Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pick Your Plum

Today I want to share with you my love for pick your plum. Have you every heard of it? It is a deal of a day site. But they are not just your ordinary deal of the day. They mix it up and have a lot of super fun craft supplies, home decor items, clothing, jewelry, kids accessories and items and so much more at AMAZING prices. My favorite are all the craft supplies and trinkets they offer. I have to warn you though once you sign up you will be addicted. They have so many fun things you won't want to stop. Another great feature about pick your plum is if you live in Northern Utah you can do the local pick up instead of paying for the shipping, which is pretty awesome. I actually live 45 minutes away but my mom lives really close so I am up there a lot anyway. They are located in Layton so make sure if you live close to select the local pick up option and it will save you even more money.

Today they have a super fun deal that I am soooo excited to share with you and get myself. Are you in on the washi tape Craz? I so am, and am in love with this craft supply. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this amazing product. And today they have a Valentines theme.

Some projects I have done with washi tape just to give you some ideas are: cards, tags, banners, craft accents, pen accents, decor for present wrapping and even twist ties. Some other projects I have seen out there are things like accenting keys, putting up pictures, decorating your phone case, paper crafts, journaling, scrapboking, smashbooking, valentines of course, lamp shades, party decor, clothes pins, cupcake toppers, labeling, kid crafts, planners and so so much more. Pinterest it and you will see everything you can do with this fun product. Not the mention all the pretty colors and patterns that are available.

Aren't these gorgeous. I am really excited to be getting these myself and get started on some fun valentine projects and some smashbooking. Wouldn't these be perfect for my wedding smash book I am about to get started on? I think so. Now that I have told you how amazing Pick your Plum is and the fun product that is up today. Make sure to go and sign up (it is free to sign up) and then click HERE or go to my right side bar on the very top and click on the link to find the deals of the day. Don't forget while you are checking out my posts to check that cute little link on the side to see what amazing deal is up for that day. Happy shopping and I can't wait to see what you do with your new washi tape. I will be sharing what I do on here very soon.

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