Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday

Miss Adorable Ashley over at Me and My Boys
Is doing her first linky party called Tell ME Tuesday
and I am so excited and just had to join

First off let me introduce you to my blog friend, Ash, that 
I haven't actually met in real life
Well first of all she lives in Cedar City which
is where I used to live
I so wish I knew her then so we could have crafted together
She has an adorable little baby boy, Ty
And she is so cute and crafty
Her blog is just one of those Fresh, honest love to reads
She has always been such a sweet supporter of my blog 
and I am so excited when I get a comment from her
Make sure to check her out and join in on the party :)


So here is goes:
1. Why do you Craft?
I have enjoyed crafting since I was young
I think it is in my blood that and the fact that my
mom is very creative, a decorator and crafter
and I have always looked up to her

We used to scrapbook together when I was in Jr. High and high school
I wasn't very good but my mom always said I was
and always encouraged me 
Which made me love it even more 

It was fun to do that together and I have such fun 
memories of Scrapbooking together on Halloween
when my dad and the kids would be trick or treating
we would stay behind and craft and pass out candy

I think that is how it all started 
Me wanting to be like my mom 
But as I have gotten older I have found my own 
creative touch

I mean I am still very inspired by my mom 
But now that I am a wife and Stay at home mom
I craft because I love it
Because it is fun
Because it keeps me doing something
 Because it keeps me sane
Because it gives me something to do for me when the babe is napping
Because making it myself is usually cheaper
Because it gives me a sense of goals and accomplishments   
Because it is very rewarding when my projects are all done
And I love to share my project with others through gifts and through my blog

2. What is your favorite Blog to Stalk?
Well This is hard because I look at a lot of blogs
But I would have to say the first two blogs that I started 
reading outside of friends' family blogs were

I still blog stalk these on a regular basis 
but now have a whole list of others that I just love including
Cute Ashley Me and My Boys
Tatertots and Jello (for crafts)
Kojo Designs (for sewing projects-my bedding)
Simply Sadie Jane (for crafts)
Six Sisters Stuff (for recipes and much more)
and much much more
I just don't want to list them all
They are all on my side bar if you want to see where else I stalk :)

I am a hard core BLOG STALKER here 
and I'm not ashamed :)

3. When Did you First get into Blogging?
We got married in August of 2007 
and I just kept hearing about family blogs 
My sister in Law Brooke had one and I loved reading it
Blogs were not as big as they are now 
and I only read family blogs back then

It got to the point that if you are a wife...
you had a blog so I decided it was time for
our family blog
Brooke helped me get it all together and cute

My first post was April 16th 2008
and I probably only blogged here and there
when something exciting in our lives was going on
I blogged for family to know what was going on
But that was about it

As time went I blogged more then less 
and it was just kinda up and down and
more of a family journal
Then when I got pregnant with our little Maddux 
I felt like Life was more exciting and blogged more

I Blogged about pregnancy and my belly
Then Maddux was born and I felt like I had so much to talk about 

Don't you mommy's feel like you could talk about your kids all day

 When Maddux was born I quite my job
and became a Stay at home momma
So what did that mean?
well that is when I started crafting more again
Cuz I had time and I needed to do something

Then after about another year of blogging mostly about our family 
and here and there some crafts 
I decided to convert our blog into a 
Mommy/family/craft blog and named it 
A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW
And I have been this mommy/craft blog since 
April of 2011

It is a fun change and I am getting to know a lot of other bloggers
I am kinda small now but It is growing thanks to all of you guys 
and it is just so fun for me I hope I get more and more followers :)
Thank you for all your support and for reading

And don't forget about the Giveaway tomorrow  


  1. This is an awesome post!! I love checking out my daughter Ashley's posts... and I saw your "Linky Party" Icon so I checked out your blog.
    Awesome!!, Ashley's Mommy

  2. hey whit, thanks so much for this!!! you are so sweet! i really do wish we woulda know each other while you lived here! i loved getting to know more about you!
    thanks again for linkin! made my whole day


  3. awww, this is so sweet.
    i saw your blog in a post on six siters...
    i am your newest follower!

    come by and say hi..i have a great giveway going on right now

  4. So sweet!
    NIce to meet you! My name is Andee and I found you from Ashley's blog. I'm excited to visit back again.



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