Friday, August 5, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #11

First of all Sorry I didn't get to doing my pinterest post last week
We were having so much fun at Dland I didn't even think about it
and then on Friday we drove home 
all 10 hours straight so no time that day and
The rest of the weekend was spent recovering
and getting back into the swing of things

I feel like I am still recovering but...
 Yay! It's Friday
And We all know what Friday means!!!
It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
And this week I will make it up to you for missing last week I promise!
If you are a new reader to learn more about Pinterest and my "this weeks pinterest loves" series  go here
So have any of you gotten one since I told you about it?
Add me if you did
Pinterest friends are the BEST :)

So here are my Ten for week Eleven 
and I am sharing them with you because....
My Readers are awesome! and I am Pretty Cool I think :)
so enjoy and make sure to check them out
What is not to like about this room?!
I love the barn door headboard
Like love it so so much
I need to stop finding such amazing headboard ideas
it is making my decision so much harder!
But seriously so beautiful

I also can't get over the Yellow painted ceiling 
In fact I pretty much adore it
I am so doing that when I have my own house
Hopefully thats ok with hubby ;)
 Pinned HERE

This is such a unique and fun idea
You could be soooo creative 
seriously, take this idea and run with it!
Make it your own and I'm sure it will be fabulous

I know I gotta try it out!
You can use fabric, paper, wall paper, wrapping paper, paint
the possibilities really are endless
pattern, non patter,  any color!
Pinned HERE
  Source: Eddie Ross

Speaking of color!
Aren't these AMAZING?!
Oh they are so warm and cozy 
I want it to be fall right now

These colors are perfect for so much
pictures, fashion, decor and design
I think it would be fun to have a bathroom in these colors 
I really need a outfit with these 
 I am going to be on a hunt
Let me know what you Find
Pinned HERE 

Stripes oh stripes oh how I love thee
Aren't they just perfect
So crisp
so clean
so fashionista like 
and they remind me of sephora :)

Speaking of sephora
I would really love to try their makeup out 
but doesn't want to spend all that money to 
not like the brand I got
what are your favs?

One day I will have these stripes somewhere
in my home
 Pinned HERE
  Source: Life in Her Heel

This is one of my favorite organizing/ space savor/ amazing tips 
I have ever found
Like really do you see this
Think of all the space you will save
Hubby and I have slowly gotten all our junk organized in bins
ya know what I mean things like 
sports gear, mission stuff, old stuff we don't want to get rid of,
baby stuff not being used until next baby, baby clothes M has grown out of
camping gear, paint, spray paint, and so much more 
we all have it, right?!
so now the next step when we have our own garage is 
Hubby could totally build those babies!
Pinned HERE  

I want RED pants bad
I actually think I need them
Ever since I saw this picture and then LMM's post on her red pants
Man I love Ash She is just so stinkin cute
I would like to think we would be friends if I lived in Cali

I can't really get these pants out of my head
I dream about them
Now I just need to find some 
And then hope and pray that I look good in them :)
 Pinned HERE

Pretty huh?!
Are we all liking the whole shabby chic burlap pillows trend as much as I am?!
I think they are so fun
and when you slap a big fluffy white flower on it 
It just seems to make it everything better :)
 Pinned HERE

Gorgeous and oh so clever!
I wouldn't mind having this baby in my home
You would never guess that it was made from 
spray painted white leaves now would you?
I know right?!
you are BLOWN away huh
I am so amazed by some peoples creativity
Pinned HERE 

Something as simple as Christmas lights poking through a canvas
is so beautiful don't ya think?
I would love this in a little girls room or a nursery
so elegant and very princessy 
and who doesn't like to feel elegant and princessy
I know I do
maybe I'll put one in my room :)
 Pinned HERE

Oh my I am in LOVE
I would wear this everyday
t + w
yes very romantic 
It would make me smile
I would love this for an anniversary present
which is coming up here very soon
hint hint ;)
Pinned HERE 

Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

Have a fun FRIDAY!
I will be going to Lagoon with the Ulrich clan
for My mother in Laws birthday
and I am excited to see Maddux on the cute little rides 
Do you have any fun plans?!

Thank you for reading, following and for all your support
It means the world to me
Just ask my hubby I squeal every time I get a new comment :)
So thanks


  1. Great picks again! I LOVE the ring. That is so cute and I too, would wear it everyday. Glad you had fun in Disneyland. So jealous you got to go. We are Disney fanatics! We love it there.

  2. I love that bookshelf and I have two bookshelves that I'm about to work on for my son's room. I was thinking of doing something like this. LOVE me some Pinterest! :)

  3. So fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE that yellow room! I'll have to check out that website for sure :)

  4. Oh wow! Such great pins this week! I love the wreath & the striped walls. Beautiful!

  5. i need that ring! thanks for sharing! totally going to make my hubby get it for me for my! :)

    cute pins.

  6. Great pics! I love the book shelf.

  7. love the light blueish gray wreath. Thanks for stopping my blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. ~kelly



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