Thursday, May 16, 2013

Law School Grad and jumping into a new stage of life {Celebrating}

Last Friday on the 10th this boy graduated from Law school! Halleluiah! That's pretty awesome right?! We are all so proud of him and so excited he is done. As he is too I am sure. It truly has been an adventure and mostly a good one. I feel like it was a positive experience and not only did he gain a good education but we gained some great friends along the way.

I remember the feeling of Ty applying and us not knowing where we would be going. I remember making the hard decision to wait an extra year {that ended up being the best decision for us}. I remember when Ty told me he got into the U {yay we got to move closer to our families}. I remember when we had our little baby Maddux, moved up to Salt lake and he started his first year all just in one summer. I remember being lucky enough to be able to move into his grandmas basement apartment and what a blessing it has been for our family. I remember how busy Ty was his first year. I remember the long nights of him studying and writing papers. I remember how hard he worked for all of this. And now, now he is graduated from law school.

This is Marcus. Ty likes to call him his school wife. Because like me, Marcus is the stressor and Ty is the mellow one that is ever so patient with us and calms us down. He is one of his best friends that he met while at school at the U.They are both BYU fans so of course they had to wear their Y ties at their U graduation. Weirdos. I am glad they had each other during school I think they really helped and supported each other throughout the 3 years. Marcus' wife and little boys are also so darling and I hope that we stay life long friends with them.

The ceremony was great! It was a beautiful day, the speakers were short and sweet and most very entertaining. I cried I was so proud. I think he even got a little teary eyed.

Ty walking, received his diploma and shook all the hands of the big shots at the school and some of his favorite professors. To those professors, I thank them for teaching my husband all the knowledge he needs to know to get the career of his dream, to support his family and I thank them for making a lasting impact and impression on his life and mine.

Seriously what a special day to celebrate my hard working boy.

He had so much support surrounding him throughout the last 3 years from me and the boys, his parents, my parents, grandparents, other family and friends, And we all love him so much.

 Ty and Collin

Adam and Ty {Another Y fan} 

After the ceremony, the pictures, the hugs and the visiting we headed to the lion house for a surprise lunch for Ty to celebrate with some of his favorite people, family and a couple friends. Julie and I planned this because we know how much he loves it there and ya know Julie is kinda  big deal there so she got it all perfect and ready to go with the red and black and U of U all over, with some delish food and dessert.

So what is next? Well for the next two and a half months he will be studying for the bar and taking a bar prep class {it is like he is in school again for just a couple months}, then he takes the bar in July {which he is going to rock!}, we wait patiently to get his results probably in September, he gets sworn in,  and he applies for Jobs as a real licensed Lawyer, find a place to live in the process of all of this, oh and hopefully a fun vacation soon to celebrate all of his awesomeness.

And again I have that feeling, that nervous but a little excited feeling you know the one that you just have to have faith and rely on the Lord that your prayers will be answered, that he will find a job that he loves, that we will know when we are supposed to be. Yeah I have that feeling and it is kinda scary .Because I worry, yes I am a worrier. Will he find a job he loves? Will we settle where we are supposed to be? I really am trying really hard to just have faith. I am teaching my young women Sunday after Sunday to trust in the Lord and now it is my turn to really do that. But I'm going to do it. I am looking forward to the next stage of our lives. Here is to moving forward and being happy. And again congratulations to my awesome, hunk of a husband {I mean how lucky am I} for such a huge accomplishment. We are all so proud of you!!!!

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  1. So very exciting. Congratulations to you and your family!

  2. I'm so excited for all of you! Love you!

  3. That is so exciting that he is graduated!! I remember being where you guys are at and having to decide what we were doing. I'm like you, a worrier, but I was less of one back then I think. Good Luck! I hope you don't go too far, so I still get to see you at things. ;)

  4. So exciting! Congratulations to you all.

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