Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{Day 10} Cottage Cheese Ranch Dip

{Day 10}

New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my 
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series 

Today I am going to give you a delish ranch dip
for your crackers and veggies that is better for you than the mayo packed dip
This is a perfect snack and great appetizer for those holiday parties coming up

4 tsp of dry buttermilk ranch dressing
1 cup low fat cottage cheese
2-4 tbs of water (add more for thinner dressing)
 and if you wanted you could also add some dill

Put your cottage cheese and your water in a blender
until smooth
this will smooth out the cottage cheese so there aren't
those curds in it
Then once it is smooth add the dried dressing
and chill for several hours

and you could dip veggies in it
or low fat wheat thins 
Makes 4 servings 

Now are you ready for the Ranch comparisons?
Serving size for veggie dip 1/4 cup:
Regular Kraft Ranch: 300 cal, fat 32g, protein 0g, carbs 2g
Light Kraft Ranch: 154 cal, fat 14g, protein 0g, carbs 6g 
 Cottage cheese ranch: 50 cal, fat 0g, protein 7g, carbs 1g

Amazing huh!
Seriously you have to try it out
It is a perfect snack for the holidays
while you are watching a movie, chatting
or playing games

 Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip
And make sure to check out the previous posts of this series HERE
You don't want to miss anything :)

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