Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Studio 5 Segment

I got the best opportunity and was ask to be on Studio 5. I seriously emailed them back and asked them if they meant that email to be for me, because I just couldn't believe it. haha. I am such a dork. But yes, the email was for me. I was so excited. We threw some ideas around and I finished some projects that were perfect for our plan. We decided on my bed, which mostly included the Anthropologie inspired duvet cover, but we also showed my DIY pallet headboard I created and all the pillows I made. I was on last Thursday March 7th.

Oh my heck you guys I had the best time ever. I have found my new calling in life. Seriously I loved it all. The people were amazing. Mindy (the producer) was a doll, and Daren and Jennifer were so easy to talk to and so nice. Jeff is hilarious and made the bed look amazing and all the set up and mics possible. I love my new studio 5 family. They all said I did a great job Daren even said I was a natural. EEEEk. Dream come true I tell ya. I am so ready to be back on again.

To see my sweet segment go to the end of the post!!! or go HERE. But first Here are some awesome pictures of my experience. Sorry they are not the best quality they were pretty much all taken with a phone but awesome none the less.

Yes, I do LOVE my headboard this much!!!! Don't you all kiss your projects when you are done?! That is normal right?! Tell me it's normal. This thing is HUGE! We had to borrow Ty's dad's truck to get it to the station. Thank you Dave! And thank you Ty (hubby) for your muscles and all your help.

Showing off my table of goodness, everything set up and ready to go out when it was my turn. This table had all the supplies for me to show how to make the knotted squares for my Anthropologie Inspired Duvet bedding.

My amazing Talented mom came to support me and help me set up. She has been on Studio 5 a few times so it was awesome to have her there and help calm my nerves and show me the ropes.

All set up and ready to show off all my hard work on my sweet segment.

Not only did my mom come to support me, but my adorable friends Tiff and Hailey came to support me too. I have the best people in my life. Thank you cute girls for coming. My fan club :) and Undone sisters!

Watching them start off the show, I was getting nervous at this point. But can I tell you as soon as I was on and talking to them all the nerves went away. I felt natural and like I was just showing a friend how I made my duvet not like hundreds of Utah women were watching me (like my new friend Jeff told me right before I went on, comforting Jeff very comforting haha). I get so nervous to talk in church but TV didn't phase me....so crazy.

Showing them how it is done.

Daren making me laugh.

Doin my thing on camera.

Loved these two. Lucky Mrs. Brooke  was on a cruise when I was on (hopefully I'll talk to her next time).  I loved meeting cute Jennifer (I love her on the news) and she is so pretty. Daren cracks me up and is so friendly.

We were a little excited what can I say!!!

What I talked about on the segment. My beautiful soft and if you ask Daren Romantic bedding :) You can also find the Tutorial on my blog HERE. Go and check out how BOSS it looks in my room. (just don't look too close at my room I am in the process of redoing it all and can I tell you it is going to be SWEET so stay tuned for the reveal soon).

Check out the awesome segment. I am a TV star what can I say?!

What do you think was I a natural like my new studio 5 family said or were they just being nice? :)

Thank you for all of your support, for reading and following

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