sun on my face already. When I get back from down south I will be getting some more crafting done...its time for Spring decor.


  1. your post are always so dang cute! i love eveything that you say.. and i already cant wait for the day when i get to turn pais around in the car.. wahoo.. can't wait to see you!!!!!!!

  2. You are too CUTE!!!!! I love your blog and all of your cute ideas!



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