Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Wore {Vampire Love}

Sometimes I just what to wear whatever ya know what I mean? Get a little funky even and mix and match a little. This week I went with a vampire tee, colored jeans, bold shoes and some jewelry. It makes me feel less frumpy then just wearing this tee with some old jeans or yoga pants, {which don't get me wrong I like to do too, but I just feel more fresh and ready to go out when I spruce it up a bit}. So go try it. Find some of those old graphic tees, because I know we all have some stuffed in our dresser somewhere and pair them with some fun colors, shoes, and jewelry. It is fun and I promise you will like it.

Shirt // Target
Undershirt // Undercover Mama
Jeans // Target
Shoes // Macy's {Guess brand}
Bracelets // Target
Watch // Husbands 
Earrings // Made by me 

Yes, Yes I am one of those vampire lovers. Love it all, Twilight {I know I am totally 16} and Vampire Diaries {ok now I am like 20}. But lately you want to know my new obsession??? Zombies. Thank you Walking Dead for sucking me in and making me want to watch every single zombie movie, and TV show out there. Now who wants to find me a Zombie shirt I can sport?

Are we just loving these shoes? I know bring ya back to the 80's am I right. When I saw these high tops at Macy's I couldn't stop thinking about them, then I thought well I will just try them on, and well we all know where that lead. But hey I did have some Free mula to Macy's so I didn't feel too bad about the splurge. They are actually really comfy and I am kinda in LOVE.

Oh the messy bun. I am so excited my hair has grown long enough that we have reunited. Best for those lazy days, but still cute. Win win. Plus I am such an earring girl, and it is fun to show them off with an up do every once in a while. Ok I am just justifying my lazy hair days now. But who has time for hair when I am busy gettin ready for a Snap Weekend?!

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  1. Love love love this outfit! If you are getting in to zombies, you should check out the Forrest of Hands and Teeth series, it's what got me into zombies in the first place!

    1. I will have to check that out for sure is it on Netflix?

  2. I have to get that shirt for my sister! Such a cute outfit!



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