Monday, July 1, 2013

USA Silhouette Slate {tutorial}

I am loving these wood slates from the Wood connection and this smaller one was perfect with a little glitter and paint.  Simple but great to show some love to our country and remember to be thankful for our freedom and for those still fighting for it and protecting us. Plus who doesn't LOVE glitter and pretty things to put in their home?!

{Supplies I used}

-Small Slat Sign {The wood connection}
-White and blue craft paint or spray paint
-Paint brush
-sand paper
-Gold glitter card stock {American Crafts can be found at Michaels}
-Craft cutting machine or scissors
-Mod podge 
-Painters tape
 {What I did}

-First I took some white spray paint that I had on hand. You could also use white craft paint but I liked how fast the spray paint was and that it got in all the slates. 

-I sprayed the whole thing white and made sure to get the sides and in the crevices.

 -Once the white paint is dry I took some painters tape and taped off two of the slats and all the sides.

-Next I painted the remaining slats with Navy Blue craft paint. You could spray paint them but I just used some craft paint that I already laying around from my last two projects HERE and HERE.

-I painted three coats of blue paint and when the last coat was mostly dry, but still a little wet I removed all the painters tape. This gave it the crisp line and prevented any of the paint getting on the other slats.

-While the paint finishes up the drying processes I moved onto the Glitter United States silhouette. It was easy peasy. I did mine with a cricut mini machine but if you don't have a cutting machine you can simply trace and cut with scissors. I found the silhouette I wanted in the Cricut craft room and cut it out on the gold glitter card stock. 

-Next I sanded down the edges and parts of the surfaces of the wooden slate to give it a worn look. 

-Lastly I painted mod podge on the back of the glitter paper and placed it in the middle of the slate. Then I put wax paper over it and laid a couple heavy books on top to make sure it was on there really good. Then after about 10 minutes everything was dry and finished.

I love how it turned out! And love seeing it on my little shelf everyday for this next month.

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  1. This is an adorable idea! Turned out too cute!
    xo Kim

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