Monday, April 29, 2013

Maddux is 3!!! {Birthday Celebration}

Yesterday was this sweet little guy's birthday. 3? I can hardly believe it. I remember the day in the hospital, the back labor, the pushing for 2 hours, and the seeing him for the first time, tears streaming down our faces, making us parents for the very first time as if it was yesterday. Seriously though these last three years have flown by and I can't believe that he is a little boy now. He is so smart, his memory amazes me, he is creative, active and so athletic already. He is a sweetheart, he is rambunctious, he is learning, he takes care of Holden, he is feisty and he makes us laugh every single day. My life would not be complete with out my Maddux in it. He holds a special place in my heart and I hope we are always close. Happy Birthday my little Super Hero!

His birthday was on a Sunday this year, so we got to celebrate him ALL weekend! I am pretty sure he was LOVING all the attention. On Saturday we invited a few friends for a special super hero party at the trampoline park, Airborne. {side note: did you know that Bentley, from the Bachelorette Emily's season owns this place...haha I have yet to see him there though and he was such a jerk on the show I probably would give him a good scuz anyway, either that or I would just get starstruck....probably the last option I'm not gonna lie}.

The kids had a blast as you can tell from their faces. They have such a fun little kid area, dodgeball area, a obstacle course, foam pits, trampolines everywhere and platforms. It is awesome!

I made these little super hero capes for all the kids with their initial on them. They were loving them it was so much fun to see the pure joy and hear all the laughter of these adorable kids.

Do you just die when you see that curly hair?! ahhh I just love it!

We had a small melt down, but what would a party be without that. He was over it in about two seconds and was back to running around and jumping all over.

Tutorial for the capes coming soon! Did I mention they are no sew, yeah you will want to tune in for that post I promise.

Darling Holden loved watching the kids and even got to play in the pit and tramps a little bit.

Of course I got in on all the action. Come on I was a gymnast for ten years of my life. Seriously though I love this place. Date night with no kids and some other fun adults is in the works.

After about an hour and a half of trampoline goodness, we piled all the kids in the cars and headed to our house for some presents, pizza and cake and ice cream. {Recipe for cupcakes and frosting also coming soon}

This little guy had way too much fun and was so tired after, which resulted in an awesome nap.

The fun was not over. The next morning, His actual birthday he woke up to streamers on his doorway, a banner in the kitchen, lots of decorations and balloons covering his chair. When he opened the door that morning he said in a super adorable excited voice "What is this??? Is it my birthday?" jumping up and down for joy. I will seriously remember that reaction forever! ADORABLE

Waffles for birthday breakfast with a candle of course. Do you just not want to eat that freakin adorable face. MMM he is the cutest! Dimples, curls, smiles, and bedhead nothing better.

After church and a nap he woke up to another fun party with our amazing families. Thank you all who came to celebrate our sweet Maddux.

The party was full of laughter, presents, cake, capes, smiles, food {we made these amazing tacos from my sister in laws blog..check them out they are amaze balls}, family, talking, noise, singing and memories maddux and all of us are so happy to share.

Yes, I totally made this cake. I was pretty proud of myself.  It was so much fun and Maddux thought it was the coolest thing in the world. It tasted pretty scrumptious too.

After the party winded down, maddux finally ate dinner at 9:00 {he doesn't like to eat when people are around just wants to play}, prayers were said, and stories were read we spent a little bit of time before bed, just the three of us, to let Maddux know how special he is and how much we love him and need him in our lives.

Today the weather was so beautiful we went outside and played with all of his new toys!

Oh and yes I totally did cry on his birthday!!! Cray cray mama but I sure to love him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDUX. We love you to the moon and back, forever and no matter what. We have loved having you in our lives and can't even remember what it was like without you. You teach us everyday. You make us laugh. You are special and I am so excited to continue to watch you grow and learn and be everything that you can be. You have taught me to love in a way I didn't even know was possible.  We love you- Mommy, Daddy and baby Holden.

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  1. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! My oldest turned three on March 23. Can't believe how quickly time passes... seems like she was just born.

  2. Looks like he had a blast!! My youngest turns 3 in June...any bday gift suggestions from one Mom of boy's to another? I am stumped as to what to get him!!!



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