Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's in my Hospital Bag?

I had mentioned on facebook and instagram that I had a packing list
and was getting my bags ready and I got a lot of people 
asking me what I pack so I decided to make a post out of it 
for all my preggers friends and family out there
who want some ideas on what to bring with you to the hospital

With my first, Maddux, coming sooner than expected and having to run around 
like a crazy person trying to get a bag packed before rushing to the hospital 
Well it was actually me in back labor pain crying while my poor 
husband ran around packing a bag trying to remember everything 
We didn't even have a blanket for our poor little man 
the hospital had to give us some
oh man 
we have learned our lesson and want to be prepared this time around 
and have the bags packed nice and early to all 
I have to do is add a few things and go 

We don't live far from the hospital but it will just been nice to have it all 
ready and there with us 
I like to be prepared even if it is overly prepared 

Here it is in List form
I packed two bags 
One bag that me and baby Holden will share
(its a pretty big duffel)
and one for my little Maddux 

Lets start with Baby Holden's Stuff:

-3 burp clothes (great for not only burping but to use
with breastfeeding, Maddux was a messy eater and these saved all my shirts)
-A muslin receiving blanket or 2
(have you guys heard of these? They are amazing I hear
The didn't have them when Maddux was born but they are huge and light)
-A cozy cotton blanket

-Knit beanie 
-2 PJs
-2 outfits (you never know how long you will be there
or what accidents might happen)
-2 white onesies 
-2 pairs of little socks
-hand mittens 

-wash cloth
-2 different types of binkies 
-powder and cream
-pee pee tee pee (2)
-nose sucker
-little flip flops 
-Plastic bag to put soiled clothes in

Yes I know they give you a lot of the above
items at the hospital but sometimes
it is nice to have to brands and kinds that
you know you already like for your baby

Now for my part of the Bag:

-flip flops (for halls, or just in the room 
nice and easy to slip on and off)
-socks (for comfort and to keep my toes warm)
-nursing bra
-nursing garments
-nursing tank tops
-Sports bra (for if you are planning to get in the tub)

-Comfy pjs (hubbys BBall shorts and 2 T-shirts)
-Comfy hospital outfit (stretch pants and T-shirt)
-going home outfit (really comfy shorts and a flowy top
for both comfort and to hide my I just gave birth belly)

-nursing pads
-nipple cream
-nipple shield (just in case. I used one with Maddux)
-nursing cover (for when there is company in the room)

-Brush and comb
-Bobby pins, elastic and headband
-hair spray
-Blow dryer

-Toothbrush/paste/mouth wash
-Shampoo, conditioner, wash
-face wash wipes
-lip gloss
-Playtex wipes
-nail file
-shower cap 

and the hospital will provide you will 
enough maxi pads I am not even worried about packing any 
just bought some to leave at home for when we return

-Ipad to watch movies 
-ear phones

snacks for both mommy and daddy :)

-Baby book 
-Notebook and pen

-Boppy pillow for breastfeeding and for baby

And last but not least I needed to pack an over night bag for 
our little Maddux since he will probably staying over at grandmas 
for at least a day and night

-lotion, shampoo, wash

-2 outfits (you never know with a 2 year old boy)

- sippy sup
-and some toys (I will add some more when it gets a little closer)

-his favorite blanket
-simba (he can't sleep without him)

Here are my two sweet little boys matching shirts 
I am so excited to get a picture of them both 
in these

Also by my bags I have a list of last minute things 
 to add right as we are leaving
that I use everyday and can't pack yet

We have even got the car seat all cleaned and in the car ready to go

And there you have it my hospital packing list and bags 
If I think of anything else I will add it to the post
Also if you moms have any other must haves you bring 
let me know so I can add them in my bag too 

I went to the Doctor today. I am 35 1/2 weeks and I am to
my weekly appointments now 
I can't believe it is getting to that point already
everything is going so fast
I got checked today and am already dilated to a 2 almost a 3
but  he is still pretty high so I have 4 1/2 weeks or less to go 
And now I feel so much better that I have the bags all prepared 
and ready to go 
Now we just wait and see when he decides to come

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at
or comment below

Thank you so much for your support, for reading and following 


  1. How fun! I was going to do a post like this but since Our little guy came early, I didn't have a chance to tal pictures! One thing everyone told me not to bring was clothes for the baby since the hospital puts them in onesies but I was so glad I brought them anyway! Our nurse actually told us to put him in our own clothes bc the hospital washes their clothes in bleach and can be hard on their sensitive skin. Good luck with your delivery! Can't wait to see sweet baby boy!

  2. I LOVE how organized you are!!!!

  3. You are so ready to go! That's he can come anytime ;)

  4. This is an amazing post! I think you covered it all :)

  5. you are too cute girl! i have seen these "whats in my bag" posts and i really wanna do one now!!

  6. Yay!! You are all ready to go! So excited to see little Holden!

  7. new follower. loving your blog.

    stop by sometime!



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