Friday, August 12, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #12

Here we are again another Friday
What a glorious day don't you agree?
And we all know what Friday means around here
Yup! It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
To learn more about Pinterest go here
So here are my top ten for week numba 12
I can't believe I have been sharin my loves for 12 weeks
12 on the 12th
Time is just a flyin

Well I am sharing these lovelies with you because....
that's right! because
I LOVE you!
so enjoy and make sure to check them out

I am lovin this tutorial
because these blue mason jars are close to impossible to find
unless you are lucky and has a grandma that has some
But I am not so lucky in that area
and they are never at the DI cuz everyone wants them
and then when you do find them at an antique store they are like
a million dollars 
Ok not that much but a lot more than I want to spend

So I am so doing this idea
she took a regular old clear mason jar and with a little
Elmer's glue and food coloring she was able to create these beauties
on her own
and she tells you exactly how 
so make sure to check her tutorial out
Pinned HERE

 Who else here is obsessed with chandeliers right now
I want one so bad
Especially for my bedroom
or If I have a baby girl one will so be going in her nursery
The colors are so beautiful 
You could really make it match any room
now all I need is to find one
They are so hard to find
any ideas of where?
Pinned HERE

 I am all for the shabby chic style
and I just feel like these braided bracelets just fit right into that
braids are everywhere even in fashion
and since my hair is too short to braid why not do it in accessories
They are so fun can go with anything
and you can make them in any color
and in 3 different ways
Yes Ma'am I will be makin me some of these babies
and wearin them loud and proud
Pinned HERE
Source: V and Co.

These are some of the most fun flip flops I have ever seen
and she made them
so so can we right?!

She used a pair of old navy flip flops
some material
some ruffle goodness
and viola Her very own
ruffle flip flops

and when you make them yourself
that means you can use any color
and pattern
Make sure to check out her full tutorial 
so you can make some of your own
Pinned HERE

Creamy chicken enchiladas are like a staple in our home
We love them and usually have them at least twice a month
And then I found these
Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas
and they sound so yummy

It is like my enchiladas but with a little sass!
And we all know we need a little sass in our lives
so I am so excited to try them out
I already have them on my mind for the menu next week
I will let you know how they are
Thanks girls :)
You can get the recipe down where is says source
Pinned HERE

This is pretty much one of the most genius and creative things
I have ever seen
She totally made an adorable bench out of an old crib
I seriously love it so much
and will be making one of these for my home
so if anyone has an old crib they want to donate to me
let me know :)
Pinned HERE

Who is not lovin this headband?!
and beautiful and I would love it oh so much
and since my hair is chopped off as
of last week and looks a little somethin like this 
I decided this headband would look oh so cute with my new do
What do you think?
Should I get it
maybe contact them for a giveaway?
Yes I think so :)
She is so talented and has like a bazillion cute things in her shop
So make sure to show her some love and check it out
Pinned HERE

I am finding so many of THEE cutest headboard ideas
And it is messin with my head
Cuz I think I know exactly what I am going to do
and then I find something else I love!
The banner is adorable
and again I am lovin the shabby chicness goin on right now

Decision decisions
You will just have to wait and see what I have decided
when it is all done
until then make sure to check out her tutorial 
and maybe make this beauty for your home
Pinned HERE
Source: AKA Design

Yes I know I am injured (stupid knee)
but that doesn't mean that I have stopped lovin running
Yes I am taking a break from it right now to heal
and yes it is very sad and driving me crazy
But I will get back onto my training schedule and will
do my half marathon in no time so bring on some new
shoes because I am really gonna need them

I love these light weight
yellow and grey Livestrong inspired Nike Shoes
And I just might think they could be the ones for me:)
Can't wait to get runnin again
Pinned HERE
Source: Nike

Back in February I entered an awesome giveaway to win
a camera strap from an etsy shop (that I won't name)
and I won! It was so exciting because it was the first one I
had ever won and
it was an awesome prize that I had been wanting forever and ever
so I contacted the blog that was hosting the giveaway
she gave me the etsy shop owners info
so I told her what I wanted
and was so excited
I waited....waited...and waited some more
I emailed the blog host and asked if she could contact the
etsy owner teller her I hadn't gotten my strap yet
So she finally got back to me months later
and told me the shop owner said I already got it
I was so mad and sad and felt like I totally got ripped off
Anyway I am still a little sad about it but
I am over it

Then I found an awesome tutorial on how I could make my own
and it cheered me right up
and since I am pretty sure I am getting a sewing machine
for my Birthday this year
I am so going to make my own
and this way I can make it exactly how I want it
Pinned HERE

 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

Don't forget the
Lady Bird Feather Hair Accessory Giveaway going on right now
Click to get the details, see the review and enter  
And who doesn't like FREE trendy things right?
and it could be YOU!
why not?!
so enter!
It ends Thursday August 18th so hurry!
And  I was featured 3 times this week

Yes I know This is Huge
Allison from House of Hepworths
Featured little ol me
I seriously can't believe it
I am so excited
and she is like the sweetest ever
Thank you again Allison!


Its a crafty life
Such a fun blog
featured my Beautify your drawers tutorial
I was so surprised when I went to link up
again this week and found
my projects on her feature list
Thank you so much Kim!

And the oh so cute girls from
Six sister's Stuff
features me too
They featured my Yellow Nightstand Redo
they are newer to the linky party world
and they are doing awesome
they get so many enteries each week!
Check them out
Thank you Elyse and Camille

Have a fun FRIDAY!

I will be Playin with My little Mister
planning and getting a little date
for the three of us ready for tonight
(ssshhhh its a surprise)
doing some laundry,
a little shoppin
our family date at the park
watchin the finale of SYTYCD
don't tell me who wins It is recorded
and then maybe a little snuggle and movie with the hubsters tonight
Do any of you have fun plans?


  1. Oh, I love all of these! That crib turned into a bench is adorable! Who would have thought?! And that headband is so fun! Yes, you would look super cute in it!

  2. Nice posting, what I am exactly searched is available in your website. Thanks Bye



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