Friday, August 26, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #13

It's Friday! It's Friday!!!!
I love Friday because....
Hubby doesn't have school, it's the weekend, 
Tonight is family date night
and It is time to share my pinterest loves of the Week!

I seriously have so much fun sharing these all with you
It is organized
it has amazing ideas
and it helps me remember ideas that I want to do 
for or in a home one day
when we buy or build one
not to mention all the fashion and kiddo ideas out there

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So lets get this party started
and start looking and repining some fun ideas
that you' all will not want to miss 
I promise you that

This bench is AMAZING
I don't know how else to describe it
I want it, its beautiful and perfect
 Wanna know the best part?
They made it themselves
I love DIY projects they are so much more impressive
the just buying them and putting it in your home
Although that is fun too

Her husband made a headboard for her out of an old door
but them they got another head board
so they decided to make the old door headboard
into a bench
Upcycling is just the best.
So so so shabby chic
 and we all know how I feel about that :)
Pinned HERE
 source: Twig

What a fun, useful and unique idea
You have got to store them some how 
so why not do it in a fashionable and decorative way?!
All you need is a jar and beans
Put in the brushes and they stay right in place
I will have to remember this idea for when
I have a master bathroom again
Pinned HERE

  Are you all as excited for HALLOWEEN as I am?
I love this holiday infact it is one of my very favorites
It always has been 
and now that I have a little guy it is even more fun
I love the party's, the fall smells, the pumpkins,
the costumes, the trick or treaters, and decorating for it

I found this oh so fun way to dress up your pumpkins
Isn't it so pretty and it is so easy
All you do is use a Doily as a stencil 
and spray paint
(or paint and a stencil brush
depending on what you are doing with it)
and voila a pretty perfect pumpkin 
that I am sure everyone in your neighborhood will be talking about it
Pinned HERE

Since I am redoing my bedroom
I know it still isn't done
I have a lot of work to do
but it will be great so get excited :)

Anyway I want to make some beautiful and fun pillows like
these for our bed
I love the lace flower one so so much
and I will be making a felt flower pillow similar to
that one at a relief society activity soon
I am super excited now I just need to decide on the
right color
Pinned HERE
Maddux is finally getting to the age
where he loves to color and is getting the hang of it
and I think he would also LOVE playing with

And I have been on the hunt for a good homemade recipe 
and found this awesome one 
that a lot of people swear by 
It is a jello play dough recipe 
and it has really good texture and colors
I can't wait to give it a try
and help Maddux with it
Pinned HERE

I love party ideas
And I am so wanting to throw a party
But don't have anything to throw one for 
darn :(

You have got to check out this whole party
and all the decor
Its amazing!
But my favorite part is the hanging balloons from the ceiling
aren't those so fun?!
I think they look really pretty
Pinned HERE

  This room is so cute and I love the distressed dressers
The reason why I pinned this is because I think 
I am changing the Green in my bedroom color scheme to turquoise
So it will be Mustard yellow, brown and white 
as planned but add in some turquoise
What do you think?

And I can change my mind cuz it is my room
and I am gonna love it
and because I have only made one green thing so far so 
it wont's be so hard to change
I am excited for the yellow and turquoise together
I really think I will love it

Oh and I love that chandelier of course!
I went to the Farmington, Utah HOME GOODS opening
with my mom yesterday and got some
fun decor for the room
at an awesome price
It was my first time at home goods and I think 
I am in LOVE
Pinned HERE
 source: How Sweet It is

  I love this adorable little toddler chart
I feel like as toddlers they like to help
But can't do a lot
so why not make them this cute little chart 
you can even add things like HELP mommy unload dishwasher
or help mommy pick up toys
Maddux loves to help already

2- more the toddler age I think
cuz then he will understand more
and I bet he would love to put his own stickers on and stuff
and what a good way to get them used to helping and doing choirs
 Pinned HERE
 source: Dandee Designs

  Ok I am seriously am dying right now
Don't these look AMAZING!
I need to find a reason to make these right away
Maybe I will just make them for fun for me and Ty
go check out her recipe and make them for yourself
or for your next get together
Pinned HERE

LOVE this outfit
everything about it
I want to skirt, shirt, belt
and I want to rock it as well as she does
Now where to find it?
Pinned HERE

Well that was fun wasn't it!

 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

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Have a fun FRIDAY!

I will be Playin with My little Mister
doing some laundry,
working on priming our dressers with hubby,
hangin out with hubby (he doesn't have school today)
Family Datenight
I am so excited 
and maybe a movie or a Dateline with hubby tonight
(yes I record all the Datelines on ID TV 
I love them sooooo much)
Do any of you have fun plans?
 Thank you for all your support
In reading, following and for the comments


  1. Oh Whit, I LOVE your pinterest post this week! I am SO making the felt pillow. Like tomorrow--okay maybe not tomorrow, but very soon. :) This is such a fun post each week, I really look forward to it!

  2. We were totally at the Home Goods opening yesterday too!

  3. So going to Home Goods tomorrow!!! I love the felt pillow, think I will definitely be trying that. Thanks for the picks...very creative!

  4. What great pins - I will have to start following you on Pinterest. Thanks for featuring mine!

  5. You found some fabulous pins. I have pinned that pumpkin too-isn't it great!

    Hope you have a great week. happy Pinning!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me



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