Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our 4th of July

Ty, Maddux and I headed up to Syracuse on Sunday
to my parents
for our family Sunday dinner, hang out time
and we slept over so we wouldn't have to drive back 
for all the 4th festivities

Sunday night we roasted some marshmallows
and hung out outside 
on the porch in the beautiful weather 
and surrounded by my mom's pretty porch lights

Then of course the next day was the 4th
The fourth is a HUGE deal to our little fam!
I LOVE the fourth it is one of my favorite 
holidays next to Christmas
I love the warmth, the carnivals, parades, 
fireworks, BBQs and family time

I hope to pass along mine and Ty's love of the 4th 
onto Maddux and all our future children

We started the day off with going to the Layton Parade
My dad and the boys went and staked out a spot 
the night before
This parade gets so stinkin crowded you have to or you don't get a spot
and we got a good one :)

Supporting and cheering on our troops

Maddux started off watching the parade in his stroller
but got way too excited and just had to get a little 
closer to the action
It was so fun for me to watch him get so excited 

After the parade my brother Adam 
met up with us 
and we all took a short walk 
from our parade spot to the carnival
looked through all the booths and 
ate some carnival food for lunch

Cute little M kept trying to steal Adams chips
And Adam just loves him so he let him :)
They are great buddies

 Amanda, Emilee, Adam, Chris, Dad, Mom
(Ty, Maddux and the boys were playing off to the side)

Some of the clan eating some lunch
at the Park
Everyone was so into their conversations
my cute mom was the only one ready for the picture 
and so cute she is :)

We played a game and won some cute tiny water frogs
Each of the kids got one
and Ty won one for Maddux :)

This is my cute brother Zach he was very excited
Do you see how stink adorable those froggys are?!
We named ours pistencup (from cars)
(long story...but it is kinda after our nephew Max
that wanted us to name Maddux Pistencup)

And of course I got a glitter tattoo
Cute huh?!
I get an airbrush every carnival 
we go to

After some carnival fun
it was nap time

Maddux was up from 7 am 
(he usually doesn't wake up until 10)
to 2pm and he was exhausted!
1. He fell asleep in the car on the way to my parents
We tried to keep him up because he was poopy but
he was not having it he was soooo tired

So we took him out of the car
Stayed asleep (that never happens)
 2. brought him up stairs 
3. and changed his poopy diaper 
Stayed asleep the whole time
(never happens)
4. laid him down in the port-a-crib
and he slept until about 6ish

Maddux wasn't the only one exhausted 

After some naps, and some preparing
it was time for our yummy 4th 
BBQ dinner

Delish right?!
Hamburgers, fruit, dip, pistachio salad 
(I will share that recipe on here soon)
potato salad and corn on the cob
with some festive cupcakes my mom made
of course :)

not to mention my delicious 
pomegranate 7up 
in my red cup with my old fashioned
red and white paper straw :)
I tell ya!

Maddux loved the food
but his favorite was the corn
And yes this was his very first 
corn on the cob experience 
and he was an absolute PRO at it

First he pretended it was a motorcycle
Like he does with everything 
using it as a throttle 
making the vroom vroom noise
He is such a BOY

and then he took a bite and never
looked back 
Ahhh he is just so stinkin cute 
I could squish and kiss those little
cheeks all day long
oh wait!
I do!
I am so LUCKY!

After dinner  we got to see this cute face
and her brother
and mom and dad

My brother, sister in law,
Parker and Ella came over to hang out for a bit
they live in Cedar so we love to 
hang out and see them any chance we get


After our tummies settled a bit 
it was time to swim
in the backyard

Maddux is so lucky he gets to 
swim at grandma and grandpas :)
He is so sweet in his little floaty tube
happy as can be


Emilee and Parker

My boys 

I think they were watching some fire crackers 
the neighbors were doing

Family swim
Yes I am using a kiddy pool as a 
floating device
don't dis it until you try it!
it was quite relaxing

well until I almost tipped over
and looked like a complete spaz in front of the 
whole fam trying to save my hair from getting wet
(I didn't want to have to redo it haha and we were
leaving for fireworks in like a half hour
you ladies understand right)
Hey but at least they all got a good laugh out of it
I have to admit it was pretty funny

Snuggling my sweet boy

Ulrich Family 
4th of July 2011

Then we were off to Layton Park 
for the firework show
We had saved a spot with our blankets and chairs 
when we were there earlier so we had a preemo 
and comfy spot

Maddux with his Aunt Manda
In his  new toy story jammies and all


Cuz baby your a firework
Come on show em what you're worth
Make them go oh, oh, oh
As you shoot across the sky- eye -eye

 There's a little Katy Perry for us all to enjoy :)
Your welcome!

M playing his his aunt Em before the show started
He was having a blast

My little Maddux loved the fireworks!
He wasn't even a tiny bit scared
He kept clapping and pointing 
every time a new one came up

He watched some on mommy's lap
and some on daddy's
loving every second
I wish they could have lasted forever
for him!

I had so much fun watching him
What a fun, little
brave guy Ive got :)

My cute mom and dad
I love them so much!

Me and my honey!

We hope you all had a fun and safe 
fourth of July too!


  1. your family is so beautiful! looks like you all had a wonderful time together :)

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