Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Favorite Things 2011

320 Sycamore had a fun "favorite things" Link party!
  I participated last year HERE
It was so much fun and
it got me thinking of my favorite things of 2011
so since today is the first day of 2012 
I thought it was a perfect day to reflect on last year

Here they are in no particular order... 

1. Sewing Machine
I got a sewing machine from my cute hubby and baby for my birthday this year
I have only had it two months 
but have already started whipping out a bunch of projects
I have never owed a sewing machine before
so it is so fun teaching myself and doing all sorts of fun things
So far I have made pillows, earwarmers
and am currently working on a comforter that is a little Like THIS
I am excited to use it more in 2012 and many more years to come

1. Benefit Play Stick Foundation
Love Love Love this foundation
I couldn't say anything bad about it except that it is a little pricey
I haven't ever gotten anything but drug store makeup 
and still get most of it there
but foundation is for sure the one piece of makeup
that is worth getting at a department store
I get this bad boy at Sephora for about $34
And because I am pretty fair I get Spin the Bottle 
Also to make it last longer I love this Primer

3. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat iron 1"
 I LOVE my straightener seriously I don't want to ever 
use anything else when it dies (if it ever does) I will replace it with the same one
I have had it for about 4 years and recommend it to everyone
 My friend,Niki, that does hair told me about it so of course I got it 
I don't know where she got it because she got it for me with her discount
but you can find the exact same one I have HERE
Then my adorable hair dresser and Friend now 
(she is amazing...let me know if you need someone I think she is moving to Salt Lake soon)
uses the same one in her salon and for her hair and loves it so much too
She told me it is much better than the chi which is saying a lot!
It is totally worth the money because it has a 2 year warranty and it lasts FOREVER
I haven't had any problems with it

4. Norwex Cleaning Cloths 
This is my favorite cleaning tool! These microfiber cloths are amazing
They only require water and the silver thread in the cloths create their magic 
My house has never looked or been cleaner
and the best part is it is safe for you and your baby because there are no chemical
The ones I use the most are the enviro cloth and the window cloth
they also have face cleaning cloths which are amazing, dusting mitt, bathtub mitt
and so much more
to learn more about Norwex cleaning products read my post here

5. Insanity Workout DVDs
Love love love this workout system
seriously it was worth every penny
I was also able to find it on the ksl classifieds and got it for only $40
It is a 60 day workout and it kicks your butt
I felt amazing after
I felt so much stronger, flexible and was toned
It is mostly plyometrics and no weights are needed 
It is hard I would be lying if I said it was easy
but it is worth all the pain
I did it May-July and just felt so energized during and after each workout
My brother is borrowing it right now but if you would like to try it out
Let me know 
My goal is to do it at least once in 2012
To read more about my Insanity experience go HERE

6. Disneyland
Ok so Disneyland is a place not a thing 
But it is still one of my favorite things this year
My hubby, me and my little Maddux all went to D-land
on a fun family vacation this last summer 
with some friends of ours, The Yockeys,and it was a blast
Maddux loved it, he was so happy and it seriously just melted my heart
seeing him have so much fun
I can't wait to go again
To read more about our d-land trip go HERE and HERE

7. Dove body wash
This is the only body wash I use
I get it at Sams Club or Costco in a 3 pack
and it is amazing 
My skin feels oh so soft like I just put lotion on 
And of course the pomegranate is my fav

8. Droid Incredible 2 phone
I got this sucker in July and I have to say I am addicted to smart phones
I am not sure how I ever did without one 
I love this phone it is so simple to use and has tons and tons of apps
I use it for facebook, music, workout ideas, 
calendars, Internet, blogging, pictures, videos, 
email, pinterest, and my fav it the GPS system

 9. Sponge paint rollers
I know this is kinda a funny favorite things
But these suckers are what made redoing my dressers (post coming soon),
my nightstands, Maddux's dresser, Maddux's changing table, and 
Maddux's New tool bench from Santa (tutorial coming soon)
I love spray paint but for huge furniture projects I am much more 
of a roll the paint on type of person
It creates a smooth look with no runs or streaks,
and looks professional plus there is a much bigger selection of paint colors 
than spray paint colors out there
Try them out and I bet you will love them too

10. Parenthood
Have you seen this show? 
Well I hadn't either until this year 
and can I say it is amazing!!!!
We have been watching the past seasons on Netflix to catch up
and we are so addicted we try to watch at least one every night sometimes two
It is such a moving, inspirational and emotional show 
you just feel like you can empathize and relate to them
I strongly recommend it

11. Scentsy
I absolutely love my scentsy stuff
My adorable friend got me a warmer, and a ton 
of different bars for my birthday 
and then I got a scentsy pak for free 
and I love them
They last forever and then make my whole house smell delicious
My favorite bar so far is the "My Dear Watson"
It reminds me of my hubby cologne
and my favorite scentsy pak is the "Newborn Nursery"
I have one in Maddux's room and it it so lovely

12. My planet Fitness Membership
I cannot even tell you how much I love this gym
I love how it is only 2 minutes away from my house
I love how much equipment they have
I love the variety of equipment they have
I love their huge locker rooms
I love all there TVs
I love that they have free personal training seasons
I love that it is only $10 a month and there is no contract
And I love the people that work there
I will see you Monday Planet Fitness 
ready to start the new year out right
and I can't wait!!!

13. Silhouette Machine
I got this amazing machine for a good deal back in February
I love it! I need to take a class on it though 
cuz it does so many amazing things that I am not sure how to do yet
But I love everything you can do with it
Stenciling, cards, scrapbooking, vinyl, cut fabric,
make T-shirts, make little paper favors and so much more 
I entered to win the new Silhouette Cameo 
It would be pretty sweet if I won but if not I have my SD so I
would still be a happy girl :)
Because after all it is one of my favorite things

14. Redken Anti-Snap Haircream
Love this stuff
It seriously saved my hair 
If you have damaged hair from straightening,
blow drying or coloring
This product is your best friend and will
save your hairs life
I promise you will be amazed and love it as much as I do
Plus the bottle lasts FOREVER 

15. Toms
We LOVE toms 
Me and Maddux both have a pair of the Grey 
They are so comfy
they are adorable
and they are for a good cause 
Get some toms!
I want another color 
maybe in 2012 :)

16. My Family
The thing I am most grateful for and that is my favorite of all time
is my sweet little family
Ty is the most amazing husband and is always putting up with
my craziness. I love him more everyday and am thankful that he loves me back
He treats me better than I deserve and is such a good example to me in so many ways
He is my soul mate and I am so glad I fell in love with HIM!
Maddux, oh man where do I start, he is perfect
I couldn't imagine our lives without him right now
it is really hard for me to remember what is was like before he was a part of our home
He has been so much fun this year and has grown and learned and done so much
He went from 8 months to 20 months
I can't believe how big he is getting
He is so much fun and I seriously get emotional every time
he looks at me with his perfect eyes and smiles at me
There is nothing better than being a mother

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!

What are your favorite things?


  1. Have been using the benefit playstick for years, love it!! And have that same straightener!! Definitely my favs!!!


  2. What a great list! I love parenthood too. I'm a big Lauren Graham fan and started watching because of her, now it's a highlight every week! Hopefully it won't get cancelled now that it's really getting going!

  3. I love a lot of things you love, lol!! I'll have to look into Parenthood, but I have Netflix too so it shouldn't be a problem!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I'm so behind in my blog reading. Bad girl. I too love my sewing machine and paint rollers. I do not go a day without thinking about sewing some pillows, curtains or painting something. Anyhoo, looking forward to all you have planned. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse



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