Monday, October 6, 2014

Swoob Fit {Yoga as part of my Journey}

As part of my journey and to help me improve in my Crossfit training I have taken up Yoga. Yes Yoga its been around forever and been a THING for a while and I just did my very first Yoga pose, very first Yoga class, and used my Yoga mat for its intended purpose for the very first time a few weeks ago.

To be honest I only tried it out because my gym, Crossfit Kimokeo, added a couple Yoga classes a week with a really awesome instructor so I thought eh why not, but I probably wont continue. Well After the first class I knew this was something I needed to do at least once a week and its something that will help me in so many ways.

 I look forward to Tuesday nights, Yoga night, because it has helped with my flexibility, it has helped me to recover from the crazy things we put our bodies through during training, but what I really look forward to is relaxing my mind, finding my center and the calm spiritual feeling I am able to feel during that one quiet, and soothing hour once a week.

I am not the most flexible, in fact it has shown me how much of my flexibility I have actually lost in my old age from my gymnastics days and is very humbling. I didn't start doing it, because everyone is doing it, in fact that is why I didn't try it out for so long. I am doing it to help recover and I am continuing to do it to try to help mostly with my mental game. You see that is where I struggle the most in crossfit and in life. I am thinking and hoping that continuing Yoga, finding my center, relaxing and focusing on breathing and well my body will help me to accept myself, know myself and believe in myself. I am excited to see where this new little piece of the puzzle will take me.

As part of my journey and my love of fitness also comes a love of fitness clothing. And when I find a company that I love well I have to share it because it would be rude to keep all that goodness to myself. One of my favorite fitness companies, is a local Utah company called Swoob. Swoob is known for their sports bras with a built in pocket. They have many designs and types of bras they have also added leggings, tanks, crop pants, sweatshirts and even hats. Their clothing is great for all types of fitness. I wear their clothing during crossfit, running and Yoga and it is perfect for it all.

Swoob clothing is comfortable, supportive, keeps it all in place and it is cute. I love the pocket in the bra which is great for your phone, money, keys or chapstick. I got some of their leggings recently and they even have a hidden pocket at the top which is great for a ipod shuffle, money, gum, key or chapstick.

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  1. I really want to be better at doing yoga regularly to improve my flexibility--it helps so much!

  2. Yoga really is so great for the body, and the soul! I did it really faithfully before I got married and loved the results in so many ways. I need to get back into it! You look great and I have the same bra!

  3. LOVE this post! You! Your hotness! Everything.

  4. Love this those workout clothes look super comfortable and you are great at those poses. Thanks for all the fitness advice and posts

  5. Holy fit body! You look amazing. I need a swoob sports bra, you don't know how many times I have stuck my phone in my regular sports bra. Haha doesn't work so great!



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