Friday, February 22, 2013

Just some Stuff I am Crushing on Lately

I'm not sure why but Friday seemed like a good day to share with you some items I have been crushing on lately. I even dare say I would have a hard time living without some of them. Don't you just love when you try something for the first time or get something new and just Love it. I love these items so much I just can't keep all the goodness to myself.

First up is none other than this fabulous DSLR Nikon D5100 beauty. I have been wanting one of these for so long and my amazing hubby said we could get it this year with part of our tax refund money. I was ecstatic. After much research, talking to a few photographers, and of course seeking advice from my sister in law who is also a photographer we decided on this one. It was for sure an investment but one I am very happy with. I will be in auto mode for a while until I can play with it some more and maybe take some classes to get the manual mode going. Anyone know of some good photography classes for a good price?


Two of my new favorite cosmetic items is the Loreal Magic BB cream and the Maybelline Baby lips peach tinted lip balm. Ok first this BB cream really is magic! no joke. And I like this drug store brand just as much as the crazy expensive brands I tried at Sephora and it is much more in my price range. It is a tinted moisturizer, it primes, corrects red spots, and hydrates. I love it especially in the dry winter. It covers really well so you could use it in the place of your foundation for an everyday look or you could use it as a primer and put mineral powder on top for more coverage. It is also really light and feels like you just put lotion on your face and nothing else which is awesome. I hate feeling like I am wearing tons of makeup so the lighter with good coverage the better. Also I love the tinted baby lips. I wear this constantly and it is always in my purse or pocket. I moisturizes your lips and I love the gloss and color of the peach one. It gives your lips a pretty nude look. 

My second baby is 5 months and I finally got around to getting a baby wrap. I have a sling and a baby carrier back pack thingy but this thing....this is amazing. I love the way it holds my sweet Holden so close to me. It is so comfortable, easy to use, Holden loves it and hello it is YELLOW. Love this company I will be doing a review post on this amazing wrap very shortly. Happy Wrap : Bamboo Baby Wrap c/o Oh and do you see that adorable owl hat yeah my cute friend Tiff made it. Don't you just love it?! I have such talented friends :) and the cutest babe ever.

Next up I am loving these simple but very feminine bow earrings. I wear them all the time. They go perfect with pretty much every outfit and my favorite way to wear them is when my hair is in a top bun because it really shows them off with all my hair out of the way. I got these for a super good deal at The Plaid barn 

Who is not swoon by this awesome stamp? Isn't cool?! I also got this from The Plaid Barn and I am just loving it for smash booking, for cards and anything else I can think of. I even just like looking at it haha

Speaking of smashbooking. LOVE. It is so much fun. Have you heard of this new way of scrapbooking? It is really cool because you just put anything and everything in them. I also love how it acts as a journal. Right now I am working on our wedding and it has been so much fun to put pictures in it, place card holders from our dinner, berries and jewels from my bouquet, our save the date and announcements, and so much more. Some of the pages will be dedicated to journaling and putting down all of my thoughts and feelings from that special day. They also have baby ones and so many other themed and just random ones. You have got to jump on this band wagon if you haven't already.

I have been trying all different brands of Greek yogurt and they were okay but I didn't love them until I came across the Dannon Okios! It is by far the best of all the ones I have tried and I think I have tried them all by now. They are delicious. Prefect for breakfast or even a snack.

Another thing I had to get the courage to try is the middle part trend. I was super nervous about this especially with my short hair, because I usually only see it with long. But I tired it and I loved it. It is a fun change that I like both with curled and straight hair. I am also loving the top bun and do it all the time it is so easy and it is so fast which perfect for us moms. Plus it is so cute. This last one I was a bit hesitant about at first but have grown to not only embrace it but love it as well. I am talking about the denim shirt trend in the fashion world. I love love them. When I think denim shirts I think 80s family photos but they have come back cuter than ever.  I got this one on sale at target and I thought the heart and the ombre look were so fun and right on. Now I on the hunt for just a plain denim shirt to maybe go with some black leggings.

What trends, items, things are you crushing on lately? I would love to hear so I can try them out too.

Thank you for all your support, for reading and following
Happy Friday I hope you all have a fun weekend

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  1. I LOVE YOUR WRAP!!! I would do unspeakable things for one like that, hehe. also im so excited for your new camera. i know you are going to LOVE it! I have had my 3100 for 6moths and I love it so much, still totally on auto. I have been looking into a bunch of classes and think i am going to do

    this one. My sister took a bunch of illustrator and Photoshop classes here and highly recommended it.

    I think it would be fun!

    let me know if you find another one you like!

  2. I have a similar wrap that I used with my last baby - love it! And those bow earrings are darling!

  3. Love the wrap. I had a similar one I used with my first. My second isn't as "needy" so I didn't use one as much, but I kind of missed it. :)



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