Friday, June 24, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #6

Yay! It's Friday
And We all know what Friday means!!!
It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
To learn more about Pinterest go here
So have any of you gotten one since I told you about it?
Add me if you did
Pinterest friends are the BEST :)

So here are my Ten for week SIX
and I am sharing them with you because....
My Readers are awesome! and I am Pretty Cool I think :)
so enjoy and make sure to check them out

Simply Love it
I mean What else can I say 
It is a painting that has a meaning to you and your family
It is pretty
And Unique

OH don't worry I already
made me a Utah Canvas Painting like this
In different colors
and a heart in Salt Lake (where we live)
and in Cedar (where we met and M was born)
It was so so fun to make 
And I will be getting the tutorial and pictures of it 
This week!
So make sure to check it out

and if you don't wanna make it 
Go to her beautiful shop 
and she will make one for you 
customized and everything
Cool huh?!

Also make sure to check out her cute blog
She is one talented lady

ME too!
In fact I am painting our 
long and tall Dressers white 
as part of my bedroom makeover
with a little sanding and roughing up here and there 

I love the clean, white look
Especially because of the other bold 
colors goin on in my room 
This is be perfect

Can't wait to get paintin!
Seriously I am getting so excited 
to reveal my bedroom when I am all done
It is a BIG change and Project

I am crushin on this Dress!
It is Yellow
and Simply Beautiful

Don't you want it too?
I knew you would 
She is obviously adorable and pregnant
But I think this would be so pretty 
even if you aren't expecting

I want it and will be emailing her
to find out where she got it :)

If your happy and you know it clap your hands
Clap Clap!

I love this song
It was of course  one of the first songs I
taught little M
and one of the first songs he
participated in and did the actions with me

Maddux loves to clap
It is one of his favorite things to do
He claps at everything
When he is happy
and when others (even on TV) clap
He claps

So Of course I need to make one of these 
Boards made boyish for his adorable Room
Right? Right!
Love the roughed shabby chic look of course
So my style

I pinned this because 
Photography inspires me
I think it is so beautiful

I am by no means a photographer 
but I do like taking pictures
I don't have a DSLR 
But I have a good camera 
Its the NIKON CoolPIX L110
it is better than a point and shoot 
but not as amazing as a DSLR
and maybe one day I will get that fancy one
with some classes :)
But for now (when I get in back from being repaired)
it is Just what I need 

and even with my camera I can use these awesome tips
that she gives us on taking some of your own pictures.

This is so good for us mommy's
who just want to take some good pics of our little

Framed Flat Screen TV
Seriously doesn't it make the TV look so much prettier?!
I remember seeing this in the St. George
Parade of homes a few years ago
But never thought of making one on my own

So not only did she make her own 
But she shares the whole tutorial
I love when people share their amazing ideas
with us all :)

This is such a creative idea
It is a Toy box made out of an old cabinet
Cool huh?!

Isn't that such a fun idea?
I really need to find me an old cabinet
for a toy box for Maddux 
Maybe I can score a free one some how
so if anyone is getting new cabinets 
and need to get rid of the old ones let me know :)

And you can let your imagination fly
And paint it/decorate it how ever you want
The possibilities are endless I tell you!

This water bottle is amazing
I really think I am going to buy one
and I just had to share it with you
It is that cool

It is a water bottle with a little compartment 
big enough to fit your key
some money/or a card or a gym membership card

This would be perfect for the gym
Then I just have one thing to worry about 
everything would just be right with me
Source: Amazon

I love this for two reasons 
First the photography
Isn't this an amazing picture of this adorable little girl?
I love the blury background 
I love the pattern she is sitting on
I love the color and the clarity

Now the reason I pinned it is 
the adorable outfit
I am so getting this lace romper 
I would buy it now 
but I don't know if or when I am having a girl
so for now it is saved in my pin so I never forget the Etsy shop

The lace romper 
(along with a ton of other cute styles and colors)
is found in the Etsy shop
which first of all is an adorable name for a shop
and second Izzy is one of my top three girls names
I just LOVE it!
Doesn't Izzy Ulrich sound so cute :)
she also sells that adorable headband 

Yup If I have a girl 
I am copying this exact picture
Source: Izzy's Attic

Cupcake in a jar is the big crazy
And I am no exception to loving this idea
It is so fun and cute and I wish I had one now 
while I am watching my chick flick

I love the 4th of July theme 
but you can do them for anything
In fact I think I am going to make these
for the girls I visit teach next month :)

Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

Don't forget the
Click to get the details, see the review and enter  
And who doesn't like FREE things right?
so Keep Calm and Shine on
It ends Thursday June 30th so hurry!

Have a fun FRIDAY!
I will be doing insanity,
Going to Wheeler Farm on a play date with some friends,
soaking up the warm and sun,
rushing to get ready for some fun tonight, 
go to Alan and Kathleen's Couples shower in my back yard 
which includes fun, yummy food, family and lots of chatting,
glazing my other nightstand
repainting my nails
and watching Life as We Know it in Bed

Tonight is very busy which is good cuz 
it is just me and Maddux tonight
so just me when M goes to bed 
cuz Ty is at scout camp tonight
He is the eleven year old scout leader 
and I think he is having a lot of fun

Ok so this is crazy but tonight is the Very first night 
ever that me and hubby have spent a night apart 
from each other since we have been married
which has been 3 years and 10 months
I am a total wuss and really miss him
But with my chick flick, blogging and doing my nails
I can make it through this one night
And tomorrow I will be so excited to see him :)

Happy Weekend!


  1. umm.... LOVE the state canvas and have been wanting to BUY one for sometime... but maybe you'll inspire me to make it! and... I am getting Millie's pictures done next week! I wish I had a lace romper for her shoot! DANG!

  2. You have great tastes. I am in love with that dress too! If you find out where she got it let me know. You have so many cute things on your blog. LOVE IT thanks for sharing

  3. love them ALL!!! thanks for sharing :)
    have a good week!!!

  4. I just found your site and couldn't resist becoming a follower! Can't wait to see what you post next! -Juli



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