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Ikea Lazy susan turned Spinning Activity Chart {Ikea +10 tutorial}

If you remember from THIS post I was part of the Ikea plus $10 challenge this month on Studio 5, and It was a blast. I love to create, make things out of unexpected items and I love makeovers so this challenge was perfect for me and my partners in crime, Leanne {Organize and Decorate Everything} and Brooke {All Things Thrifty}. Plus it was just awesome to be on TV again sharing what I love to do. Thank you to studio 5 for having me back on, can't wait for my next segment.

We got 2 lazy susans, I made this pretty, feminine Side table/stool for me and my home, and now I am going to share with you the fun Chalkboard Spinning Activity Chart I made for my kiddos and family with the other one.. EEEk I love this and so does my little family, especially my almost 3 year old. This is perfect for when your kids are out of school for the summer and it keeps them happy, busy and entertained eliminating the dreaded "I'm bored" and "What are we doing today?" statements you hear all break. Also perfect for the little toddlers in your life. This is our summer fun list with a twist, that you can change out the options each week.

{Supplies I Used}

 -Ikea SNUDDA Lazy Susan $7.99 {featured item}
-Chalkboard paint or Spray Paint {I used the spray paint since I already had it, but the craft paint is cheaper it was only $1.99 at Michaels and then you could use a coupon on it to get it even cheaper}
-Wooden knob {$1.29 at Home Depot}
-Chalk Pen {$6 for one at Hobby lobby, but only $3.60 with the coupon}
-Wood glue {Already had it, I got mine at walmart}
-Chalk {Already had it, but you can get a whole pack at Walmart for only 47 cents}
-Vinyl {Pick your Plum} and cutting machine {Cricut Mini} or cut by hand
-White paint {had on hand but you can get it for $1.99 at Michaels but don't forget your coupon to get it cheaper}

oh yeah I totally came in under budget again! Holla!!!! and you can too just by buying smart and using coupons. Hobby lobby, Michaels, and JoAnnes all have 40% off coupons my friends and they have apps to make it even easier to use, the scan it right from your phone. That is my secret to how I craft with awesome supplies on the cheap, also use Amazon!

 {How I made it}

-The very first thing I did was take the ring off the bottom, because I am going to be using the bottom as the front for this project.  It is so easy to take off it pretty much just popped right off no problem.

-Then you are going to paint your whole lazy susan with the chalkboard paint, either with the spray paint, or the craft paint. I have used both and either look great. Besides this paint just being awesome I also love how fast it dries. I did 2 coats of the chalk paint, letting it dry completely between coats.

Once it is dry you are going to treat the paint so that it is ready to be written on. You just take your chalk and rub it all over the whole thing covering it completely and then you will take a rag and wipe it all off. This prevents the ghost left behind by the chalk {this is when you draw something and when you erase it you can still kinda see the image or wording}. 

-It's time to section this bad boy off. I simply took my ruler, found the middle of the lazy susan and drew a line with some chalk across the whole thing, then I drew another line going the other way through the middle so it made an X, which gave me 4 sections, then to make it into 8 sections I just did two more lines in between the other ones.  I did this with some plain chalk first to make sure they were straight and where I wanted them.

Once the lines were perfect I took my chalk marker and went over all the lines, I love these because they are more of a vibrant color and boldness {is that a word?} and they are more permanent, but can still be taken off with water if you want later. 

Now that you have the whole base of the project done  it is just the little cosmetic things that are left to make it look pretty and functional. You are going to paint your wood knob. I painted mine white. 2 coats of paint, letting it dry between coats. 

While the knob was drying I got my cricut mini  out and cut some arrows in the vinyl I got from Pick Your Plum. I loved these colors. I felt like they were fun for summer activities and good colors for the boys. 

Once the knob is dry I simply attached it to the middle of the top circle on the lazy susan with some wood glue. And it was easy to find the middle to put it because it has that bolt right there. Then I put on the vinyl arrows. I am LOVING arrows lately seriously like a huge crush. You will be seeing some more decor with arrows and tutorials coming soon just to warn ya, so I hope you like them as much as I do.

It is completely done and ready to be decorated with some fun activities with colored chalk. A great tip that I used to be able to draw with finer lines and more detailed pictures is I sharpened the ends of the chalk. This makes it so much easier to draw and write. I got that pencil sharpener at Walmart for like 70 cents and it has a hole big enough for the chalk to fit. Simple as that!

Then you just  fill it in with whatever activities you want to be able to choose from that week. These activities can be as fun as a zoo trip or something as simple as story time at the library or a family walk. They can be things that cost money or completely free. It can be anything you want it to be. It would also be fun to let your kids draw the pictures of the activities to get them even more involved.

You can also use this for a chore chart. Seriously the chalkboard is so much fun you can use it for just about any decision type thing.

My husband was teasing me and saying that this would  be great for choosing a restaurant to eat at for date night, since we are so indecisive, you would just write in all the restaurant options, spin and go to where it lands! Genius! Or even just to decide what to have for dinner at home each night, what movie or Tv show to watch, anything, the possibilities are endless I tells ya!

My little Maddux Loves it, it is so much fun for him to be able to spin it and see what it lands on. He loves to ask what we are doing while bringing the chart to me. Perfect for all those Spring and summer days to keep the sweet little ones entertained and lovin life. Fun right?! Go make one you will not be sorry and seriously your kids will just love it.

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Gettin all set up in the back, to see what it will look like while we waited to be on

It was seriously such a fun experience to do this with my family. To be on the show with my mom, and to have Brooke with us via Skype. Weren't they both so amazing?! Don't worry if you didn't see the segment you can watch it below :) or HERE

Oh yeah and you can't forget this delish lunch from Z'Tejas after the show with the coolest mom around!!! I had never been here before, but oh my goodness it was so yummy. I got the chicken avacado sandwich and sweet potato fries yummy. There is one at Gateway. Try it if you have the chance.

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  1. This is such a great idea! Plus I love Ikea. Any excuse to get there is a good one! Very very creative! I'm pinning this! I also have a link party going on now if you want to come by. And so exciting to be on Studio 5! Yay!

  2. Wow, this is such a great idea...LOVE it!

  3. An Ikea lazy susan is worth every penny. It's durable and therefore reliable. :)
    Ed of

  4. I am about to begin this project and am wondering if there is any way to make the spinner spin faster/more smoothly? The ikea lazy susan that I ordered online only spins when you are actively pushing doesn't keep moving and then come to a stop on it's own like I had hoped. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks for the awesome idea!



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