Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I Wore {Camo + Floppy Beanie}

My very favorite thing I got for Christmas are those Boots right there. I love me some combat boots, I have been wanting some forever and now that I have them I wear them almost everyday. I love how they can go with all different styles, and they are so comfortable. The funny thing about combat boots being in style is I totally had some almost just like this in 8th grade. Wish I would have kept those, but honestly I never that they would come back. It is so funny the styles that resurface decades later in just a very slightly different way.

 Shirt // Target
Camo Leggings // Agnes and Dora 
Combat Boots // Macys 
Necklace // American Eagle
Wrap Bracelet // Apple of My eye Jewelry
Leather Cuff // One little Mama
Red Lip Stick // Inside and Out Cosmetics

And now... lets talk leggings. By now if you know me you know that I am a bit obsessed with leggings. I wear them almost everyday. I wear them out, I wear them in and I even wear them to the gym. I have a few different brands but my go to and by far my very favorite are the Agnes and Dora Leggings. Their prints are amazing, they fit amazing, they are comfortable and seriously they are the softest fabric you have ever touched. AMAZING!!! The Camo print are probably my most favorite pair, but I really love them all. I've just always had a thing for camo...maybe its because for a half second I thought about joining when I was a teenager, or maybe it is just because I love those men and women in the forces and am so grateful for their sacrifices.

 Make sure to check out their website and if you are in Utah sign up for a party, they are so much fun. I did one back in December and I will for sure be doing another soon. And you are all invited, stay tuned for the date.

These plain Tees from target are another one of my favorite and staple pieces in my closet. They are comfortable, fit great, I love the length, and are cheap!!! They have all different sold colors which is perfect for the printed leggings, especially with the spring and summer seasons coming up.

Lastly we have to talk this amazing sequins floppy beanie. It is so stinkin cute I die every time I wear it. The sequins gives it just the right about of girlie touch, it is styling and keeps my head warm. Make sure to check out Recycle Consign & Design to get yours also available in black.

Now Y'all have a super fantastic Wednesday/ hump day
Put on a fun outfit and smile!
You might just make your own and someone else's day if you do!

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  1. What a CUTE outfit! I'm loving the boots with the pants! Definitely will show this one to my daughter :)

    Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

  2. love you outfit, you are stinkin cute!



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