Friday, October 14, 2011

This Weeks Pineterst Loves #16

Hey beautiful people!
It is one beautiful day and to celebrate 
I am going to share my Pinterest loves of this week
So grab a snack, maybe a drink stay a while and 

I am totally in love with this tangerine dress
Put some leggings on under, an under shirt
and complete with some heels
Yes I think I need her!
and the awesome necklace that is paired up with her
I am on the hunt
Source: Vestique
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Pretty color scheme right?!
Perfect for a baby girls nursery
or little girls room
I have got to remember this one
So soft and innocent
Source: Super Swoon
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I don't really need to say more
It pretty much said it all
Love and so True
I think I will print this out and put it where
I can see it everyday
Why not do what makes you happy?!
So lets do it together
Lets go and do
and be happy!
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I love love this Cowl
And I was thinking I could totally make my own
out of an old T-shirt and some Lace
Lovin the grey and antique white together
Yes I think this will be a good project for some Fall
and Winter wearin
Source: Dawanda
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If you live in Utah you have probably been to the Pizza Factory
If not they have them in Cedar City, St. George (2),
Salt Lake, Bountiful and Syracuse
They are delish so make sure you go and try it out 
Maybe for date night tonight :)
Anyway they have the most delicious breadsticks you have ever had
I am telling you they are amazing
And guess what?!
I found the recipe for some you can make just like them at home
So all you who don't have a pizza factory near you
or those who do but don't want to go out
Check this recipe out
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Hello! Why don't we drink more water?
Why do we have to be told to drink more water
when it is required for our very survival?
I don't know but I have to be reminded of it all the time
I get busy, then I get a headache I wonder why
Anyway one of my new health goals is to
Drink more water
And LIKE it 
to the point where it is just routine and I don't even have to 
think about it
You with me?!
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Christmas is just around the corner
I seriously can't believe it is the start of the holiday session
It is not to early to start preparing
for the big Christmas day
I need to start making gifts, lists and decor
but this is a good read on some advice about
capturing the best photos of your kids and family on Christmas morning
Make sure to check them out before the big day
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Is this not the most adorable little man onesie you have ever seen
I am a big aviators fan so of course 
it was love and first sight 
I will be making this handsome onesie 
for my studly little Maddux that is for sure
Source: Ovelo Design
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Pretty Pretty Pretty
I had two new nieces born just a day apart last week
on different sides of the family
They are both beautiful
Layla and Sophie are their names
They both have Anne as part of their name
(which is special to me because that is my middle name)
They were both born in my birthday month
and I still haven't met either of them yet
One lives in Canada and the other in Cedar City
I have seen lots of pictures
but it is killing me that I haven't held them, 
seen their sweet faces in person,
Smelt their newborn smell,
or have given them kisses
I hope to see both of them soon
ANYWAY back to the headbands 
I want to make some of these for those two beautiful
newborn nieces of mine
so that is just what I am going to do :)
And then I will share how I did them with you all
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Old hubby's polo into a fashionable boat neck T
 that can be dressed up for down?
Yeah she is amazing!
I have got to start getting braver in the sewing department
(epscially because I am getting a sewing machine for my B-day
next week. Ekkkkk! I am so excited)
and make this awesome Tshirt 
Seriously I want it bad!
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 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

And Remember if you have a fun project, tip, or recipe you would 
love to share don't forget to link it up to my 

Have a fun Weekend!
 I am not sure exactly what I will be doing
Today has just been a chill day 
filled with a good hair day
doing my nails 
and eatin a little Halloween candy
Hopefully when the babe wakes up from his nap
we will have some fun plans set for the little fam
then tomorrow we will be hanging out with some family
It is a chill and beautiful weekend
Enjoy it 
What will you be doing this weekend?

Oh and guess what?!
We got Little Maddux's Halloween costume yesterday
I am so so excited and he has already
tried it on and played in it 
for 2 days and he looks adorable
He is going to be the cutest little cuddly LION you have every seen 
in your whole life
He even wore it while he watched lion king today
Roaring the whole way through the movie
Man I love that little boy!


  1. These are wonderful! I am loving that shirt refashion! I would love to be that creative!

  2. that dress up top. and the colors. oh my goodness. perfection. period.

    -rachel w k

  3. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it!

  4. Hey Whitney, I just saw some traffic coming from your blog to mine...your blog is adorable, and thanks for the shout-out about my refashion on your blog! If you make it, I'd love to see how it turns out :)





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