Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween 2011

I am finally getting to our Halloween Post
better late than never right?!
We had a really fun Halloween and a fun few days leading up to 
the big day!
HALLOWEEN is one of my very favorite holidays
and now that we have Maddux it is even more fun

Friday- Pumpkin Fun
Remember the pumpkins we got to pick from the vine
Well we decided we should carve them for our ward Halloween party
since they were having a contest
So Ty's parents came over and we started carving
on a tarp in our living room 
while watching the BYU football game

Ty getting started
Look at how long and crazy his hat hair is 
yeah well you will see what we did 
with it for Halloween :)

M had a blast watching us 
and played right along side
When ever he would step in the pumpkin guts
he would say ewwww and come to us to get it off him
so funny

Gut, Trace, Cut, Repeat 


These were the 3 we did that night
for the ward pumpkin carving contest the next night
Ty-Creepy clown
Me- girlie skull
Maddux- Ty did Elmo for M's pumpkin

After Friday night we totally caught the bug
The pumpkin carving bug that is 
We all wanted to carve more 
so we decided to make a date to carve more
over at Ty's parents after the party the next night

Saturday- Ward Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat

Ty helping M fish for a prize
Isn't his sweet little concentrated face so adorable!
He loved all the little games and prizes he got 

M dressed up like a little lion 
it was adorable 
but he didn't want the hood on all the party

Me and Ty dressed up too
We were punk rockers
it was so fun putting my hair in a cool faux hawk 
and dark makeup

we even buzzed Ty's hair into a real mohawk

After the yummy food, and games, it was time for the trunk or treat
M loved it cuz he got a ton of candy in a short amount of time
Our cute trunk
We gave out the good candy
Candy bars!
Yeah we are cool like that

Our costumes :)

Me and my dark Lover 

And there is the awesome mohawk
oh and I made him keep it for Halloween
so he had to go to church with it haha
he was so embarrassed he came into nursery with me
instead of going to elders quorum
and we had to sit in the very back corner 
in sacrament meeting
and then he wore a hat to school
lame I think he should have wore it loud and proud
I mean come on he goes to the U
I am sure there are plenty of students with mohawks there haha

Ty even won the Big hunk costume contest award
A bunch of ladies were in charge of judging
I am so not shocked they picked my hunky boy :)

Love him!

our black nails
Yup I even convinced Ty into letting me paint his nails 
That was my favorite part that and the makeup, and the mohawk
ok the whole thing was awesome. 

After the ward party we went over to my in laws 
and carved some more pumpkins 
Ty's brother, our sister in law and cute little niece were there too
Ty and I both craved another one 
I did Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas
and Ty did Undead Ted

 After Ty's embarrassing Mohawk to church incident
We headed up to my parents to hang out and have dinner
and of course Maddux had to show off his costume
for grandma and grandpa
and wore it all night
then after dinner and when the kids were in bed and M laid down
all the adults watched The Village 
to celebrate Halloween
it was so good I had never seen it before

Halloween Day- Monday

Maddux wore his costume all day
(except during his nap)
which was not a surprise 
He loves it
He has been wearing it almost everyday since we got it 
I had to go to the store and I let him go in his costume
He got so many comments
the cute little stinker

I finally got a few pics of his costume with
his hood on before we headed out to go trick or treating

I love this picture
it just screams Lion 
that is all he would say with that costume on

Time to go

The first house he went trick or treating at
It is our cute neighbor
and her and her daughter were all gaga over him
He wanted to hold his bucket all by himself
and even said trick or treat with 
a lot of coaxing from us
He said it all day long but would get shy at the doors
I think he thought it was pretty cool
knocking on doors and getting candy 

This was M's second Halloween
but the first that he could walk and hold his bucket
and go trick or treating 
It was so much fun watching his
experience it 
I will remember it forever

After trick or treating in the neighborhood
we headed over to Ty's parents
for dinner and to hang out
We had some yummy soup, chili and corn bread
M was so funny he wanted a banana and had a whole bucket
of candy next to him. That's my boy!
Such a proud mama!

Then we went and saw a few other family members
and a friend of Ty's
and then headed home
M was for sure tired after that long night
but I think he had a lot of fun

M's Halloween candy loot
pretty good for a 18 month old eh!
And he was so kind to share with mommy and daddy

These were all the pumpkin that Me, Ty, Dave and Julie did 
Friday and Saturday
We even displayed them at my in laws 
and a ton of people stopped to see them
It was fun to talk to everyone that stopped to look
they were very impressed
it was cool
We only did thirteen this year
but want to double that next year

Girlie skeleton-Whitney
Clown- Ty
Temple- Dave
Jack-o-lantern- Dave
Frankenstein- Dave
Ekk- Julie
Buzz- Dave
undead Ted- Ty

Oh and the next morning this is what we woke up to
Punk kids
 smashed pumpkins all over the drive away
oh and you can't tell in this picture but pumpkin seed were everywhere
yeah these were whole pumpkins not gutted ones 
so they were way messy
Rude huh?!
These weren't even our pumpkins
our pumpkins were still at the in-laws
So they brought pumpkins from somewhere else and 
smashed them in front of an elderly ladies (Ty's grandma) house
good thing we live in her  basement apartment
so we could clean it up for her

But overall we had such a fun weekend!
How was your Halloween?!

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  1. Awww those a-hole kids. I'd be so mad. But your little one was way cute!I love the pic of him on the doorstep :)

  2. Awesome recap of the Halloween festivities! Your costumes rocked! I can't believe Ty's hair! That is so cool! And you looked super cute in your rocker outfit. Your little lion is pretty adorable though! What a great time you had!

  3. Oh my heck you guys rock at carving pumpkins!! They seriously look professional! And your costumes are fantastic - I can't believe you got Ty to wear a mohawk and paint his nails. And the babe is adorable in his lion costume - he's getting so big!

  4. Ahh, that was such a fun post to read! You guys all rocked your costumes, and I'm seriously impressed by the pumpkin carving :D We don't do Halloween as a big thing here in Australia, so it's always fun to read about other people celebrating! <3 Happy Halloween! xx



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