Monday, July 28, 2014

MOVE IT MONDAY #2 {Stadium Bleacher Workout}

Welcome back to MOVE IT MONDAY last week I shared with you a workout in the park you can find the whole workout and explanation HERE and an introduction to the series HERE, you can also find all of my other workouts I have shared on the blog since Last year through the search box on the side or the links I provide at the bottom of this post. Today's Move it Monday we are moving over to the stadium bleachers. This is another great free place that you can get your workout on and an amazing sweat in. Grab your friends, your hubby or go all by yourself for some great therapeutic you time all of us need every once in a while.

Let's take a closer look at each exercise before we get started....


The warm up today is pretty self explanatory start out with a light jog 2 times around the track or field. Then just stretch out your body for a good ten minutes to loosen up and warm up your muscles.


A TABATA is a short 4 minute workout of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest and repeat until the 8 rounds are up. This can be any skill you are wanting to work on. If you are doing two skills you will do 4 minutes of one and then 4 minutes of the other. For this workout we are just working on one.

Crossfit sit ups- This is pretty much just like any other sit up but you are going to bend your knees, open your hips and put the bottoms of your feet together in a butterfly position like the picture above then you will proceed with the sit up until you touch the ground in front of your toes.  Lay back and bring yours arms above your head, then using your abs and pulling your back down to the mat sit up, lay back down and repeat.

21-15-9 is a very common complex in crossfit workouts but you can change out that actual movements. You will do 21reps of each exercise, run up and down the bleachers, 15 reps of each exercise, run up and down the bleachers, 9 reps of each exercise and run up and down the bleachers and you are doing this for time. 

Box jumps
Triceps dips 
run up and down bleachers between each set 

Tank: The Printed Palette || Shorts: Scheels ||  Shoes: Reebok Nanos || Socks:Walmart {Little boys section} || Sports Bra: Forever 21

Box jump- Start on the edge of an elevated surface, bleachers or steps, jump up and land on the bleacher the box jump is not complete until your hips and aligned with your shoulders at the top with a straight body, then you will step or jump down and repeat.

Dips- Go over to an elevated surface of the bleacher seats, walk your feet out bend your knees then keeping your hips up and your abs tight bend your arms down into a dip. Elbows back until you reach 90 degrees and straighten arms back up, repeat.

Lunges- Start straight up then go down into a lunge with your chest up, your knees bent to a 90 degree angle and your hips and shoulders in a straight line, then push back up to a standing position, switch to the other leg and then repeat.

Run up and back down the bleachers between each set.

Let me know what you think of this workout. I can't wait to hear how you did. And make sure to pin it so you can find it easily in your files.

Come on this journey with me and better yourself, your body and your mind. Stay active and trust me this is only going to better your life by bringing fitness into it. I will see you again next week with my next "MOVE IT MONDAY" Next week we will be somewhere new.... Until then you can check out some of my other at home workouts HEREHEREHERE, HERE,  HERE, and HERE

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