Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Weeks Pinterest Loves #15

Today is the first of OCTOBER!
October is my favorite month
I love everything about it
the fall weather, the fall fashion
I am obsessed with Halloween and MY BIRTHDAY 
and of course I am always looking forward to conference!

I love conference weekend
It is full of family, food, and spiritual uplifting messages
I am LDS to learn more about my religion click HERE

Twice a year we have an event we call conference 
It is a broadcast from the conference center in SLC
that we can all watch in our own homes
together as a family

It is a time our prophet and church leaders
talk to us, they give us counsel and tell us what the Lord wants us to know at this time
It is always so nice to hear their words
to reflect on my life, my perspectives and how I can do better
Anyone can watch it on their TVs or online

This weekend on top of fabulous conference
my little brother got baptized and my grandparents that live in Florida 
are in town
It is one good weekend 
and because it is so good and busy 
I am sharing my pinterest loves a little late
I know today is Saturday but better late than never right!

 So come along and check out my fun finds this week!!!!

I am loving this new fashion trend
long knit socks, or leg warmers poking out the top of long boots
So fun for fall and winter 
and can go with skinny jeans or leggings

I am super excited to get me some and be all comfy warm
and fashionable this fall
Now I just need to remind mother nature it sound be fall weather
right now...summer is supposed to be over remember
Source: unknown
Pinned HERE

 I love burlap
and this lamp is one of my favs with the white base 
and the white roses give it the perfect touch
Source: Being Brook
Pinned HERE 
 This printable is perfect for Halloween
I love it and the 
best part it is FREE and in 2 different sizes
Just head on over 
and download it 
It will for sure be going up in my home this week
Pinned HERE 

I feel so blessed living by family 
because we are able to get a babysitter pretty easily to go out on dates
but sometimes even being by family they are busy
and we want to go on a date
This is a post that has 30 date night ideas at home
They are perfect for when the babe goes down for bed
Check them out
Pinned HERE

If you are anything like me 
after having my baby Maddux I was able to lose most of the 
baby weight but of course I am still working on my abs
Here are some really good Ab exercises that can
get them back into shape and get rid of your love handles 
I will be putting these in my exercise routine that is for sure
 Source: Tiny Kitchen
Pinned HERE

 How pretty is this cake stand turned soap stand?!
I think it is much prettier than it just being by the sink
or my Ikea hanging one
I have got to make some room by my sink for this sucker 
Pinned HERE

You have to check out this AMAZING nursery accent wall
Seriously I have never seen anything like it 
It is made from pallet wood taken apart and cut to fit the wall
I am in love! So creative and cute
Pinned HERE

A delicious and easy recipe to make a
pina colada smoothie
I LOVE pina colada so I will for sure be trying this one out very soon
and they look so pretty
Pinned HERE

 Ok I am freaking out about this idea
It is a play tool bench made from and old nightstand
I am actually going to be making one of these for Maddux for Christmas
and we will get him some tools to stock it up! 
I am so excited he is going to love it
And lets face it this is so much cuter than those cheapy plastic ones
Shhhh don't tell Maddux
Pinned HERE

 Personalized family board book
How fun is this
And it wouldn't be very hard to make 
You can do family members
colors or things your baby would recognize and texture books
Pinned HERE

 Remember: If you see something you love
don't hesitate

And Remember if you have a fun project, tip, or recipe you would 
love to share don't forget to link it up to my 

I also have some fun Halloween decor tutorials 
that I will be sharing here soon including
a banner, hurricanes, boards and pillows 
so make sure to check back for some fun ideas you can do too!

Have a fun Weekend!
The rest of this weekend I will be
watching more conference
working on some Halloween decor
spending time with family
Enjoying my grandparents visit
watching a movie 
and relaxing
and some good snuggles with the hubby and baby!
What will you be doing?


  1. LOVE pinterest! thanks for sharing these!

  2. Aw, these are so great Whit! I love the cupcake stand for soaps. You always have the best pins. :)

  3. I am dying over that tool bench!!! What a darling idea! I need to make one! Thanks for sharing these! Love ya!



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