Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Live Well The Weigh to Health- Intermountain Healthcare

Our bodies are amazing machines. We are machines. As women we grow and get stretches and our bodies change more than we would like going through pregnancy. We get back in shape, try to eat right and for some the cycle begins all over again. With each child it gets harder to find the time to get back to our healthiest, and with age our metabolisms just aren't the same. As we get older it seems eating right and exercise are more important as those years pile on. For some exercise is the hard part and for others like me it is the nutrition that always seems to get the best of us.

Did you know that various Intermountain healthcare facilities throughout the state have a weight loss, and healthy living program? It is the Live well Weigh to Health program. I didn't either until just a few weeks ago and I am really excited to tell you about it. This program is a lifestyle, not a crash course. It will help you to manage your weight, make healthier habits and better choices a way of life for you and your family. You will learn, set goals, learn how to keep at it long term and enjoy your life more fully.

The weigh to health program is for adults who want to lose weight, improve their health and feel better everyday the right and safe way. There are classes that you get to chose from that will give you the knowledge you need for your own personal goals. The program is lead by registered dietitians. The classes and guest lectures are taught by professionals in each of those specific areas. The program is based on the latest science about what works for weight lose, and how to help you make changes that will last a lifetime.

Now that we kinda know what it is lets get through some of the details of the program. First, why the program works. The weigh to health helps you learn not just what to do, but how to do it. You will learn how to shop for and prepare food that's nutritious, affordable and good enough your family will enjoy it. How to be more physically active and what activities you enjoy that will keep you going. How to set goals you can reach. How to keep track of your own diet, exercise and weight in a way that will help you reach your weight lose goals. The programs also provides plenty of support to help you reach your goals including, regular consultations with your program instructor and group exercise programs at many facilities.

The plan is 12 sessions over a 6 month period including and orientation class, two 30 minutes sessions with a trained dietitian, and at least nine 90 minute group classes that include: physical activity, behavior change, meal planning, emotional eating, label reading, positive body image, intuitive eating, stress management, shopping on a budget, healthy cooking, eating out, and some more specialty rotating classes that depend on the facility. You chose the classes that will help you the most.

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