Friday, April 1, 2011

Goodbye Kitty

So on Thursday we said goodbye to Kitty Cat (our Jeep). Now if you know me I get super attached. I get attached to people, to houses, to memories, even to cars. I don't know why I am like this and sometimes it is embarrassing but it is hard for me to say goodbye to anything that has been apart of my life.  So this was a bitter sweet moment for me. Ty liked our Jeep and was a little sad to see it go but not quite as attached as me he was ready to move on. I wanted to cry when the guy drove it away. haha.

Lets go back a few years. In October of 2006 I was in a roll over accident in my friends car on our way back down to Cedar City from visiting up north. My friend was driving, my other friend was in the front seat and I was sleeping in the back seat. I woke up in the middle of the second roll. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through. We were all so lucky and non of us got seriously injured. I had so much adrenalin after everything stopped that I jumped out of the car right away and started running around the car making sure all of my friend were ok and no one was hurt. I got out of the car so fast people who saw the accident happen thought that I was ejected from the car. But no I was just the crazy worried friend making sure everyone was alive and ok. After a few minutes the ambulance and police came. After being checked we were transported to the hospital in Nephi were my dad met me there. Like I said we had small injuries but nothing huge. I had a small concussion, a fracture in my arm and a bulging disk. I just felt so lucky to be alive and not have more serious injuries. When I really thought about how we were going freeway speed and rolled the car twice and that we were all ok it amazed me. I was so grateful, I was shaken up and still in shock. My dad drove me back down to Cedar I broke into sobbed more than a few times on the drive down. And didn't want to be left alone after that scary moment but my dad had to drive back home that night. (Luckily my cute hubby Ty who was then my good friend, but not just dating came over to keep me company and comfort me...awww. He has always been so incredible good to me) Anyway so after a while then came the hospital bills, but I was not driving so the friend insurance that was driving should be taking care of them right? Well that is what should have happened but of course the insurance company didn't think so. Months and months went by and lots of phone calls and threatening letters to send us to collections but we were not going to pay for something that was not my fault. We finally hired a lawyer because it was getting out of hand and we just wanted the hospital bills payed and taken care of. Ty and I had gotten married and the lawyers still didn't have it all taken care of so we kept checking on them and Ty finally got a hold of them and the ball was rolling again to get it all taken care of. Finally in September 2008 the case was done, we got the money from the insurance company, all the hospital bills and late bills were paid, the lawyer was paid and the bonus was that I got $5000 for pain and suffering. I didn't expect any extra money all I wanted was the bills taken care of but wahoo I got some extra money who is going to complain about that.

Now in this time we were looking to get a second car. We both had school at different times and work and it was getting hard to work out rides with just our one car. Once I found out I was getting this money we knew what we were going to do with it. We were going to get a car with some of it and put the rest in savings. We had been looking on KSL classifies and found a few we liked and wanted to look at.

On September 12th we went up north on a whim to pick up my check at the lawyers office and looked at some Jeep Cherokees that we had our eyes on. We looked at a bunch all over in the salt lake valley and Utah county. The last one we looked at was at 10:30pm in Sandy. After talking to the owner for a while and looking at it and test driving it we decided we loved it and bought it from him right then and there. We wrote him a check for the full $3200 and got the title and everything. We even drove it back down to Cedar that night. We were so exhausted from our long day and didn't get back to Cedar until 3:40 in the morning. This was for sure an adventure because I drove the Jeep back down to Cedar and I do not drive well in the dark long distances so I talked to Ty on the phone (he was driving in front of me in our other car) the whole drive down. What a sweet hubby I have.

Ty with our Kitty the day after we bought her.

Me loving my new to us car. This is the first and only car that I have ever owned and bought with my own money. Kitty was my official first car. Awww 

Ty and I just felt like we needed something with better gas millage (it has oversized tires so it gets even worse than most jeeps) to save us money, has all four doors working and the locks working. This car runs amazing but there was just some cosmetic things that we didn't want to take the time to fix and money to fix so after going back and forth for months we finally decided to list Kitty on KSL for sale. Our listing had a lot of views and was clicked as a favorite to a few and we had the same guy calling to ask questions, find out more about it and make sure we hadn't sold it yet. He was waiting on some money. He finally came to test drive it on Monday, Brought the money buy, got the keys and title on Wednesday and came and picked up the car with a temporary register and rove it away from our lives on Thursday.

I feel really lucky that it sold so fast and that we were able to get a good amount out of it that we were really happy with. But come on people I know I am crazy because I got so attached to our jeep and may have shed a few tears as it was driven away but I want ya'll to think back on your first car. Wasn't it sad to see it go. This was the first car that I bought and that I owned it was a big part of my life and was very good to me. I loved it. I loved the way it drove, I loved the look of it, I loved how it drove in the snow, I loved driving in the dirt and mountains in it. But I know that we needed something newer and different for our family so I sucked it up and said goodbye. It did help that the guy that bought it from us was AWESOME. He was so cool and I am glad he got what he was looking for he also was so happy with it because with the money he saved on it he will be able to pay to get the cosmetic stuff fixed on it and it will be just what he wanted. His kids were so cute they LOVED it. I hope they are enjoying her as much as we did.

Yes, I made Ty take a pic with me and my Kitty before she went to her new owner. 

Maddux said good bye too

Then I made Ty pose with her. I know he was secretly crying inside when she left our driveway for the last time. haha

Bubus driving...He loves stering wheels we needs to find him a play one for his birthday or something. 

Good Bye Kitty. Hope you behave for your new family. Now wish us luck on our new car search.

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