Friday, September 16, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #14

 First off all I am super excited
because I am guest posting over at Southern Lovely Today
she has a What I Know series going on
and she asked me to join in
My post is what I know about painting and glazing furniture
Make sure to go and check it out HERE

Here we are again another Friday
What a glorious day don't you agree?
And we all know what Friday means around here
Yup! It's time for me to share my Pinterest loves for this week
To learn more about Pinterest go here
So here are my top ten for week numba 14
Sit make yourself comfy take some time for yourself and 
check out these fab finds

What is not to like about this wall?
I know! It is everything I have planned for my bedroom wall
and more
what can I say I am a sucker for
miss matched frames
color and gallery walls
Plus I love the monogram
Perfect perfect perfect I tell you
 Pinned HERE
Source: Eighteen 25

I am so so so loving this fun idea
Not only is it cute but Maddux would love them
and it can help teach letters and spelling in a fun way
Now I just need to find a scrabble game at DI 
So I can get the letters for cheap
Pinned HERE 

and going in my bedroom
or living room I can't decide
Pinned HERE 
Source: Minimoz

I LOVE quiet books
but M doesn't have any yet
He is totally at the age that He would love these
especially at church
All the pages are so stinkin cute and are so educational
The best part is that she gives you the supply list, instructions and
templates to it all for FREE
All you have to do is make it
Sweet Deal huh
Pinned HERE 

I just absolutely love this picture
I even think it would be cute for an older baby like Maddux
As long as he would keep the sweet hat and Aviators on long enough
Yeah I am so doing this with Maddux or at least my next baby boy
Pinned HERE 

Oh don't worry I am so making this
Even in the same color because
It would match perfect in my room
and it is pretty and unique enough to go on my dresser
Not to mention it will totally go with my rooms shabby chic theme 
Pinned HERE 
Source: Groove Press

This is so true
As much as I love running sometimes it is hard to find the time
and energy to go
but once I get out there and take my first step 
I remember why I love it so much
Now if only I had legs that skinny
Oh well a girl could dream right
My legs are too muscular to be that tiny
Dang gymnastics thunder thighs 
Pinned HERE 
Source: Unknown

Simple yet beautiful
Burlap, frame, vinyl and viola 
Shabby chic must I say more
Plus I love the saying 
 Yeah I'll make this baby for my room too
Pinned HERE 
Source: Jill Ruth and Co.

How stinkin fun is this Halloween decor
All you need is a pumpkin and some chalk board paint
And you get something so unique that everyone
on your block will be talking about
Pinned HERE 

I LOVE every single thing about this outfit
I want and NEED it all
I love the bright pink pants (yes I would totally wear them
and rock it might I add), the shoes,
the blazer the necklace
the colors, the layers and it just looks so darn good
Pinned HERE 

 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

And Remember if you have a fun project, tip, or recipe you would 
love to share don't forget to link it up to my 

Have a Fun Friday!
I will be finishing up some laundry, 
Playing with my little mister
working on my bedding
going to the gym
maybe get some fabric
 cut some vinyl for some future projects
I will be selling HERE 
Then I will get some fun girl time at my relief society
Freaky Friday activity making a felt flower pillow,
then finish the night off with some snuggles and a movie
with my honey
What are your plans?


  1. Awesome pins this week! I love those hot pink pants, although I doubt I could rock those. :)

    Ps--your post is live over at my place--yay Whit!

  2. You got some dang cute ones this week! love the running one and LOVE that baby in aviators, that is so precious/silly! haha can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

  3. What I know for sure is how cute some of these are.

    What I also know for sure is I know I cannot become a pintrest.

  4. So many cute things! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Lady! I am looking for some guest bloggers for October to share fun Halloween crafts and recipes. What do you think? Want to join in the fun?



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