Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Maddux-

 I don't even know where to start there is so much that I want to say to you. 
I am already crying and full of emotion and haven't even started yet. 
Baby M you have taught me so much in the one short year you have been with us.
You have taught me gentleness, strength, love, patience, how to be fearless, forgiveness,
how to enjoy the little things,
how to just let things go and have fun and so much more. 
I am a momma because of YOU.
Because our heavenly father trusted me and your daddy to teach you, raise you and love you more than anything we have ever loved. 
I can't even describe in words the way that makes me feel. 

I fell in love with you when found out I was pregnant with you, 
the first time I saw you moving around in my belly, 
When I found out you were a little boy, 
the first time I felt you kick, 
and the first time I got to hold you in my arms and give you kisses. 

I fell in love with you the first time we looked into each others eye
The first time I got to feed you
The first time you smiled at me
The first time I was left a lone with you...Just you and me.
It was hard and scary but the most special moment that I could never forget

I fell in love with you the first time you laughed 
The first time you rolled over
the first time you reached for ME
the first time you fell asleep in my arms
The first time you said mama
The first time I got to see you sit up, crawl, and stand by yourself

I fell in love with you the first time you gave me kisses
The first time you gave me kisses without me asking
the first time you gave me hugs
the first time you clapped, danced and played with me

You make me want to be a better person
You make me want to be the best teacher you could ask for
The best nurse for you
the best comforter
the best cook
the biggest supporter
the best cheerleader
the best playmate
the best wife to your daddy
and the best mommy to you

Your little smile brightens up my day
Even when you are naughty I just want to kiss your chubby cheeks off
I love that you look just like your daddy with a little bit of me
I love that you are like THE easiest baby ever
I love how you wave to strangers in the store
I love how you flash smiles at everyone you see
I Love that you love other little kids
I love that you are my back seat buddy and go with me everywhere
I love our shopping trips, our walks, library visits and craft time we share together

I love watching you learn
that has got to be my favorite thing
when you are working on something and all of a sudden light goes off and you got it
I love to watch you play
I love to watch you eat
I love to watch you with your daddy
I just love to watch you
especially when you don't know I am looking

You make me proud
You are only one and I am already a proud momma
I am proud of everything you do
everything you accomplish
every time you are a good boy at church
Every time you show everyone one of your new tricks
Every time you smile
and we know you will make the best big brother one day
I feel like you were so meant to be our first
Your siblings will look up to you
Seek your advice
Admire you
You will be their hero
I know you are already mine
You make me sooo proud

You and your daddy mean the world to me.
You are our greatest blessing and we feel oh so lucky
and thank our heavenly father every single day
for you
I Love you M
I will forever
And more than you will ever even know
You are my miracle
You are the most special thing in mine and your daddy's life
Thank you for making me your Mommy

Love, Momma

Now I wouldn't feel complete without telling my mother happy Mother's Day
This woman means the absolute world to me
she is my hero
seriously I look up to everything she does
I want to be just like her
She crafts...I craft
She plays bunco...I play bunco with her
She tells me a recipe is good...I make it
If she does it...It must be what mothers do right

Her and my dad have always been the biggest support to me and my siblings
She is so compassionate
She is loving
She is a good listener
She has great advice
she is such a good teacher
She is such a good spiritual example to me
She is fun to shop with
talk to
party with and
just hang out with

She is the such an amazing example of motherhood to me
I hope Maddux gets as good of a mommy out of me as my mom was to me
I love you mom
you are one of the most beautiful, talented, creative, loving and full hearted person I know
Thank you for everything you have done for me and my little family
Thank you for being such a fun grandma to Maddux
Thank you for being my mom
Love, your daughter


Happy mothers day to my mother in law
I feel so lucky to be your daughter in law
You and Dave treat me like I am your own
You are such an amazing grandma to Maddux
You are such a good example of motherhood to me
You have taught me a lot
You are always willing to share with me
You are compassionate
You are so charitable
You are fun
You make me laugh

And most of all you raised an incredible boy
that turned into the most amazing man, husband, and father 
I am so grateful for you being such a good mom to him
He learned so much from you
He is the man he is today because of you and Dave
I am eternally grateful

Thank you for everything you have done for us
Love, Your daughter in law


And of course I want to wish a happy mothers day to: my sister, all my sister in laws, grandmothers, my cousins, aunts, and friends

I hope you are as spoiled and have a beautiful day
Like me!

Thank you Ty and Maddux for the breakfast in bed, sleeping in yesterday, the gorgeous shoes,
my current favorite movie and my Itunes gift card, and the most perfect day at church
Thank you for spoiling me in every way today
I love you both forever, for always and no matter what


  1. This is such a sweet post. You are a wonderful mother and daughter. I love you and thank you for your thoughtful gift. I love it!

  2. Super sweet Whit :) You have an amazing family that loves you!

  3. whitney! I LOVED this post. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever. I totally love you and we need to get together. The play is finally over and I have my life back!! You are such a doll though and I love love your blog. And I love your cute little Maddux- he's so gorgeous, just like his momma!

  4. This is so sweet it made me cry! M is so lucky to have a momma like you!



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