Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Luau

At the end of June we went back up North to go to my family's Luau. My mom wanted to have a fun family party and she went all out! I was so excited for it. It was the same day as syracuse days so in the morning we went to the parade and then the boys went to the little fair while the girls prepared the food for that night.

Me and JuJu at the syracuse parade. I love parades I can't miss them. Julien is such a cute little man I missed him when they had to go back. My nephews need to live closer to me.

My cute brothers!

Ty is always the kids favorites. He is so cute with them and will play with them for hours if he could. He is going to be an amazing daddy one day :) See how fun parades are!
So Ty, Dad, Stephane and the kiddos went to the little fair and did some funny rides and saw a cool car show. The girls stayed at home and we prepared the decorations and food. We made 120 shishkabobs and it took us forever. I was incharge of decorating and it was so much fun. My mom got so many things. She got a lot of signs and blow up fishes for the pool, she got cute able clothes, tiki salt shakers and toothpicks, tiki torches, hawiian lights, even hawiian flower toilet paper.

Train ride. I heard the boys loved it.

relaxing before the fun starts. Probably while I am trying to put the decorations up in the wind haha.
Cute little Parker man loves his aunty Whitty and Uncle Ty. Isn't he cute in his hawiian shirt
Julien wanted to play with his cousin. Last time they saw each other they weren't reallt old enough to play they were just tiny babies.

He has so much attitude and is such a little trouble maker but you can't help but to love this little man.

Ben is such a smooth little guy. He is going to be a heartbraker I can already tell.
Yay I'm at a Luau and loving it.
Pinata Time

My MAN!!! Dang he is so dang cute. Look at that smile. Love the lei, but it kinda looks like mary jane to me.
Traci and JuJu after swimming


Me and Ty
Amanda Playing Limbo. She ended up being the champion!

Mom and Dad Jacobs
Ty and I lounging Tired after the games.
Everything was so much fun that mom planned. It was a fun summer get together. Thanks for the fun memories and great food! Love you guys and miss you.


  1. yay you found me! i really miss you too, i cant wait to get back, and we are thinking about moving once spring hits again, and i want to see if there are any opening where you live. so i will get some info from you later! but hopefully we will be there within the next 3 weeks.

  2. whitney!!! i didn't even RECOGNIZE you!!! yay!!! congrats on your wedding! that's so fun!!! :) we need to start chattin more and keep in touch for sure! :)

  3. Way cute blog whitney! You look adorable and way happy! Im glad we get to keep in touch!

  4. WHAT!?!?! I can't believe you came up and didn't even call....i'm heartbroken:( I'm so glad you had a blast, it looks like fun!! we miss you guys.



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