Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 Year Anniversary Bliss

The hubster and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary on August 31st
I can hardly believe it has already been 5 years!
Sometimes I feel like these last 5 years have zoomed by and other times
I feel like I have known Ty forever and can barely remember my
life without him. We have done a lot within these last 5 years 
and have expanded our family a bit too. 

We met in August of 2006 down at SUU
Became friends, then best friends 
Started dating in May of 2007 
Engaged June 2007

And married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple 
on Friday August 31st 2007
I will never forget that day 
It was hot, beautiful and PERFECT
I'm not gonna lie I love my wedding dress so much 
I wish I could get all dolled up, put it on and get 
pictures taken in it again 
Our reception was a blast and I couldn't believe all the amazing
friends and family that came to support us 
it was one big party and my mouth hurt from smiling so much
And the best part about these last 5 years is Ty still
makes my mouth hurt from making me smile and laugh all the time

We have so much fun together 
We were married 2 years before we got pregnant with Maddux and it was almost
3 years together just the two of us
We played all the time
Went up north to visit our families, graduated college 
went on vacations, midnight movies and whatever else we wanted

In July of 2009 we went on a cruise 
just the two of us for a graduation present to ourselves and 
it was our babymoon. vacation before a baby 
It was a blast we went to Mexico and 
I am so glad we did this together 
It was a whole week with nonstop fun and Ty and whit time

We found out we were pregnant September 2009 and were so excited
we could hardly handle it :)
We found out he was a boy December 2009 
and Our little Maddux was born Wednesday April 28th 2010
Our lives changed forever 
and he captured our heart instantly
We were so excited to go through the path of parenthood together
for the first time

I love my little family so much 
and it is so fun to learn and grow together

Thank you for all the laughs through out the years babe

Thank you for making me smile

Thank you for working so hard for us and for loving me back

Thank you for wanting to start a family with me and 
expanding it throughout the years

Thank you for the two cutest boys in the whole world. 
I love you so much baby Here is to 5 more amazing years and 
to eternity together!!!!


  1. i just realized that you were married on the exact date and year that lucas was born! so fun! happy 5 years!!!

  2. Congratulations on the big #5! It's crazy to think that we met you 3 years ago. In that time you've had the two cutest baby boys, moved from Cedar, and nearly made it through law school. You are such a cute, fun couple and we are so grateful to count you among our friends!

  3. This is such a cute blog! I'm glad I found it! Congratulations on 5 years!




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