Monday, February 23, 2015

You are a Machine & Albion Fit Giveaway

Photo Credit: Tyler Ulrich
Fitness Clothing: Albion Fit

The human body is an incredible, miraculous and powerful machine. It really is crazy what our bodies are capable of when we freakin tell our mind yes I can. Why is that so hard. Why is is so hard to trust our bodies. Trust what we have worked for and trained it to do. I don't know if that will ever be an easy thing for me to believe in my body and myself but I am determined to work harder on that mental game, because deep down I know that human bodies are amazing! 

This year one of my goals is to trust my body, trust my mind, trust my heart and trust its power and my physical capabilities. It is hard, yes. We all have doubt, and at time fear, but how can you know, how can you know your true potential, your true strength if you don't push to find it. This is true in your fitness journey, but even more so in your life long journey. 

Push to find your strength in life, push the fear aside and just see what you are capable of. I am way too scared of failure. We as humans are way too scared to fail. But that is what life is. It is failing and succeeding it is falling and brushing ourselves off and getting back up stronger than ever. If we don't go through the hard times or the times we get knocked down we couldn't appreciate the good, or our strength we learn and grow from those experiences. Which honestly I hate. We don't want failure, we don't what hard when I look back on those moments I am so glad I was about to learn the lesson I needed to learn from it. 

So push yourself. Push yourself and trust yourself in your fitness journey, in your business, in your art, in your career and in your life. So what am I training for you ask? LIFE! I am training for life. To be in the best I can be. The healthiest, the strongest, the kindest, the most hard working me I can be. 

So to help yall keep on keeping on and feeling good during your fitness and life journey I have teamed up with my favorite fitness company Albion Fit to bring you an amazing and fun giveaway. They are giving away 3 $50 gift cards to their shop. That is right there is going to be 3 winners! I am so excited and can't wait for you to be able to find that perfect piece for you. Albion has the most comfortable, stylish and high quality fitness clothing and swimming suits I have ever worn. 

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