Friday, September 20, 2013

Discovery Gateway Childrens' Museum Passes Giveaway

If you live here in Utah you have probably either been to or heard of the super fun and interactive Discovery Gateway Children's Museum at the Gateway Mall in Downtown Salt Lake City. If not you have to check this out. Like I said it is all very interactive and centered around having fun while learning. There is fun to have by all ages from little tinies that can hang around a gated play area, to toddlers and elementary aged children. Heck, I have fun there. No joke I love it there it is so fun. happy and reminds me of the children's museum I used to go to growing up. My favorite part? The grocery store or the news room. Who doesn't like strolling around a tiny shopping card and pretending you know what you are doing at the cash register, or play news anchor...isn't that every one's dream calling in life? 

Now that I have told you a little bit about the museum, I have to tell you about the new addition that I got to have a little sneak peek of. One of the favorites at the museum of all the age groups has got to be the helicopter simulator on the ruff. It might be because it is on the roof, but my guess is it is because every kid whats to pretend they are a pilot and switching all those controls. Buttons are a child's heaven. 

Because this helicopter was such a favorite they came up with this amazing addition to go along with it. The helicopter is a life flight so they used that as the center of this new idea. The added a little building that is acting as the mock primary children's Hospital. How cool right?! 

They have emergencies on the intercom, flashing lights and sounds of the helicopter {that the kids can sit in and pretend they are flying}, patients with ipads that hook up to the patients and allows the children to be the surgeon and do the whole mock surgery on the app, they have beds, scrubs for the kids to wear to play doctor, a check in desk {they can even play secretary}, hand washing station, and much more for the kids to really feel like they are the doctor or nurse and saving lives. How freakin cool! I cannot wait to play in here, eeerrr I mean take my kids to play in here. I love how this exhibit is not only to spark the interest in medicine in the children but also to feel more comfortable in a hospital or doctors office for if the situation ever arises that they will have to be admitted.

Loved this #livewelldgm mock vending machine that taught all about how junk food is not good for our bodies and the affects they can have on us. I thought it was cool, Maddux just wanted candy, ad if I am being honest it kinda made me crave some chocolate, but a great lesson non the less.

The new exhibit is going to be a hit for sure, but don't forget about the amazingness in the rest of the 2 story museum. My boys were in complete heaven. I think season passes for the winter are calling my name. 

Holden Bug is my little tender hearted boy. He was so in love with this baby. He got up on this tiny chair, cradled the baby and gave him millions of kisses and sweet smiles. He will be the best dad one day. So in love with my baby loving babies. My heart just grew a thousand times.

 Maddux loved it all but I think his favorite was the water ad mazes exhibit. He could have spent a week there and would have been happy. I love to watch those little wheels in his head turning as he figures things out. 

The new Primary Children's Hospital Exhibit will be making its debut this Saturday September 21st! The perfect time to also be celebrating the museums 35th anniversary.  To celebrate admission on Saturday will be $3.50 all day, with $35 off annual memberships. For additional information, you can call at 801-456-5437, or visit

Now if you can't make it on Saturday make sure to go in another day. Your kids will love it, you will love it because they are happy, getting their energy out and will nap the rest of the day, and it is the perfect fall/winter activity since it is indoors. 

I have teamed up with amazing Discovery Gateway team and Intermountain health care to giveaway a  one-day family pass to Discovery Gateway {a $54 value ad up to 6 people} to one of my lucky readers.To enter simply fill out the rafflecopter below. The more you do the better chances of you winning.

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  1. This would be the perfect way to get rid of some busy energy with my kiddos. And we could meet up with some cousins and go with them, which would be awesome!

  2. Let's be honest... I want to play in there as much as my kids would want to! :)

  3. I would love to win because my kids love this place, we just don't get to go very often. Great post!

  4. Oh, my kids would LOVE this! I've always wanted to take them, but we've never gotten around to actually going.

  5. My kiddo loved this place! Would love a year pass for the fam!

  6. Yay for Discovery Gateway! It's so fun!

  7. My kids love Discovery Gateway!

  8. Fun! Ty Bean would freaking love the new part since he wants to be a doctor and work at Primary Children's!

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