Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Wall Letters

Spring is officially in the air and I am loving the freshness, the color and of course the decor. This time of year is so much fun to celebrate and the colors are so cheery and perfect to bring into your home. I made this super cute Spring wood letter wall hanging about 4 years ago, back when we were living in Cedar City, newly weds and undergrad college students {awww the simple life} anyway this was when I was first starting to get my project and craft on, and I just loved how they turned out. It made me want to create more and more and I found out I kinda had a niche for it. I have put them up every year since, and they still put a smile on my face every time I pull them out of the bin to decorate. So of course I just had to share them, so you can make some of your own.

{Supplies Needed}

-Wood Letters (3 different sizes alternating sizes and styles) I got them at Roberts when they were still open. But you can also find them at Hobby lobby, Michaels or JoAnnes
-craft paint- I used light blue, yellow, white, pink and orange
 -Scrapbook paper- used a mix of pattern and plain (Michaels or any craft store}
-glue gun and glue
-sand paper
-Mod podge
-sponge brush 
-any embellishments you want to use- I used paper, stickers, flowers, ribbons, and buttons
-Command strips  

{What I Did}
To attach the paper to the letters, I did the same thing I did with
My winter letters HERE , Love letters HERE, and Maddux's ABC Wall HERE

Once you follow the tutorial from the Winter letters, then it is time for the most fun and creative part, where you can really make it your own, the embellishing.  On the S since I had a bold patterned paper, so I wanted to just add a simple flower to bring it all together. For the P I just added some ribbon ties in some coordinating colors.

Again with the R. since I used a patterned paper I wanted to keep it simple so I just took a some strips of paper, tied them in a knot and hot glued it on. Be careful when you are tying them in a knot, the paper is thin and fragile. For the I, I just hot glued some really fun glitter yellow buttons in a row.

The N I added some cute little butterfly stickers and the G I added some little flowers. You can vamp up these beauties how every you want and whatever reflects your home decor and style, get creative with it. That is what is so fun about these wooden letters, is you can make them look however you want.

Easy Peasy, fun, and I just love the feminine colors and style to it, don't you?!

You can hang or set these bad boys where you want. They would look good on a mantel, on an entertainment center, in any room, up on the wall {Like I have here}, or on a table. To hang them up on the wall I just simply used the picture hanging 3M command strips and then they are easy to put up, and later take down with no damage or holes to your wall. You have got to get some of these command strips they are awesome! You will love them, they have totally changed my life, for real. 

 To see my Spring Mason Jar tutorial go HERE, you know you want to:)

My Spring Letters are linked up HERE

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  1. These are so cute! I'm envying the "I". Darling!

  2. These are so so cute, Whitney! Will you be at SNAP? I would love to get to talk to you longer than I got to at BYBC.



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