Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YW Courage Tile

 I am lucky enough to be called into the young women in my ward
and as part of that calling I teach 2 lessons a month on Sundays 
(To learn more about my religion you can go here
or ask me any questions you would like)
 Last week I opened up the manual to see what the lesson was about and start preparing
 as soon as I read the title I knew this lesson needed some special preparation
 and I was really excited to prepare and also learn from this lesson
It was on Courage specifically "Courage to Try"  
I think this was something my cute little beehives needed to hear

It is something even I still struggle with in my life
I have to remind myself that I have courage that I can do hard things 
that I can learn and try new things and that if I believe in that 
then great things will happen  

This was just one of those lessons that you just really hope 
sticks with these beautiful girls and to help them to remember
this lesson and the message behind it 
That they are courageous and they can do hard things 
I made them a little tile with the message 
"I have Courage"
and the scripture reference Joshua 1:9 which reads 
"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good 
courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord 
thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest"

I told them I made this for them to put up in their rooms 
where they would see it everyday and so they would be reminded
that they are strong young women that they are courageous 
and that when they are not feeling like they are they 
are reminded of the scripture that tells them they are 
and that the Lord is there for them to help them to be courageous 
and to do the things they are meant to do as strong young women of this day

The Supplies I used:

 -Tile (I had them lying around but you can get them at any hardware store)
-Patterned paper 
-Scrapper or a credit card will do
-Vinyl or a stencil 
-Mod podge 
-a sponge brush
-A cutting machine or paint if you are stenciling the saying on

What I did:

1. First I traced my paper and cut it so that it fit the tile

 2. Then I used mod podge to stick the paper onto the tile 
I used the scrapper (you could also use a credit card) to smooth it out and 
make sure there weren't any bubbles under the paper

 Then I let that dry for a little bit 

3. As the paper was drying onto the tile I cut my vinyl 
I just did "I have Courage" and then Joshua 1:9
You could also stencil this or trace it onto the tile if you don't
have a cutting machine 

4. Then I applied the vinyl and mod podged over the whole thing sealing the paper 
and the saying onto the tile this will make it last longer  

5. Then to finish it off I wrapped it with some raffia and gave it to 
the girls at the end of the lesson and told them what I wanted them 
to do with their gift 

Cute HUH!!!! It was super easy
the young women loved them and you could make them 
with any saying you would like 
I even made an extra one for myself so I too can have it in my room 
and see it every day to remind me of my courage and strength 

 As I was preparing for a lesson on courage to give to 
my young women I came across this video and showed it to them
while having a discussion afterward

Stephanie is beautiful and courageous
This video not only touched my heart but when I watched it the spirit spoke to me
It told me that I too can be courageous
 I may not have been in a plane crash I may not have fought for my life, 
but I too need my heavenly father to be courageous
 to live my life the way he wants me to
To be the mother my little boys deserve and to share my testimony 
and be the example the people around me need even when I am scared
 I have courage! I am courage!


  1. Oh I love it! What a cute idea.
    This was a great post. Thank you for the good reminder!

  2. That is very cute! I need a good cutting machine!



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