Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Picnic with Baby M

It was finally nice weather yesterday and I had no plans
So as soon as I did Insanity, showered and got ready 
(all while Maddux was napping)
I then decided to get a little picnic together for baby M and me 

This fantabuloso picnic was out in our ( Ty's grandmas) backyardI couldn't wait for him to wake up 
hungry and ready to party picnic with momma!

Our food!
Baby M loves those dino nuggets let me tell ya
We get them at costco and they are a hit
I of course had a PB and J 
with some yummy homemade jam I made my very self 
With the help and supervision of my MIL of course

It was so pretty
the flowers were blooming
the grass freshly mowed
the trees bloomed, big and beautiful
giving us the perfect proportion of sun and shad
and the birds were seriously chirping all around us

He gets so excited when I put those nuggets on his tray

This little man has been addicted to Apple juice and 
won't drink his milk
that was not ok with momma
Milk is so good for you
so he is on a little juice fast 
and he is doing awesome
and drinking his milk like a champ

He is a big boy now
He likes me to give him his string cheese whole
I used to break it up for him
But he is like no way mom 
I can do it myself!

He doesn't exactly say that 
but since he east it better that way I assume that is what he is thinking 

He is so happy he thought he'd entertain me with a little solo

After lunch...
we played BALL
This guy might be little but he surely knows
how to throw and catch a football
already :)

Daddy has been teaching him some fun skills lately
And he loves playing BALL it is his favorite game

We even read a little story
There is nothing like reading in the great out doors
A book just seems better reading it outside in the 
warm sun, barefoot with a slight breeze
don't you think?

I think I have created a monster
He is a milk-a-holic now
At least he will grow strong 
instead of have a million cavities from his juice

don't you just adore this face?!
I do 
and I get to kiss it 
everyday all day long

We spent about an hour and a half outside 
both happy as can be

We ate
We played
We laughed
We took pictures
We smiled
We read
We pointed
We moved
We danced 
and most of all WE had a blast doing it all

Hope you are having a beautiful day
I have some fun projects I just did that I will be posting soon
so make sure to stay tuned

Also another fun giveaway is coming up this THURSDAY

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me! You will cherish those sweet moments together for years to come.

  2. looks like you had fun! i love picnics:) and your boy is so so cute!!! im so glad the weather is actually nice enough to have a picnic..



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